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Hello, I try to embed an iframe inside the video container, everything works good but when I decide to go fullscreen it doesn’t work in Firefox and Chrome. Only Safari seems to work ok with the fullscreen iframe. Could you please help me?

Thank you so much

Hello, I’m not sure if that’s related to the menu, are you getting errors in the chrome console ?


I want to change arrow color which appears by “megamenu_drop” when i mouse hover on link. So that link text hover color and arrow color are same.

Please help us on this.


So in that case you can add a CSS rule to display another image on hover, for example :

.megamenu_dark_bar .megamenu > li .megamenu_drop:hover {
    background: ...

If you have the light menu, then :

.megamenu_light_bar .megamenu > li .megamenu_drop:hover {
    background: ...

Thank you Pixelworkshop

It help me partially , i used font awesome icon inside link ,

Because hover image does not show , when dropdown is active

Yes, this menu is quite old so using font awesome would be better for sure but there’s no CSS included by default for that.

hello is it possible to use your megamenu on shopify ?

Hi, it’s not designed or coded for shopify, I guess that it can be integrated in some way but I have no experience with this platform.

Hi, I’ve run into a ‘double tap’ requirement on iOS devices for the mobile menu. Any idea?

Hello, I know that there are plugins that can handle this type of events but I’ve not tested them in details (this one for example).

Hi! I have a question for megamenu. I have a menu with 3 level. it is possible that for the first level dropdown menu to open on click and for the second level dropdown to open on hover

Please let’s keep this conversation by email.

WHAT FUNCTION HAVE menu_show_onload?

It’s in the documentation and you could also read your emails, thanks

Hello, I am looking at purchasing this plugin if it is the same as the one on this site. Please advise if this menu is using your plugin so I can purchase. Thank you

There’s no documentation for Magento unfortunately

Hello, Can you integrate the menu into my magento store. If you can please advise on the cost. Thank you my email is –

Hi, no that’s not something I could do, you may want to find coders who have experience with Magento instead.

I’ve noticed a semi-serious “bug” in this menu. Using the “click” demo. If I click and move my cursor off of the menu button quickly after clicking, the menu doesn’t open.

So if you click a dropdown menu, and whether intentionally or inadvertently move the cursor off the menu button before the menu drops down, the menu doesn’t open.

Can you confirm this problem doesn’t exist if I (can?) set the dropdown delay to 0?


It’s not a bug, it’s only the demo because delays can be set via options. So you can set 0 and the dropdowns will appear instantly after clicking.


Dont work hover in chrome (in demo too).

Hi, it works perfectly for me, that would be very strange if it would suddenly stop working on a single browser. Have you tried on another machine ?

I checked again. Bug on Windows 10, but in Windows 7 and Mac there is no bug :(

It’s definitely not an OS issue, I checked on windows 10. If you have a touch screen the screen may recognise it as a mobile/tablet device.

Can I get this Mega Menu as a WordPress Plugin?

Hello, I don’t code wordpress plugins.

megamenu close down whenever you right click inside the dropdown on firefox. please help!!!

Well I don’t see anything wrong with the demo. Please contact me by email if you need specific support.

oh right click, sorry I misread, answering your email now…

Hi, my theme already has a menu style feature. Will yours overwrites it? Or can I keep my theme style and just uses your plugin advanced features? Thank you.

Hello, if you’re referring to wordpress, then you should look for a plugin in the right section, this is an HTML/CSS static menu so it’s not coded to be uploaded as a wordpress plugin.

Megamenu hover effect is not working in chrome v58.0.3029.81, Screen res 1366×768, OS windows 10.Even your demo is not working

Can it be because you have a touch screen so it works on touch?I just checked and I have chrome v58.0.3029.81 (64-bit) under W10 and it’s all working good – the demo too

No its not touch screen its a regular system – Thinkpad

Well, having the same os + the exact same browser version, I really don’t see what is wrong only on your machine. I tested on another computer running linux + latest chrome and it’s fine there too. Can you maybe try with all extensions disabled?

Ive installed successfully on SharePoint. I would like to place the menu below the logo and search feature on my pages. Then as the user scrolls down, the sticky menu would apply itself to the top. As they scroll back up it goes back into place. Is this possible? Like this site:

Sorry, one other question. How do I enable and disable the fixed position and change it to relative and vice versa? Thanks!

Is this Envato Market plug in still supported?

Hello, I’m having holidays. This menu is still supported but this doesn’t include customizations (your first question). The menu includes a fixed version and a non fixed version, but there’s no option to toggle the type of position if that’s what you’re asking, you either use the fixed one or the non fixed menu.

Hi Pixelworkshop! I already own some of your work and love it for it’s clean code and excellent functionality. Can you advise whether it will be possible to use Woocommerce categories as menu items with this menu?

Thanks in advance.

Hi and thanks for using my work! I have never used woocommerce so I’m definitely not able to give you advices on this topic. You may want to ask on a woocommerce forum instead, this menu is a very flexible static system so I believe that it can be integrated in many different CMS.

Good morning Pixelworkship! Yes, we were able to get it working with the Woo categories. Great product. Thanks.

Great thank you for your feedback :)

I’m about to purchase this, but I’m not sure if it’s the right one for me. You seem to have several “Mega Menu” products: CSS3, Universal, Reloaded, Complete, etc. Is there a quick breakdown somewhere that explains the differences between them?

Hey, you’re right, I have several products, they slightly do the same job but can have special features. If you’re looking for creating a classic mega menu with no specific custom functionality then any of them would do the job I guess. Also the most complete/advanced I have is this one but take some time to look at the demos, just to be sure that you have everything you need

I see this plugin was updated the last time 4 years ago. Not time for an update or it don’t matter?

Any tut to implement it with mybb?

Well it’s an HTML/CSS web element, those technologies haven’t changed that much during the last years. There is a jquery script included and it should work fine with most jquery versions. I have no idea what mybb is so you might want to look for help in specialized forums instead :)

Hi, I’m wondering if your Responsive Mega Menu Complete Set’s Table can have the “Audio Player” codes in one of the cell?

Second question is, Can your mega menu do this trick? >>> / I click on the download and it will appear several tabs for people to from, for example “Lesson” which it allows people to click on the button and download the file?

Works with wordpress?

Hello, I’d say no for all your questions, maybe the audio player would work but I can’t really certify (however I could test for you if you want). For your second question no it wouldn’t do that out of the box, this looks like a very custom thing so you would need to add some javascript to add this functionality. And it’s not a wordpress plugin.