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The latest version is 4.0 and brings support for retina icons.

Hey, Presale question. Your plugin looks great but dose it allow multiple pins on each map which are filterable. – see example



Hi, unfortunately the plugin can’t create filterable multiple pins like in your example. Thank you!

Got an error that says “Google Maps was not read correctly on the page. See the JavaScript console for technical information.”

Using the latest, yes. Got a map now, but still struggling with the tool. Seems to be a lot of manual parameters to fix myself…

No, now i still get API error. Have done everything ok as i can se.

Please let me know what the error says. Or at least give me a link to the live page that contains the map.

I can’t help you without knowing what error it is. :-)


asemio Purchased

I was having issues with version 3.2 where it would not refresh the map in the helper and would not generate a shortcode (the address is ALWAYS Yeronga QLD 4104, Australia). I have upgraded to the latest plugin version (4.0) on WP 4.5.3 and the map helper still does not refresh with the new address, does not generate a shortcode and does not display the map on the page, even though I have a valid Google API saved in the helper. This plugin did work for me briefly when I first installed it but has been broken since. I have used other map plugins on this theme (Jupiter 5.1.8) and they work just fine. It would be nice if this one did too. You can check it here:


asemio Purchased

I have added the key to the shortcode and the map does now display. However, I am still receiving errors and the map markers do not appear on the map.

In the source code of the page, the markers list appears to be empty. (markers = [] thus empty list).

If you wish, send me please the complete shortcode you are using and I’ll have a look.


asemio Purchased

Email with source code sent.

Hi, how to prevent Google Maps from scrolling and activate the zoom with a click? Is it possible in the options? By default, the scroll zoom on the map off and activate it after you double-click on the map? On this page, I found information that you can add java script code, and then it will work – http://www.oneclickms.co.uk/wordpress-how-to-prevent-google-maps-from-scrolling-and-activate-the-zoom-with-a-click/

Hi, to which product are you referring to? The map WordPress plugin? Or the map jQuery/HTML5 version? Also, I do not see the buyer badge, please contact me from the account from where you have purchased the product. Thank you.

I am having trouble getting the tab under Settings to show up at all. Do you think that you plugin works with Divi? Maybe I have another plugin conflict? I thought I would try out the Lite to see if I want to get the Pro. So I downloaded the Lite through Wordpress plugins and activated it. Thanks

Hi, the Responsive Styled Google Maps Helper screen (under the Settings tab) is a feature only available in the Pro version which is available here, on codecanyon. And yes, both the Lite and Pro version work with Divi, there were clients who used them together and they worked. Warm regards

hello, I would like to ask if it’s possible to convert a specific map with multiple location to pdf file.

Hi, no, this plugin can’t do this. I’m not sure, though, if you need to save the entire map? Or only the addresses? The plugin can’t export to pdf or to any other file format. There is an online website that handles addresses in batch, maybe it can be helpful for your use case: http://www.findlatitudeandlongitude.com/batch-geocode/#.WB8nI8m2nDd

Warm regards,



gijon Purchased

Hello, the geolocation button, does not work on mobile phone, nor in the browser of croome. Only works well in mozilla and explorer, could look this.good

Hello, thank you for letting me know, I wasn’t aware of this.

It seems that the geolocation is a feature that Google recently disabled on websites without https. So the geolocation (that “locate me” button) will only work on https domains.

This link has more details about this: https://sites.google.com/a/chromium.org/dev/Home/chromium-security/deprecating-powerful-features-on-insecure-origins

So if your domain is not on https, a solution would be to just disable the geolocation by setting in the map shortcode: locateme=”no”.


gijon Purchased

Hi. Very well I activated the SSL certificate on my website and it works, so that was the reason, thanks for your help.


gijon Purchased

For people who do not know much of wordpress, once activated your ssl certificate of your domain you have to go to settings (general) of your wordpress panel and change

WordPress address (URL) remove http://yourdomain.com, and change it to https://yourdomain.com

Site address (URL) remove http://yourdomain.com, and change it to https://yourdomain.com

Your plugin breaks this plugin functionality https://codecanyon.net/item/frontend-builder-wordpress-content-assembler-page-builder-drag-drop-page-composer/5310338

When I try to edit page with “Frontend Builder” I get this js error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: pluginurl is not defined ......./wp-content/plugins/responsive-maps-plugin/includes/js/resmap.admin.min.js

Although I think it’s viceversa (that plugin has errors in it thus giving all sort of messages from other plugins), I’ll investigate and let you know as soon as possible.


