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Questions: 1) can I have extra taxonomy filters ? 2) can a user search keyword within the table?


1) No, there are custom filters.

2) Search functionality is not implemented.

Best regards, Rik

Hello, I have a pre-sale question. Can I add more than two calendar event on a page based on event category? I want to know if it is possible before I go ahead to buy.

Best regards.


Yes you can add the event categories as custom fields, and then give the events one or more custom fields.

Best regards, Rik

One presale question: Is it possible to bookmark some events that user can create something like a customized timetable? Something like the feature in your old version: https://codecanyon.net/item/timetable-for-wordpress/1264400?_ga=2.184422374.1544163496.1510526079-81489575.1510526079


This is only possible with customization.

Best regards, Rik


I found a couple issues with the plugin:

1) If I put HTML code in the description, the “Download” version shows HTML code as is instead of passing them to the browser to interpret.

2) The event box text is not vertically aligned. At the least, there should be an option for it. Also the event box should probably use flex.

I have a few suggestions:

a) Have an option to condense or hide time spans when there are no events. A paper folding effect would be great.

b) Have an option for displaying all events with the same fixed height and adapting the time sidebar to match. It’s not always helpful to have each time increment taking the same amount of space. This can make for very long timetable.

c) Have an option to display the custom fields in the event box.

Let me know if there is anyway to achieve any of this with simple customizations.

Separate question: how do I change the start/end times with shortcode options?

I found another bug in the sort_show_event function:

        Schedule.prototype.sort_show_event = function($event) {
                        .css('display', 'block')
                                'opacity': 1
                        }, 100);

                if(this.$schedule_list !== false) {
                        if(this.options.filter_hidden_events == 'hide') {
                        }else {
                                        'opacity': 1
                                }, 100);

The stop() before the slideDown(100) may interrupt the opacity animation above and leave the element in a weird style state. I experienced this problem, where the element has style elements added (height: 0px; padding-top: 6px; ...). The stop() before slideDown() should be removed.

Maybe the better fix is to use:


and the opposite for the slideUp animation.

Dear RikdeVos!

I bought your great plugin. I asked you at the Timetable for Wordpress plugin about responsiveness. This plugin is responsive, but is missing the calendar option which is available at the old plugin: http://rikdevos.com/demos/timetable-wp/ I refer to the calendar selector on the top left area. Your plugin would be great for me if would contain that calendar selector.

How can you treat this situation?


The plugins are not the same. I’m afraid I cannot help you further.

Best regards, Rik

Hi , Whenever the plugin is activated I am getting the error below and the theme x cornerstone editor is not loading . It returns the following error

“The preview was unresponsive after loading. This is most often related to a plugin conflict or aggressive page cacheing.”

Console log as follows

GET http://www.emergencecreative.com/wp-content/plugins/rdv-timetable/packages/color-mix/colormix-2.0.0.js?ver=4.9.1 net::ERR_ABORTED

cs-vendor.js?ver=2.1.7:19456 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘indexOf’ of undefined at getStack (cs-vendor.js?ver=2.1.7:19456) at defaultDispatch (cs-vendor.js?ver=2.1.7:19500) at Object.dispatchError (cs-vendor.js?ver=2.1.7:19483) at onerrorDefault (cs-vendor.js?ver=2.1.7:33226) at Object.trigger (cs-vendor.js?ver=2.1.7:51931) at cs-vendor.js?ver=2.1.7:52925 at invoke (cs-vendor.js?ver=2.1.7:1335) at Queue.flush (cs-vendor.js?ver=2.1.7:1399) at DeferredActionQueues.flush (cs-vendor.js?ver=2.1.7:1207) at Backburner.end (cs-vendor.js?ver=2.1.7:521)

Any ideas ?


It looks like the javascript is compiled. Do you have any caching turned on?

Best regards, Rik


ZG Purchased


Can each event within the timetable have a custom background image that is uploaded to the site?

Thanks in advance.



