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It’s nice – on some of the images the content is “too long” for the div and the button and/or links/part of text is obscured. Is this what happens if the content is too long or is it able to scroll copy?

Can it support videos or slideshows? Can the thumbnails be resized from within the admin or do we have to do it from the CSS (it’s hardly a big deal just curious)

Sorry for all of the questions Good luck.

Hi, We actually like the suggestions….no need to apologize :) We shall work on them and incorporate them in the next update

Great thanks! There are similar ones out there (although this seems to function on an improved code) and just reckon (especially the gallery function) would set it apart!

Will bookmark it for the future and look forward to seeing what you guys produce.

Yes, content gets cut off, can a scroll fuction be added?

Also, can it be set to a different width for example 980px?

Hi, we are working on a scroll, it should be updated in a day or two

Yes, that can be done through the css file at the moment but we are working on how to include it in the shortcode

I’m getting this error when I try to add a project.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_redirect() in slide_down_portfolio.php on line 130

Any suggestions on how to fix it?

Hi, Thanks for pointing that out. Kindly get in touch via email appsupport@built-app.com and we shall help you fix it.

Can we add multiple images?

At the moment you can a single image. I shall work on multiple image in the next update.

Sorry, Can we add multiple images to each post?

At the moment you can a single image. I shall work on multiple image in the next update.

Hello, nice plugin, I need personalice more the fields, i dont need the date and the link but i need other fields

Hi, we can customize the plugin for you at small fee. Kindly send us your requirements to appsupport@built-app.com and we shall send you a quote.

dont worry i fix it, but i need add multiple images to each entry

Can certain post category be displayed or does it just display all?

Yeah – like the above commenter I would like also to have separate portfolios for different categories or sections…

Working on it. I shall update it soon

Hi . You portfolio plugin seem very neat!

A few quick questions…

Is it possible to show the title show on the image before you click for more info?

Can there be a something to make it obvious to the user that they will get more information if they click on the image?

I would like to use custom HTML content and a RoyalSlider slideshow in the drop down box. I tried to insert the shortcode for my Royal Slider into your content box but that does not work. Is there a simple solution to get something like this working?

I would really love it if you could make posts and pages work in these drop down boxes. :)

Hi, Let me look into the possibility of adding a slider into the drop downbox then I shall get back to you.

Thank you!

Have a random function?

another question is, if I can use eg:

Playing images in the portfolio and use the effect of the plugin to open the youtube player, to make of this?

Has the update for multiple image support has been released??? Where the link to try the demo

Thank you awaiting you response to purchase this plugin .

When I use apostrophes or quotation marks in the description block, they get stripped and converted to slashes. Could you provide a fix for that? I had been using Elastic Grid before Slide Down Portfolio and that had the same issue. The developer added a stripslashes function. Thanks so much!

Nevermind. I figured out where to add this code: $_POST = array_map(‘stripslashes’, $_POST); I placed it in slide_down_portfolio.php as a new line under project_add_submit and under project_edit_submit

Thanks. We’ll certainly include this in the next update.

Is there an easy way to make the Visit Website button not required and only have it display for the projects that have a website link? Thanks!

Hi, Thank you for buying the script. Thanks for the suggestion we’ll work on it and include the feature in the next update which we are already working on.

When will your next update be ready? Will it have video capability?

I have purchased a couple of plugins that are having problems with the theme we are using: Nevada. Can you help me if I need assistance getting it to integrate. JKS

I was able to get things to show up… but the crop tool for the images still brings back two long sentences of error code.

When the gallery appears on the page, the gallery part is pushed all the way over to the left site, and the header that is OK on the rest of the pages is also pushed over the left … very odd how this is happening. I send you a message about the error on the images a day or so ago and have not heard back… it included the login information for the WP. Can you please get back to me, as I am hoping to use this ‘very nice’ plug in!


Hello. I’m interested in your plugin, but need to know if I can insert a NextGEN gallery into the dropdown expanded section?


Hi. I want to purchase this plugin. Can you take a look at my website and see if it is compatible with it, more exactly can it be implemented in the portfolio section of my website? I tried other plugins, but they won’t work on my website. I don’t have pages, this theme is a one page theme. Thanks in advance.


Your Demo link is broken