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Great game! Best of luck with sales.

It works but if you resize the browse window, it gets messed up. I tried in both Firefox and Chrome, it seems to be an issue with the responsive design.


In this game we are using css position with jquery to move player marker in game board. css position depends upon board size.when browser get re-sized all these position values get changed. That’s why the game get reset on browser re-size.

There is no minimized in codes php/jquery in Product so you can easily activate deactivate data reset if you want. As far we know real player wont re-size browser while playing game.

Ping me anytime for any support…..



Ah I see, thanks for clarifying..

hope you will buy item …

Ok I bought it, the admin panel is nice for customizing the board. You would have to have some graphic skills to graphically customize the board though but that’s expected with any game of this nature…

Some suggestions: would be nice to have a leaderboard Also when the computer wins the match, the text should be different. Right now it says “XXX wins the game, congrats” but it should say sorry instead or something like that. Only if the player wins, then it should say congrats.

Hi , thanks for the purchase. next update i will make the messages configurable from admin :)

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Hello caduthuz,

This is a nice script.I want to buy this.Can you help me to integrate this script with my phpdolphin social network script?

Regards, Sai

Hi yes sure…

contact me at caduthuz[at]

Hello, this item get the script? Easy to customize? Thanks

this item get the script? :- means ? , yes easy customisation with minimum knowledge about web

It works !! But I would like Mode VS Player.

Hi.. Any new collection of boards? or any where that we can buy please

no. will inform you once we have new boards