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Can I allocate an icon to a category and the icon is displayed on the single product page, for each product with this category? Is it possible to see some print screens from the admin area?

Thanks Serge

You cannot allocate icons to categories.

Hi guys, I am having some issues using your plugin on my wineshop website : If the plugin is activated I am experiencing this issue : - the page categories gives me a 404 error, while when the plugin is deactivated I have no issues. Can you help me?


I sent you another email, please let me know because I need to finish this work today!

I did not find any 404 errors and I have updated the plugin for your theme.

Yes great, after the update it works good!! Thanks a lot!

Hi guys, I have another question, is it possible to have the icons horizontal in the single product page, while vertical as right now, for the shop page? How can I do that? Thanks a lot

If the plugin does not have the option to style the icons how you want them then that could be a solution.

Ok I solved with some codes modification, so now icons are horizontally aligned in product page and vertically aligned in the home with preview images! Have a great day

I’m happy that it’s working. Have a great day too.

Hi guys I have a little problem, in mobile version all the images of bottles of wine that have the icons images tag are shown strange, they are shorter and larger…any suggestion on this? Thanks a lot here the link so you can see the first bottle that is not correct in size, while the second one yes. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5nq2xijo083cbc1/screenshotletme.png?dl=0

I found a product with an image tag and the image tag appeared perfectly.

The image tag is perfect but the product is shorter and larger…while if it has no image tag it has the right dimension.

The product that I see with an image tag is not shorter and larger.

Plugin isn’t working for me on 4.7. Can you get in touch with me when you have a chance?

Please send wp-admin and ftp details to info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username in the email.

Can you add your own images please? or is it only possible to use templates / image icons inside the plug in?

I like your VF and V ones but the colours are a bit bright and wont suit my theme / design.

Also, is there a way to move the icons to below the short description or In stock button please rather than just below the title?

And could you find out how Simoberne managed to get them horizontal and add to the plug in please? or should i message Simo above? i would really like them as horizontal too

Thanks Matt

im not sure he was a web designer, i think he was just a customer who tweaked it. I’m sure he wont mind you asking.

I think a lot of buyers would like this feature, just because it means the tag images take up way less room and stop them pushing the short description much further down the page and below the top threshold, which google likes.

I don’t want to contact someone I don’t know and ask them for a favor.

The images could be positioned on the right of the price instead (as shown in the product description). Anyway, I don’t want to add this feature.

That’s a shame. Thanks for your help anyway.

Hi There,

The plugin seems to be having some trouble, and as a former developer implemented the plugin I think it needs to be updated, but I can not find which versions you are offering right now.

Currently we are on version 1.4 is that the latest? If not please inform how to update, otherwise I will send you some info on what’s not working,

Thanks a lot for your reply.


Hi Mike,

Support requests should be made from the account that purchased the plugin.

Thanks, WPShowCase

I needed to display the tag icons horizontally, as vertically took up too much room (and, indeed, flowed over my text). Looking at the source code, I saw a ‘br ’ carriage return between each icon…one Google later and I added the following to the frontend CSS file; div br { display: none; } This removes the br in the div from display, so the icons stay on the same line. And look lovely! Nice extension…VERY useful :-)

I’m glad that you like the plugin :-).

Hi, I’m using Rehub theme with your plugin. I can’t seem to get the images working on the Woocommerce shop pages.

Example here: https://www.comparevapes.com/product-category/portable-vaporizers/

Any ideas?

I don’t see any tags on that page but this plugin is not required to be compatible with every single third party theme.


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Seems like just what I need, quick pre sale question, can I have these only display on single product pages (no images on shop, search results, archives pictures)?


Yes – this is possible with this plugin.


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Great thank you for your reactivity