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We’d like to purchase your plugin. We would be using it on two of our business websites. Which license would we require, please? Is it one standard license per site, or would we require the extended one for multisite use?

We are not engaged in reselling etc. It would be a feature to enhance our business sites.

Thanks in advance, TKCtemp

(I only sell this plugin on Envato Market, I’m sorry for any inconvenience)

One standard license is $12 (excludes VAT) Envato adds at checkout the VAT (for Europeans), which is $2.28. So at checkout the total is $14.28

If you pay with credit card or with PayPal, Envato also adds to this a $2 handling fee. Or if you pay with Envato credit, there is not extra fee at all)

If you are not from Europe, I’m not sure if you pay the VAT, but:

you can add the plugin to the shopping cart (even if you do not make a final check-out) just to see the final price that Envato calculates and if you like the price, you can proceed to checkout only afterwards.

Thank you! So I would just need to purchase it once? Sorry, I’m trying to be clear.

Once for each website in which you use it.

Plugin looks great. We are using the Trackme app from Google Play to overlay current position of user for a National Tour. Can your plugin import real-time location from that app and show icon overlay of it? Thank you!

Hi, no, unfortunately the plugin cannot import locations, this is not something you can do with this plugin.

Hello excuse me. has not planned on updating the plugin, in the way it saves the maps one generates. always help me to update in the contact, since I use vc allows me to get another map, and in my case I have several items on the map 22 items with different information. Then, it becomes thicker each time it will make a modification and annoys.


You can download the current version available (version 4.3) from the Downloads menu in your codecanyon profile.

In this 4.3 version, there is a button in the Helper admin screen, named “LOAD A SHORTCODE”, clicking this button you can load any previously generated shortcode and edit it.

Also, 10 minutes ago, I also uploaded for approval to codecanyon reviewers, a new version (4.4) in which the generated shortcode is also saved in the database.

You will be notified by email when this new 4.4 version gets approved.

With warm regards

Great, it’s about time :)

I don’t know if you received the email, but you can download the new version, it was accepted by codecanyon reviewers. Have a great day/evening!

Hello, I need your plugin for our website. I need to display 30 locations (our distributors). We dont allways change the adress/phone numbers and other datas… Do you recommand this plugin? If not, what is the better way for us? Thank you.

Hi, thank you for your interest.

This plugin uses a shortcode to create addresses on the map, so using it for 30 locations (addresses) is a bit difficult, because you will have to edit the shortcode and to add HTML code for the popups directly in the shortcode…

If you have many locations, my recommendation is to find a plugin which allows you to enter and save one by one the addresses (markers)

With warm regards

Thanks, I will try to find a other one.


Presale questions :

1)If I have multiples markers, are they all visible automatically without modifiying the zoom manually ( fitBounds() ) ?
2) Is the clickable list of locations working when cluster set to yes ?

Thank you


1) yes, they can be all visible automatically if, instead of using a manual zoom in the shortcode:


you will use instead the fit zoom:

zoom=” ‘fit’ “

This is an example with zoom set to ‘fit’: http://yava.ro/test231/

2) when you set the clustering to “yes”, the clickable list is not working, it cannot identify the correct marker in the cluster.

I hope it helps, if you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to ask more questions!

With warm regards

hi, i would like to display my woocommerce cataloge/shop on a map with the possibility to filter products by categories, tags ecc… more over i would like to customize the buble of marker with data from prducts. is it possible with your plugin?

Hi, this plugin is not suited for a use case like ours.

This is a plugin which uses shortcode, you’ll have to write the addresses and their details directly in the shortcode, thus making it difficult to maintain.

The plugin is best suited for small business owners where they want to show their location on the contact page. So, it is best suited for 1 until 5 addresses.

Thank you for your interest!

Multiple locations aren’t working. I am using this shortcode [res_map address=”Malolos, Bulacan | Calumpit, Bulacan ” description=” description1 | description2 ” directionstext=”(directions to our address)” icon=”red | magenta” iconsize=”” style=”1” scalecontrol=”no” typecontrol=”no” streetcontrol=”no” locateme=”no” zoom=”13” zoomcontrol=”no” draggable=”yes” scrollwheel=”no” searchbox=”no” clustering=”no” logging=”no” poi=”yes” fullscreen=”no” popup=”no” tabfix=”no” width=”100%” height=”500px” maptype=”roadmap” refresh=”yes” center=”” key=”AIzaSyClix_lplVB0HTgo07FO3o1xETglD0wnnU”] and here is the link to my test page http://www.gippslandlakesescapes.com.au/newsite/test-map/.

Can you help me on this one please?

Hello, I visited the page you specified, but I see that the map (the one at top, which uses the responsive map shortcode) is working.

Are you still having the error?