Please let that frontend builder plugin developers know that their plugin displays some notices in debug.log (like this one: PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\builder\functions\shortcode_list.php on line 2202

Also, they are doing a strange thing in their plugin which should not be ever done: they are displaying all the admin scripts (from all plugins) in their edit_page.php file, with this code:


This is the code that displays that javascript error you were talking about (my map plugin uses a PHP variable which is sent only from the map admin screen, that is why printing directly the javascript from all admin pages is not such a good idea – but it seems that frontend builder does it…)

Anyway, to prevent plugins like this builder plugin to display the admin scripts from my map plugin (thus throwing errors) I already have a small fix which I will include in my next update too.

If you wish to receive earlier the fix, please email me at greenline@yava.ro and I will send it immediately.


What the fix does:

it executes the javascript code of this map plugin only if the scripts are called from map admin (not from somewhere else).

Multiple pin is not working I use the following: 26.841837,-80.1356549 / 26.6637478,-80.1128623 and get a blank map. If I use only one it works

Hi, you are using the slash symbol between pins ( / ) but please use the pipeline symbol instead, as indicated in the documentation (the | symbol).


using your plugin in the latest version. we don’t use an indivdiual marker – instead using gray icon (/plugins/responsive-maps-plugin/includes/icons/gray.png). in source code (var markerCluster = new MarkerClusterer(gmap, mapdiv.data(‘gmap’).markers, {imagePath: ...) there is still a link to a file which doesn’t exist (/plugins/responsive-maps-plugin/includes/img/m). ... this causes a 404 error.



Hi and thank you for using my plugin.

That is not a 404 error, the link is created by a third-party javascript library I’m using for clustering.

That library then appends (dynamically) to this link these: 1.png, 2.png, 3.png, 4.png, 5.png

so that the link will become /m1.png, /m2.png, /m3.png, m4.png, /m5.png

Here is the code which does that:


at line247

best regards

In Location Marker Popup, the description is not showing just Latitude and Longitude is showing. What’s the problem.

Hi, you don’t seem to have the Buyer badge. Do you have a purchase code? Unfortunately, I do not offer any kind of support if the item is not purchased here on Envato Market. Thank you for your understanding.

Never Mind, I’ve fixed it.

For your info your plugin has conflict with latest Visual Composer so better to make your plugin compatible with latest VC.

My plugin is compatible with the latest version of Visual Composer, I do have a purchased version of Visual Composer (the latest update too) and they work fine together.

If you get a conflict, it might be a conflict with another plugin or even with the theme you are using.

Also, if your plugins or the theme are not the original ones (bought from Envato Market, but downloaded from insecure websites) you might get an error because of this.

Last sunday I sent you an email that the logo’s do not show up in the popup. No answer yet so maybe it is in your spambox and therefore I try it here.

I am creating a new site including Responsive Styled Google Maps. Everything looks fine except for the logo showing up in the popup. I use a total of 7 markers and they all look fine with the address in the popup, but no logo. Even if I use the default line with logo: {br} Yeronga QLD 4104, Australia {br} Phone: 0040 752 235 756 it doesen’t show up. I am using a shortcode in Visual Composer to load the map.

Now that I have done more tests and checking, it looks like the field Address is shown in the popup instead of the Description field.

URL that you can check for my issue is: http://wwdc.graphiqs.nl/

Hi, you were right, I haven’t received the email, unfortunately, it’s not in the spam folder either….. I have another email address I use, to which support emails from greenline@yava.ro are forwarded, I suspect that the email forwarding was not working, I will check! Meanwhile, thank you very much for your patience!

