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i send you an email with the screenshot. please help

Hi, we have replied directly. Thanks.


I got some issue with the percentage of the votes.

For example, if I have 3 voting options, I can see the results 50+37+12 = 99%.

What do I need to do to fix it or to show tenths of percents in the results?

Hi, thanks for your comment. Please can you send us a link to the page with your poll on it to – plugin-poll@weblator.com Thanks.


cdenat Purchased


I’ve purchased your plugin beut didnot see that I can not enter start date en stop date so it is usesless for me .

Can you refund me please?

Hi, please see here for more information about refunds: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund Thanks.


enokki Purchased

any way you can help me get this to work on my site? I have caching and such enabled


Hi, I can see that the polls are working on your website – did you manage to sort this? Thanks.


enokki Purchased

yeah clearing the cache seemed to do it thanks

I’d like to create over 100 polls that are exactly the same, where I would have each unique short code on different pages. This will take too much time though going through the interface because there is no way to set default values so I must re-set each value every time I create a new poll. Would you know a way I can edit the back-end DB somehow to duplicate the settings of one poll many times by chance?

Hi, unfortunately this isn’t a feature of our plugin. We may include a ‘duplicate poll’ feature in a future update. Thanks.

Hello, great plugin.

When you install the plugin, do you create their own tables in the BDD? Or use wordpress tables?


I see that you offered to allow changes for dark/light backgrounds. Is this available as yet?

Hi, unfortunately this isn’t available as yet. Thanks.

How hard is it to add the daily/weekly monthly poll reset function. I see request for it up to 3 years ago.

Hi, is there a way to set the limit of votes for each option in the bootstrap progress bars?

Hi, unfortunately this isn’t a feature of our plugin. It’s something we may include in a future update. Thanks.