Hello, I have not seen that last night. Seems like when I update the shortcode, it will take affect late. I am using this code right now [res_map address=”Malolos, Bulacan | Calumpit, Bulacan ” description=”A Aqua Vista{br}$136 per night{br}2-8 guests 4 bedroom 2 bathroom{br} Visit Property | description2 ” directionstext=”” icon=”red | magenta” iconsize=”” style=”1” scalecontrol=”no” typecontrol=”no” streetcontrol=”no” locateme=”no” zoom=”13” zoomcontrol=”no” draggable=”yes” scrollwheel=”no” searchbox=”no” clustering=”no” logging=”no” poi=”yes” fullscreen=”no” popup=”no” tabfix=”no” width=”100%” height=”500px” maptype=”roadmap” refresh=”yes” center=”” key=”AIzaSyClix_lplVB0HTgo07FO3o1xETglD0wnnU”]

You can see the map below http://www.gippslandlakesescapes.com.au/newsite/

Can you help me on that one please?


It’s not the map plugin that updates late, but most probably you have a cache plugin (or the theme has some sort of cache system) which shows to the user a cached (pre-saved) version of the page.

Regarding the shortcode, it will work if you use simple quotes on all HTML code that is put in the DESCRIPTION field of the shortcode:

Here is the correct shortcode (I cannot put the code in here, it seems that it gets formatted and distorted): http://yava.ro/test233/

With warm regards

Hello, I have multiple markers in one map, that is around 40 ++. I noticed that the map is very slow to load. Is there anything you can do about this?


If the markers are expressed by address, for each address, Google Maps server spends time to decode the address to a point expressed as ‘latitude, longitude’, which it shows then on the map.

So it’s not the plugin’s fault….

But what can be done is to replace in the map shortcode the addresses directly with their corresponding ‘latitude, longitude’ points. This way Google Maps server will spend less time to decode the addresses.

Here is a tool which can help you to convert the list of addresses to a list of ‘latitude, longitude’ points: https://www.doogal.co.uk/BatchGeocoding.php

If you’ll use the latitude. longitude, here is an example: http://yava.ro/16-a-responsive-styled-map-with-many-markers-more-than-50-addresses/ showing that they will load fast.

This is already explained in the documentation that comes when buying the plugin: http://yava.ro/wp-content/plugins/responsive-maps-plugin/documentation/index.html#!/troubleshooting

Warm regards


1) Is it possible to set an approximate area for a pin? It is to give an idea of a location while protecting the exact address.

2) I would need two types of map: a. one on a user’s profile page, with only his location. b. one where all the users would be listed. When you click on one pin would that link to the user’s profile page?


Hi, sorry for my late reply, probably you have found already a plugin to suit your needs, but anyway these are the answers to the questions:

1) this feature is not possible, pins can be put only at exact locations.

2) this can be possible, you can show any type of map or any number of maps. To show these two maps you’ll have to put the customized map shortcode in a page template (in the back-end).

Happy Holidays!

Hi there presale question: What if we do not want to disclose the pin on the address but instead draw a circle around the block to avoid pinpointing for general public like airbnb style can we do that ??


What airbnb has it’s called a circle overlay, an example is here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/examples/circle-simple

But unfortunately, this plugin does not have this feature, you can’t accomplish with it something like airbnb does, it was not designed for something like this.

with warm regards

Will this plugin allow me hyperlink directly from the marker? I have a solution I’m trying now but you have click the marker and then have some text with a hyperlink, so you have click twice to link to an internal page…which isn’t working well for me.

Hi, this plugin also works like that, clicking a marker will open a small popup window which contains the link, so clicking twice. With this plugin it’s not possible to link the marker directly to a link, I’m sorry :(

hi …how will I have the “white container” with the menu in it pushed up to the top image? like here http://saikoiboca.com/soup-salad/ to this one http://saikoiboca.com/hibachi-lunch-special/

Hello, I am not sure I understand….Ar you having difficulties with the responsive map plugin?

Are you sure you have posted this message to the right item’s comments page?


pscinc Purchased


Your support form is not working. Every time I enter a message, it says The Message field must be at least 6 characters in length. My message is much more than that. I have an immediate need due to a potential bug or conflict with your plugin. How can I contact you?


pscinc Purchased

Hello! I found a workaround by disabling visual composer and entering it via text view. Is there a known conflict with VC?

From what I know, there is no conflict with Visual Composer.

How were you trying to add the map shortcode (the first time, when it wasn’t working)? By adding the map shortcode to the list of recognized shortcodes by VC, in Dashboard->Visual Composer->Shortcode Mapper->Map Shortcode ?

Could you please tell me which version of Visual Composer are you trying with? And the version of WordPress you are using. Thanks so much!

