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This looks great! How come though in the video there seems to be a long delay between hovering over the items and the menu responding? Was that your computer during the video being slow, or is that actually how the menu functions? There’s no demo so I can’t confirm.

The transition takes 0.4 seconds may look bad in the video! Thanks!

I have just purchased the Responsive Menu and I am currently testing it. From what I have seen so far I am very impressed.

Hi, If the menu worked like – if you resize the browser to the size below that of the menu it changes to a Graphic symbol (or single menu button) which when clicked will open up the menu. Your responsive menu does change to fit the width of the browser but on a small screen it means you need to scroll down to see the content. Ideally the top content should be visible and the menu “collapsed” if you see what I mean.

This form of responsive menu works well on small browsers – phones etc. If your menu had this function I think it would enhance it. I hope this helps describe what I was asking for.


I’m working on an accordion for the category tabs and sliders when I’m finished with the collapse effect, do not worry!

Thanks that is great, your menu is amazing.

Hello, I have 2 different kind of items in my navigation bar. So I need to change the background color of just 1 button. Exemple: all the bar is dark bg, and 1 button has a red one (with an icon).

Can I do this with your plugin? Thanks a lot!

To refer to a type of items used a class and the other uses another class with a different name and put the background to these classes. Understand the explanation?

Mmmm I think I understood but I don’t have the knowledge to really do that without an easy interface. I’m a beginner…

For example, to change the background of the home

  • write CSS # home {background: color-here;}

    To change the color of the icon of home # home i {color: color-here;}

    To apply the same color to several elements use a class:

  • I apply that class to the li to change, and then:

    . color-a {background: color-here;}

    Now you understood?

  • Hi There, I have purchased this item and used it for a normal webby. Im new to CSS, so please bear with me if I have possibly made a silly mistake! ;-) The menu works perfectly fine in FF, Chrome and Safari. IE 9 displays correctly, but my client checked couldn’t see the page come up at all in IE8. IE6 displays no menus, IE8 also displays nothing. We havent tested in IE7, but Im convinced that would give hassles also. Here’s a link: What am I doing wrong? Hope to hear from you soon. :-)

    It’s true that I’m wrong in putting works in IE6 and IE7, these browsers can not support some of the code! Should work fine in IE8. Sorry!

    No, Im having issues in IE8 also. The icons appear as numbers instead of icons (i.e. f0f1) . Is there a way to resolve this?

    It may be because they have either referred the font folder or because you have deleted the reference to style elements with icon.Try this! Thank you!

    Hi Want to buy this but need a collapsable mobile solution Any plans to include this or should i look elsewhere?

    The next evolution will make the menu colapse.A little patience please!

    can the menu be vertical ?

    I purchased this yesterday and so far I’m loving it. One thing I can’t figure out, though I know it is probably obvious, is how do you change where the brackets that fly in go to? I’ve widened the name of one of the items (Links to Departments) and now the brackets are too small and off to the left. How can I fix that?

    Ok, so I figured that one out. Now I need to know how to make the drop down menus go up to the top? If the full menu doesn’t fit on the screen, but isn’t small enough to change to the responsive view, the open menu falls behind the bar.