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I would like to see a real demo, not only images …

You can see it here: http://plugin-boutique.com/cc-responsive-table/ It’s not images, its tables made by the plugin in a slideshow…

Hm… when writing a new line within the table row, it doesn’t show as a new row on the table itself, instead provides a scrolling solution to see the content? How to fix this?

Hi Skillcode, when the table becomes too large compared to the parent container it’ll start scrolling to make sure that it works on every device and size

Hey man, it still works after adding “white-space:inherit;” so I’m not sure what you’re referring to?

Hey again, It’s on purpose that it provides vertical scrolling, this is how it’s responsive – It’s the only good way to do it with schema markup sadly. I hope that makes sense.

Hello! I ask for the refund week ago. Can you please see how is it going?


i want to buy this plugin but is there any demo of Seo Schema Tables or images of this feature ?


Ive recently purchased your plugin but it doesnt appear to be responsive and also the font has reverted to a weird font and not picked up the theme fonts?

Anyway to fix this?

Thanks Damien

Can you provide me with a link, please try the table on your mobile and see if it’s responsive or not


The font used in the table has reverted to system font courier as standard…how do IO set the font used on the table to the same font used in my site theme?

Thanks Damien


The font used in the table has reverted to system font courier as standard…how do IO set the font used on the table to the same font used in my site theme?

Thanks Damien

Yes I can see the problem! The table shortcode is in a pre which is causing it it, it seems like it is your theme that is creating the pre tag, so try adding this to the css:

pre table { font-family: helvetica, helvetica neue, arial, verdana; }

Go to appearance > Editor and put it in style.css, that should do the trick! :)


Thank you for helping with that, worked perfectly :) Tables looking awesome now.

Thanks again, much appreciated.

Cheers Damien

No problem! Feel free to leave a good review if you would like :)

Does this plugin allow me to add any kind of schema.org mark up information to any page?

Your table preview examples are not really helpful to understand the backend options…


Ah sorry, there’s schema markup added by default on every table you create with this plugin, you can see that if you inspect the code! It automatically ads it to all rows, columns and table headers :)

oops, I bought two accidentally. can you please refund one? how do I do that?

Yes of course, you can request it somewhere, not quite sure how

good job. success in sales

Hello, is Responsive Seo Schema Tables can be used for tablets like the pictures on this link? http://www.90shoot.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/table.png http://www.90shoot.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/table2.png

It’ll need some work if you want to use dynamic data in them, but you can add html and so on in the fields, so I don’t see why not

Hello. I try to use your plug in but if i insert images on the first row the table are not responsive.

Can you please send me a link and I’ll have a look? That’s very odd


htabar07 Purchased

Thanks for developing Responsive SEO Schema Table

I have two questions. How I can import an Excel Worksheet to this plugin?

How I can fix the width of the table, so that all the date would be shown in the page, instead of user adjust the view?



Hi! When you create a fresh table there’ll be an import button in the interface. It’s currently not possible to adjust the view but I’m working on it


htabar07 Purchased

Hi there how create hyperlink text in table ? how remove spectate row or column?

with regular html, link you can remove rows or columns by changing the amount of rows and columns present via the button


drog1998 Purchased

Hi there, I have just purchased this but it is not responsive.


Please could you take a look.

Chrome on a Mac

it cuts off the end of the last column

the same on Safari