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We’d like to purchase your plugin. We would be using it on two of our business websites. Which license would we require, please? Is it one standard license per site, or would we require the extended one for multisite use?

We are not engaged in reselling etc. It would be a feature to enhance our business sites.

Thanks in advance, TKCtemp

(I only sell this plugin on Envato Market, I’m sorry for any inconvenience)

One standard license is $12 (excludes VAT) Envato adds at checkout the VAT (for Europeans), which is $2.28. So at checkout the total is $14.28

If you pay with credit card or with PayPal, Envato also adds to this a $2 handling fee. Or if you pay with Envato credit, there is not extra fee at all)

If you are not from Europe, I’m not sure if you pay the VAT, but:

you can add the plugin to the shopping cart (even if you do not make a final check-out) just to see the final price that Envato calculates and if you like the price, you can proceed to checkout only afterwards.

Thank you! So I would just need to purchase it once? Sorry, I’m trying to be clear.

Once for each website in which you use it.

Plugin looks great. We are using the Trackme app from Google Play to overlay current position of user for a National Tour. Can your plugin import real-time location from that app and show icon overlay of it? Thank you!

Hi, no, unfortunately the plugin cannot import locations, this is not something you can do with this plugin.

Hello excuse me. has not planned on updating the plugin, in the way it saves the maps one generates. always help me to update in the contact, since I use vc allows me to get another map, and in my case I have several items on the map 22 items with different information. Then, it becomes thicker each time it will make a modification and annoys.


You can download the current version available (version 4.3) from the Downloads menu in your codecanyon profile.

In this 4.3 version, there is a button in the Helper admin screen, named “LOAD A SHORTCODE”, clicking this button you can load any previously generated shortcode and edit it.

Also, 10 minutes ago, I also uploaded for approval to codecanyon reviewers, a new version (4.4) in which the generated shortcode is also saved in the database.

You will be notified by email when this new 4.4 version gets approved.

With warm regards

Great, it’s about time :)

I don’t know if you received the email, but you can download the new version, it was accepted by codecanyon reviewers. Have a great day/evening!

Hello, I need your plugin for our website. I need to display 30 locations (our distributors). We dont allways change the adress/phone numbers and other datas… Do you recommand this plugin? If not, what is the better way for us? Thank you.

Hi, thank you for your interest.

This plugin uses a shortcode to create addresses on the map, so using it for 30 locations (addresses) is a bit difficult, because you will have to edit the shortcode and to add HTML code for the popups directly in the shortcode…

If you have many locations, my recommendation is to find a plugin which allows you to enter and save one by one the addresses (markers)

With warm regards

Thanks, I will try to find a other one.


Presale questions :

1)If I have multiples markers, are they all visible automatically without modifiying the zoom manually ( fitBounds() ) ?
2) Is the clickable list of locations working when cluster set to yes ?

Thank you


1) yes, they can be all visible automatically if, instead of using a manual zoom in the shortcode:


you will use instead the fit zoom:

zoom=” ‘fit’ “

This is an example with zoom set to ‘fit’: http://yava.ro/test231/

2) when you set the clustering to “yes”, the clickable list is not working, it cannot identify the correct marker in the cluster.

I hope it helps, if you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to ask more questions!

With warm regards

hi, i would like to display my woocommerce cataloge/shop on a map with the possibility to filter products by categories, tags ecc… more over i would like to customize the buble of marker with data from prducts. is it possible with your plugin?


hevada Author

Hi, this plugin is not suited for a use case like ours.

This is a plugin which uses shortcode, you’ll have to write the addresses and their details directly in the shortcode, thus making it difficult to maintain.

The plugin is best suited for small business owners where they want to show their location on the contact page. So, it is best suited for 1 until 5 addresses.

Thank you for your interest!