I checked with the latest version of Visual Composer (5.4.5) and they are compatible, the map shortcode is working.

If you still get conflicts, please email me at contact@hevada.com with more details regarding the website link, the page that contains the map, or any type of details that would help to debug.

Hi, can you provide the standard included marker icons also as x2 retina size? I wasn’t able to find the bigger retina files. Thanks.

Hi, they were not included in the standard package.

Please download them from http://yava.ro/icons.zip

Or just download again the plugin from codecanyon, I also updated a couple of minutes ago the latest version, to include these icons.

Thank you using this plugin!

Thank you! Looks much better now. Another question, is there a way that the marker infobox appears on mouseover without clicking on it? It would be perfect using it with multiple markers in the same area.

Unfortunately, only with custom coding.

The default behaviour of Goole Maps (in their javascript libraries) is to click the marker to open the infobox.

And also the third-party map jQuery library I am using, only supports opening the infobox on click.

A good developer on https://studio.envato.com might be able to assist you with this custom coding, it requires some changes, unfortunately it’s not a setting that can be activated quite easily.

With warm regards


ezrena Purchased

Hi. I’m trying to create a few maps and put them in different tabs like how you have in your sample. I would like to also rename the “tabs”. How do I do that?

Hello, thank you for using my plugin.

First you’ll need to create the tabs using another plugin which can create tabs (the Responsive Styled Maps plugin cannot create tabs)

On my sample website I’m using this plugin to create the tabs, but I wouldn’t recommend it because it hasn’t been updated in the last 4 years: https://wordpress.org/plugins/tabs-shortcode/

Instead of that, there are other tab plugins, updated recently on WordPress repository.

Then, after you create the tabs and name them however you like, in the tab content (where you would normally put text or other content) you just write the map shortcode generated from the map helper in admin area.

Also, please note that if you need more privacy related to the support requests/questions, I also have a dedicated support system where buyers can open private tickets, at: http://support.hevada.com/

All the best!

Accidentally typed here :)

Presales question: Does this map plugin include a polygon/polyline feature where you can create outlines and solid color for countries/counties/regions? Thank you.

Hi, no, unfortunately with this plugin it’s not possible to outline countries/counties/regions with polygons/polylines.

Hi, I’ve been looking for a map solution that suits a particular site. To explain:

I want a map that upon first opening shows a single English county (let’s say Yorkshire) and which has multiple individual markers on it, each one clickable (going to a single post page) and with a brief description. Ideally, the map data would be imprtable automatically from ACF map fields, as the data would be collected that way (through post submission).

Is this possible?

I could also use a very similar setup with a map of Britain (excluding N. Ireland).

Hello, I’m sorry to say, but it’s not possible to implement this with this plugin.

What isn’t possible?

Hi, my apologies for my previous short reply, I was writing from my phone.

First, the plugin cannot display a single county or a single country (without the rest of the surroundings) and it does not have the polygon feature to stroke a certain area.

Also, the default behavior of the click event on a marker is to open the small information popup. To modify this default behavior to open a post instead, you’d have to make custom changes in the code (in the code of the third party jQuery library I am using for map events inside my plugin)

Also, making custom changes would make further updates of the plugin a nightmare as you’ll have to remake the changes each time and you’ll have to merge the plugin with your custom changes.

Also, the plugin cannot automatically read ACF fields, unless you write your own code (in the theme perhaps) in which you use echo do_shortcode(‘[my map plugin shortcode here’]) and you’ll pass to it the PHP values from ACF fields, as parameters.

So, this is the long story :) Once again my apologies for that previous short answer.

All the best!

I asked a question in your support 2 days ago, but not receiving any response.

Hi, is it the one regarding the search box to be moved at top-right?

If yes, please check your email, I replied to it this evening (the ticket was open on 20 May 2018 at 21:26 so it’s only a day since then, not two :)

If that’s not the one, could you please tell me the ticket id?

At this moment I have only two open tickets and they both are answered. (During the week-end I performed an upgrade of the support system, but the database shouldn’t have been affected)

Thank you!

Thanks for your reply.

Hi, Google now insists on creating a billing account and requires credit card details to enable the maps api. Please if possible could you create an option to use a free maps api.Thanks


Google Maps are still free for the first 28.000 displays of the map. Please see this table: https://cloud.google.com/maps-platform/pricing/sheet/

Google needs a card now, indeed, but also you can set up daily limits in Google Console, to protect against unexpected increases: https://screenshots.firefox.com/fQ3XdFe0AyjZTZ00/mapsplatformtransition.withgoogle.com

This way you don’t have to pay anything if your website has less than 28.000 visits on the page with the map.

Adding an option with another completely free Maps API would be possible only with creating another new plugin.

Thank you for the suggestion!

Hi, thank you for the information