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FIrst of all goodluck with the plugin and it sales.

Can you pls provide a url to the demo so we can check the responsiveness?

if i look closely to your video i do not see the layers come in and act responsively, shrink in size keep location etc. etc.

i want to see this in a live install. Is that possible?

Also is it possible to drag and drop the text (layer) into its place like other sliders do?

Best regards, BackuPs

Hi, now you can see it in action here.

Hi Sike,

I’ve bought and installed the plugin, however when i placed the shortcode in a page the slider does not show?

Hi, can you send me your online preview via the contact form in my profile page. Then I can have a look.

I want the prev/next arrows and buttons to remain visible in mobile view. Can you advise on what code to alter?

Hi, you can customize it in the js file, make the arrows always visible or detect the screen size and make it visible in small size.

Will it be easy to make your slider function as the one does on I’m not interested in the one by one functions. It’s just that I want a slider that can display two items at a time with the one on the right only displaying part of the image when the screen size is not big enough for both. This can be accomplished with bootstrap by adding two display classes on the two current displayed images. Let me know if you think it is possible to easily accomplish these tasks. Thanks

Hi, thanks for the great plugin. I’m wondering if there is any way to customize the speed for each animation. I see the default speed for the slider, but I wanted each animation to come in a little slower. Thanks!

I also notice that the slider is not really responsive as advertised. The text with the absolute positioning seems to keep the slider from shrinking. Is there a way to overcome this?

i purchased your plugin as part of a theme and i am very happy with it.

just a quick question the slider has grey areas on the left and right side – i tried increasing the picture size to cover it up but it didnt work

you can take a look here

Hi, can we use your plugin to have a small multiple thumbs slider for 15 vacation homes like on this page: ?

Our plan is to purchase a theme like and then add your plugin to show mini sliders of the houses that my client offers.

Will that work and is it OK for performance?

Thanks & regards, - Frank

Can you tell me what I need to do to get the slider back up and working on this site

It was working and now it is not. Thank you.