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This is seem like an upgrade of Simple Responsive Menu that I bought yesterday. Good luck with sale! :)

There is a only visual similarity (this is debatable), but the projects are very very different. :-)

Simple and excellent. Exactly what i was looking for.

Thank you :-)

Can this be used with wordpress 3.0+ menus?

Not without adaptations. It’s not a wordpress plugin. Sorry :-(

it’s possible put this menu inside a specific pages beside the main menu?

I believe that it’s okay to use in conjunction with other menus on the same page. I get it right?

Would it be possible to have the “active” menu item’s content displayed without having to mouse over the menu item?

You can try: inside the function “screensize” change the line “bindHover()” to “bindClick”.

I don’t think that will do what I want. I’ll need to find where it shows the link item’s content on mouseover and modify it to show the content of the .active item all the time. My CMS automatically adds the “active” class to the current page’s menu item.

Solved very simply without hacking your code. Added a couple of lines to the megamenu initialization code:

$(“li.first.level1”).mouseover(); $(‘li.level1:not(.first)’).mouseover(function(){ $(”.first.level1 div.megapanel”).hide(); });

Since my menu generating script (Wayfinder in the MODx cms) can be configured to output “first”, “last” and “levelx” classnames for each row, this works nicely.

I needed all my menu items to be aligned to the right of the main menu. I used the “right” class to float all my menu items to the right and after changing their order in the html it looks great.

However now when the menu collapses down for mobile, my menu is out of order.

How can i fix this?

It’s simple. Send an email.

Great product, simple to implement and very flexible to customize Awesome support!!

Thank you.

There seems to be quite buggy while running on touch device in tablet 1024 (landscape) view.

Normally, mouseover expanded menu will contract back on mouseout, but in touch devices there is no mouseover / mouseout event.

Resulting expanded menu doesn’t have a way to close back.

How should I approach this?

p.s. I’m viewing the live example using tablet in landscape mode

I’ll verify this. Thank you for let me know.

Can the menu be center aligned? If so, I will buy it!

No, sorry, but thanks for the interest.

Can this menu trigger/toggle by click instead of just hover? Any option to open with a slide down/up instead of the fade in/out? Ready to buy…

Not in landscape mode. I’ll put this feature in a future update. Thanks.

Wondering how well this integrates with the Foundation 5 framework. Have you tried that? Looks like your CSS includes some styles that would conflict (e.g., ”.row”), but I’m sure that could be modified to stay in the megamenu namespace.

Just tried it and it actually seems to work pretty well in Foundation 5!

Amazing menu with great support, I had a small request/tweak – Marco took care of it right away and sent me a custom script. Thanks again!!

Thank you :)


I have a website that uses tinynav for the mobile menu. Here it is: Will you help me transform it into a responsive nav menu, such as your Responsive Menu? Thanks!

You can find a programmer to help you on Envato Studio. Good luck!


How can I modify the menu so that I have 4 or 5 single menu buttons that I can separate with space so they are apart from each other; and I need to have drop-downs only for these 4 or 5 so I have lists with min 3 to max 40 items. It is understandable that I cannot have a 40 item drop-down list so how do I had a max height and scroll-bar, and that menu also stays open (no auto fly-out collapse)? Is there an auto width so that the horizontal item adjusts to the length of the text? Thanks!

I would like to load different menus according to the resolution of the device . To do this using javascript that detects the resolution and charge in a div a menu according to the resolution .

An example

if ( $ (window ) .width ( ) < 500 ) { $ ( ” # contentmenu ” ) . load ( ” / includes / menumobile.html ” ) ; }

The problem is that since the mobile is not loaded toggle menu and the menu is extensive.

Do you have a suggestion for me ?

Can you provide a live preview? Thanks.

Awesome!! GLWS.