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I have a few question.

1) Does admin get notification via email after user create new ticket?

2) About the user, can we create user login details? Or each new user will created after submit new ticket?


1) Yes but only “Very High” priority tickets will be emailed. We have done this to prevent spamming the admin, receiving several emails time to time for every ticket.

2) Each new user will be registered to the system automatically after they submit their first ticket. After that system automatically registers them and sends them their login info via email. The best way to get new customers to their answers in no time :)


Hello Sirs,

I am going to buy your plugin but I have some presales questions:

1. I have a team with experts guys. So, I would like the user can choose the specific expert guy for submitting the ticket.Can be done that in the ticket form? Can I change the titles like “sales” and to replace that with the names of my experts and user can choose one of them? 2. If user chooses the expert guy, the ticket will be submitted to the chosen expert guy? 3. The user can see only its tickets? 4. Plugin works as widget and as shortcode also in my homepage?

Thank you in advance.


Hello, Sir. Recently, I bought your plugin. I need your important help because I have two questions. 1. How can I add users (agents)? I go to Users but I don’t see the option to add. Also, when I go to Users tabs, when I scroll down, the bar is disappering. 2. How can I add “Login From and “Send a New Ticket” as yours in demo (drop-down menu)? Thank You in advance. I am waiting your update.

No 2, it’s ok. I am waiting your reply for No1 Sir. Thank You.

If you mean supporting guys who can help you to answer your tickets by agents… then here is how you can set one: You can login to your wordpress admin panel as an admin, and then to add a role go to “Tickets admin/Edit roles” and add a role then when other admins of your WP site login to their WP panel, can reply to tickets as their own Role selected. Then from now on, they are known as a new supporting guy. which means, users are able to submit a new ticket for the added role (department). Everything has been also explained inside of the PDF help files. Please read the help files to, it can help you a lot on your way.


Presale question – Can end users see only their own tickets or can see they see other tickets as well. We are looking for ticket system where they can only see their own ticket.


Of course. They can only see their own tickets.


hi, I’d like make that the user only can read what his own ticket that mean is that ticket is showing to admin and writer only, other user can’t see and read to another user’s ticket it that possible? thank!

Admin can see all tickets, managers that belong to a specific depatment, only can see their own department’s tickets, users can only see their own tickets.


When adding the shortcode to any page, it override EVERYTHING in the page to a default ALL WHITE page with nothing on it.

Here is what it is doing. This is a simple text box with shortcode in it. http://virginiatip.com/help/

But it cleared my headers, footers, menu…

Using Wordpress 4.0.5

Shortcodes may not be compatible with your theme… So the solution can be to change the theme (or update it if it has updates), update your WordPress if you still like to use the Shortcodes, as they are optional…


Congrats for your as amazing as simple plugin. Please, just a question : is there a means to create a response rich text formatted (especially with paragraphs and bold text?

Subsidiary question: is it possible to type text in HTML format into the answer field to appeared formatted on clients side?

Many thanks for your reply. Best regards.

Yes, for sure. It supports all the basic tags of html, you can try it :)


Many many thanks

Is it also possible to set translations for different languages on multilinugal sites? Or can only one language be used? And how about email templates? Thanks for your reply in advance!

One language can be used currently.

How do I get my site to look like your demo? That’s the main reason for purchasing it… please let me know the proper steps, thanks.

Your ticket system for your website will look like the demo not your whole website… And to install the plugin properly on your website, just follow the steps in the help files.

what theme or set up is your demo, mine looks horrible

You mean the css styles? Please contact us through our profile page and provide more information and the link to your ticket system so that we can help better. thanks.

Hello I have a resale question for you, with this plugin is it possible to add tickets by email?

Hello I have a resale question for you, with this plugin is it possible to add tickets by email?

No, that functionality requires you to have VPS server and we didn’t add it to our system so that it can work on the most majority of users.

is there is a way to deactivate the CATCHUP phrase. I seem to have a problem whenever an error is made on the catchup the form goes blank.

No it’s not possible, the captcha code is necessary for the security of the ticket posting and spam prevention.

Hello, I have few Presales comments, 1.every department users may get email if they receive support tickets, 2.ticket support and view is public ?

1. managers and admin will only receive an email if the submitted ticket is a “very High” priority one. This is for spam protection. 2. Nope, tickets are private, a user can only see his own answers. Admin of course can see all of the tickets for all of the users.

For a public system you can checkout our Forum wordpress plugin.

Great plugin, is there a way to make it for employees schedule?

Long Island Painters

Thanks a lot for your interests, I couldn’t get what you mean exactly… Would you please explain in more details what you mean? Thanks.

The demo seems to be broken. Have you stopped supporting this product?

Nope, it’s working just fine… Maybe at the time that you were checking the server was down or something… Please check it out again. Thanks a lot.

Hello – we just installed it (my client purchased under her account) and we were wondering if it was possible to have people submit a ticket, but not create/register their information as a new user. We already have a paid membership system where they login to the site and do not want them to have to register with new credentials (page is already protected from public visibility). We just want the user’s email to be automatically visible to the admin when they receive the message so they an respond and for the new support tickets to be tied to each logged in user automatically. Is this possible?

Thanks for the response – Oh man, this plugin will not work for us then, as we need to have someone just be able to submit a ticket without creating a second set of credentials. Can we get refunded through Envato please?

By the way, the username for the refund is ‘lkstrohman’ (not this account)

Mailed you.

can i create custom fields for the register form??

Nope, that’s not possible.

Hello. It has option to open a tickt without this logged in word press? But that is required insrir name and email? Wait …

Yes, like most of the support systems, the users can submit tickets by another credentials rather than their wordpress credentials.

support RTL ? My theme support RTL if I used this plugin it will support RTL also or not ? and can i translate it to another language ?

Is there any answer here !!!!!!?

Sorry for our late reply, nope it doesn’t support RTL languages so well.

To work properly plugin is needed, email piping?


And customer responses are received in the panel plugin?

Hello, I am interested in buying this. Will it work with Woo Commerce?

Thanks Luke

Yes, no problem with Woocomerece

sorry, you took too long to reply, I have gone with an alternitave. Thanks