Responsive Posts Carousel WordPress Plugin

Responsive Posts Carousel WordPress Plugin

Responsive Posts Carousel is a lightweight and powerful WordPress Plugin that lets you display your posts and custom post types in a touch-enabled carousel. You can choose from 50+ ready to use carousel styles and can customize them as per your need. There are a bunch of settings and options available to create your awesome post slider in just minutes. Following are some of the awesome feature of Responsive Posts Carousel.


  • 50+ Templates: Yes, there are 50+ unique and modern tempates available to choose from.
  • Easy Selection: Simple post selection. You can choose by post IDs, taxonomies or terms.
  • Responsive: Its fully responsive and scales with its container.
  • Social Sharing: 15+ Social Networks to choose from, to display their buttons on templates.
  • Custom Meta: Display custom meta for title and description.
  • RTL Mode: Right to Left mode can also be turned on.
  • WooCommerce: Supported with WooCommerce, provide meta key woo_price to display formatted price of product.
  • RWD: Different layout settings for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop views.
  • Vertical Mode: Vertical slide mode is also available to display in the sidebars.
  • Custom Easing: 24 Animations available to choose for slide transition.
  • Custom Image Sizes: You can load any size of Featured Image registered by your theme.
  • Placeholder: Set a default image for those posts which don’t have any featured image.
  • Grid Mode: You can also display multiple rows of posts in a single slider.
  • Lazy Loading: Lazy loading for large images.
  • Infinite: Infinite looping and center mode.
  • Equal Height Mode: Fix images height without stretching them to make all templates same in size.
  • Child Theme Support: Load templates from your theme if you want to make changes in them.
  • CPT Support: All custom post types are supported including testimonials, portfolios etc.
  • ACF Support: Supported with Advanced Custom Fields to display custom meta values in templates.
  • Custom Ordering: Sort your carousel items by date, IDs, titles or any custom meta order.
  • Accessibility: Swipe to slide and desktop mouse dragging support.
  • Navigation: Arrows and bottom navigation indicator dots.
  • Arrow Styles: 10 arrow styles and custom settings to customize them.
  • Auto Play: Auto Play with custom slide duration and custom speed.
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13.3 – 17 April 19

Feature Added: Smooth Scrolling (linear easing option)
Feature Added: A New Template (Style 47)
Feature Added: Custom Arrow Positions
Feature Added: RTL Mode
Feature Added: Full-Width Mode
Feature Added: Load custom.js script file from theme/child theme (pasting it inside rpc directory)
Feature Added: Adaptive Height
Feature Added: Append to Trimmed Text option (append custom text with the trimmed one)
Feature Added: Shortcodes/Page Builders support
Feature Added: Allow users to drag or swipe directly to a slide
Feature Added: Query params supported in the shortcode (read the docs for more details)
Bug Fixed: Arrows are not symmetrical
Bug Fixed: More than 1000 posts break the edit carousel screen is fixed
Bug Fixed: Initial slide causing unexpected behavior (empty slides etc)

13.2 – 8 March 19

Bug Fixed - Template not loading from Child Themes
Bug Fixed - Template 35 color and background conflict

13.1 – 5 March 19

Feature Added - Vertical Slider Mode
Feature Added - Pause on Hover option added
Feature Added - Infinite Looping
Feature Added - Center Mode
Feature Added - Custom Initial Slide
Feature Added - 24+ Easing Animation Options for Sliding
Feature Added - Lazy Loading of images for better performance
13.0 – 4 March 19
Initial Release