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It seems that the responsive version does not work great. Some slides are cut.

Hi, In near future, we will update this module and fix this problem. Thank you.

Hi, Please need to modify appearance of module at home, header is difference from theme. How can do it? i tried but cant.

Hi, In the near future we will add option to change design of header this module.

Hi, We are getting some issue with this addon. problem is product price showing twice .

one is normal and another cross price how can we remove crossed price

for reference kindly check www.hindisongskaraoke.com


We will add option with enable / disable crossed price in the near few days.

Thank for your time. Regards.

Hi Webtet, I´m just bought your module and I´m very happy with it but… is there any possibility that your module shows only the “featured products” nor the “specials”?

Any modification that I can change to get it? Sorry my english.

Sorry I mean “featured products” nor “new products”


You bought module “Responsive Special Products Carousel Module for Prestashop with Google Rich Snippets” . For new products we have another module “Responsive New Product Carousel for Prestashop “

Thank you. Regards.


I installed the module on www.anayana.it, but are loaded only 5 products, while new are many more.

How can I view all of the new products in the slider ?

Thank You


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good work, awesome ! all the best for your sales

hello I bought your form that is wonderful, now I would like to ask you a question, and you can move the position of your module that is installed in the position (Header) and inert it in place (actionProductAdd) you could help me to explain how to do courtesy, I use the Prestashop version, this is the link of my shop https://www.cyberfoxtechnology.it

I want to insert the carousel of the new products in the position that I have indicated and delete the new products of defoult is possible?

thanks for collaboration