Presale question. ls there a way to add an export to .ICS from each individual event, maybe in the pop-up for each event.


Sorry this is not possible.

Best regards, Rik


jsp80 Purchased

I am having trouble with the timetable only showing one day and not the other 2. Also, there are inconsistencies with mobile version


Hi, Is it possible to use the calendar only in back-end? The main wp-users only should create appointments in calendar back-end where they add new appointments of their patients. Is this possible? In a quick ajax-like style? Doctor’s assistant records appointments for 2 different locations. Is it possible to have such views of 2 calendars for different locations? Also, I would like to have different doctors coloured with different colours of their own appointments. They use wordpress 4.7 I think and for now it can not be updated yet…

I need only in the backend


Sorry this is not possible. Only admins can access the timetable editor. However, the plugin works on WP 4.7.

Best regards, Rik


many events of my timetables are not clickable for editing from backoffice, there is no way to edit them or delete them. How is it possible? thanks


That must be some kind of bug or conflict with another plugin. Please contact me using the contact form on my profile page so I can fix this issue.

Best regards, Rik

Hi, it looks like DOMPDF is loaded all the time with Responsive Timetable for Wordpress not allowing me to download pdfs on other pages of my sites that require to load DOMPDF. Is it possible to only load DOMPDF when required? I tried disabling the download feature but that does not solve the issue. Only plugin deactivation.


jejsd Purchased

Hi. Do you offer recurring events? We have a set weekly schedule, and would like to offer a “Add to calendar” link. In order to do this we need the events to use the correct date each time – is this possible? Cheers


We have an option to add multiple time instances for an event, which makes recurring events possible. It’s not possible to add an “Add to calendar” button.

Best regards, Rik

Hi, I’ve emailed a numbers of times via support regarding this but I have had no answer. For some reason the pop up is not working when being viewed on Mobile. http://jcwfitness.co.uk/jcw/jcw-fitness-timetable-in-muswell-hill/ is the link. Please can I get some feedback. Thanks

Hi Jamie,

Sorry for the delay. It looks like the hashtags are not working properly on smaller screens, if you disable the option General Settings > Enable Hashtags it should work properly.

Best regards, Rik

Wonderful. That has done the job. Thanks so much. Jamie

Great to hear!

Best regards, Rik

Hi nice job! Question. Is this possible to show the actual event on Horizontal TimeTable? - Example ” we are Thurday -> On my table -> Show event right now.

I’m trying to create a fairly minimal and small schedule. I’ve disabled showing the time on an event as I wish to display only the title and one line description. My scale is set to 1/2 hour, and when the height is at 32px all is fine. If I reduce this to 25px for some reason the description disappears. I’ve tweaked the CSS to reduce the amount of padding so that the content WILL fit, but it appears some part of the JS is calculating the available space and not rendering the description(?). I’m not a JS expert and as a result I haven’t been able to find the part of the code which causes this. Any help appreciated. I did send an email last week but had no response.


Pre-sale question: I have an event with many workshops happening in different locations at the same time. I’m trying to find a timetable plugin that will display that clearly. Here’s an example using a different plugin that shows the difficulty with events at the same time stacking up vertically (it gives the impression that the lower ones come later despite them all having the same start and end time). http://djangoinjune.com/django-in-june-2018-class-schedule-v2/

Would your Responsive Timetable allow a better user experience for a four day event with workshops happening at the same time? Also, is there a free trial available for your plugin?



I have noticed that the plugin loads an old version of the fontawesome library from a local copy:


This takes unnecessary time as: (1) other plugins have already loaded the same library, and probably a newer version, (2) it would be faster to load the library from a CDN instead.

Any chance you could share some code to disable loading the library? thank you!


dubjam Purchased

Hi we purchased your timetable a little while ago now and use it as the schedule for a radio station. I wondered if there was any way to display a small ‘on air now’ style through a shortcode or widget etc? Is this something you are able to do or if not do you have any plans to add this feature?

Thanks for your help!