Responsive Styled Google Maps Generator

Responsive Styled Google Maps Generator

Responsive Styled Google Maps Generator

This is a generator which creates ready-to-use, responsive styled google maps! The maps can have a hue color or a style from those 50 styles included. You customize various map settings, then, a map is auto-generated for you. When you like the resulted map, just click a button “GET MAP” and you’ll receive a code you can copy-paste in your website to display that styled map.

Current version:

The current version available is 2.2


Please note that since 22 June 2016, Google requires a Google Maps API key to create a map, so you will need an API key from them ( ) to use any map generator from the market, including this one. (an update which includes the API key in the generator form is in work and will be released soon)


  • Very easy to use
  • 2 simple steps to obtain your responsive, styled map
  • Auto-generates the code to create responsive maps
  • Unlimited map colors!
  • Maps are responsive
  • Maps are visible in any modern browser
  • Maps are visible on mobile devices
  • 500 included map icons
  • You can display your logo in the marker’s popup
  • Any map control can be switched on/off
  • Markers descriptions accepts both text and html code
  • The map auto-centers itself on window resize
  • Directions link


Version history

04 July 2016 - version 2.2
  - Added info about how to enter the Google Maps API key (required by Google since 22 June 2016)    
20 February 2016 - version 2.1
  - Updated jquery to the latest version
  - Removed the adsense example because AdSense library has been deprecated by Google 
    ( see )
  - Added max-width: none for images inside the map 
    (otherwise the controls are broken when used with Bootstrap framework)
  - Added "locate me" button
06 January 2016 - version 2.0
  - Removed the "sensor" parameter from the Google Maps API calls (because it is deprecated)    
3 November 2015 - version 1.9
 - Added to the generator form the "draggable map" option
- Removed pan control, icon shadow and shadow anchor from map code (they are deprecated in the latest version released by Google in their API)
17 August 2015 - version 1.8
 - Updated jQuery version to 2.1.4
 - Added the feature to use map styles, not only hue color
 - Added 50 predefined map styles
 - Added update instructions to the documentation
22 August 2014 - version 1.7
 - Update to fix some incompatibilities with Chrome and Windows XP (changed the plugin that displays icon selector)
12 May 2014 - version 1.6
 - Fixed the compatibility with the latest Chrome and IE, now the script is working in all major browsers
11 September 2013 - version 1.5
  - Added map width, height to the generator form
  - Added directions link to the generator form
11 September 2013 - version 1.4
  - Reduced CSS in the generated map code
18 August 2013 - version 1.3
  - CSS customizations to the popup window (required by latest changes in Google Maps API)
  - Code format in a more readable way
  - Small fix to iconanchor and anchorshadow values in generated code
  - Update to jQuery v1.10.2
11 May 2013 - version 1.2
    - Text changes 
    - Image paths corrections
    - Street view control set to true by default
    - Compacted the generated map code
27 April 2013 - version 1.1
    - Search by address field added
    - Draggable marker added
    - Visual improvements (many thanks to <a href="">karaziki</a>)
    - Select generated code on mouse click
    - Scripts files are now local
22 April 2013 - version 1.0
   - The initial version