In the Visual Composer text box, in which tab are you entering the map shortcode? In the Visual tab or the Text tab?

When writing there the map shortcode, inside the description field, please don’t use the inverted commas ( ” ) at all, only simple apostrophes ( ’ ), like shown in the examples from plugin documentation.

For instance:

this will work:

[...description= ” < img src= ’ http:///logo1.png ’ | Naaldwijk NL” ...]

this will NOT work:

[...description= ” < img src= ” http:///logo1.png ” | Naaldwijk NL” ...]

Please note the usage of inverted commas / apostrophes around the image src.

If this does not fix it, if you email me at greenline@yava.ro a temporary admin user for support teams, if you have any, I can log in and have a look (meanwhile I will check the email redirecting issue on my web server too)

Warm regards

Thanks for your reply. I have just now sent you a new email. Please check and let me know if you don’t receive it. Regards.


I need a maps plugin, that can zoom on certain areas on button click. I need to have the Shops list across the whole country, so people would press on their town button for example Berlin, and the map would zoom in to berlin, and show all shops there that sell our product.

Can this plugin to that?


Hi, unfortunately, it can’t do that. What it can do is having a list of links and when you click on a link, the map makes a pan+zoom to that corresponding marker, like in this example: http://yava.ro/13-a-responsive-styled-map-with-a-clickable-list-of-locations/


In this example it only pans, but doesnt zoom. Is there a zoom function too? If i would be possible to add a zoom level to a link, then i think it could get the job done. I could style links to buttons. Is it possible to add multiple markers too?

You’re right, my mistake, it’s only a pan. It can’t zoom though. And on click, you can call the open marker function only for one marker, unfortunately. Not possible for multiple markers.

Its ok! Thanks for the answer. I will try to find a solution, and if i fail i will get back to your map and use it on multiple pages, so if you click one state then a new page opens. Should work that way.

Hi greenline,

very promising pluign! Before we buy, we would like to know if there are categories possible. It would be something like (it has been already mentioned by you in another post): restaurants, hotels, airports categories in the left and when you click airports you see all the airports on the map? And when you click an airport point on the map, you’ll see the corresponding posts below the map?

Thank you in advance, Tatjana

Hi Tatjana,

Thank you for your appreciation!

Categories are not possible. With this plugin it’s not possible to click a link on the left (for instance airports) and see on the map all the airports (a so called many-to-many relationship)

The only similar thing that can be done is a one-to-one relationship…..click a link and open the corresponding point, something like this: http://yava.ro/13-a-responsive-styled-map-with-a-clickable-list-of-locations/ then each point (marker) can show a small popup with a link to a corresponding post.

Warmest regards,



scheele Purchased

Love this plugin but is there a way to disable the draggable function just for phones and tablets? as when the map is full width people can get stuck on the map and can’t swipe up/down. Draggable is great for desktop though. Many thanks

Hi, thank you.

Please update the plugin to the latest version. The latest version of the plugin makes sure that the latest Google Maps API is called.

In the latest Google Maps API, the draggable function is already disabled by default by Google since November 2016, as explained here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/releases

Google says:

The user must swipe with one finger to scroll the page and two fingers to pan the map. If the user swipes the map with one finger, an overlay appears on the map, with a prompt telling the user to use two fingers to move the map.
You can see this Google’s demo here to see how maps API works now on mobiles: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/interaction

To update the plugin on your website, please download the latest version from https://codecanyon.net/downloads then update it according to the instructions contained in the plugin’s included documentation.

Hi, I’ve noticed with the update to WordPress 4.8, the shortcode in the new WordPress widgets does not work correctly i.e. it does not show the map pins.

If you look at this page, you’ll see the map looks great and has the pins:


If you look at this page in the sidebar, the map is displayed but the two pins no longer show, which they did prior to WordPress 4.8.


I’ve even made sure that I’ve updated to the newer 4.2 version of your plugin.

Hope this helps you to test and release a fix.