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Assuming it requires a webkit of sorts for the icons?

It’s using @font-face in CSS to load the font file (provided in eot, svg, ttf and woff depending on the browser).

Great item, I think if you threw in some CSS3 animations on the drop downs you would get a lot more sales. Either way. Nice job!

Agreed. I’ll work on an update this week. I was a little too excited about releasing my first CodeCanyon app :)

Responsive is a bit of a understatement here, all it does it jump onto a new line, it doesn’t adapt to a new design or anything. They’re nice anyway :)

Sorry lspoor. I might have not chosen the right word. Fluid is what I was aiming for. I’ve asked for an update of this package, but it seems to be tacking a while. Again, sorry for misleading you in this purchase and inconvenience this may have caused you.

Please note that I’ve removed the live preview since people were stealing my code via the source.

people are really suck!!. can they pay the autor for his work? is only 3 Dollars for the love of god!!

Thank you :)

Hi, I am an Indian MBA student in India.Trying to create a Business-fest website. i like this menu, which suits my website. MY question is do you provide technical support in terms of customising and implementing this menu.

I do, as long as it does not imply rewriting the whole code. I will also need access to your web code.

“Horizontal layout (vertical layout coming soon!).” If I buy today, can I get the vertical menu via update for free? Or will the vertical menu be a separate product?

It will be included in the next version, so you will get it for free, yes :) Note: the next version should be out in a week or so.

Have you released the next version? Can i use this with Wordpress?

I am trying to use yours with 3 dcart, can you help me??

I bought it and I need help? please reach to me since I need to install it in shopping cart theme

I’m sorry but I do not offer free support to include it in any existing theme.

Thats fine I am willing to pay for your service

Hello, I didn’t see in your video if the Menu’s are responsive, ie, they change based on the screen size for tablets, phones, etc.

I want to different icon.. what must I do?

good work ! i wish you all the best for your sale