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Hi there, I’m interested in your module for instagram carousels, but I’m using Prestashop 1.7. I’d like to know whether it’s gonna work on this version.

Thank you very much, David

Hi Britu10.

We are still running test on Prestashop 1.7.x and as of right now it’s unfortunately not ready. It’s a high priority for us and we’re trying to have everything ready as soon as possible but at this time we do not have an ETA.

Hi! I have a little problem with the plugin.

-Plugin version: 3.3 -Prestashop version:

It’s showing the Instagram photos correctly, but it doesn’t open the photo with the first click. With the first click loads something, i wait and i click again and then the modal opens.

And the photo doesn’t show correctly. The iframe doesn’t appears full size.

Screenshot: http://www.spacebits.es/tmp/pw_instagram.jpg

The site is under manteinance. If you want to visit the site I need your ip to give you access, or I can create you a temporary admin account.

Thanks in advance

Hi Spacebitsmanresa.

We are goign to need access to your shop. If you could get back to us with the URL to your shop and access to your backoffice that would be great.

Ok. I will send you a private email.

hi, great plugin. just a question.

i setup custom page with : 16 image (4 columns) if i click o,n load more button, only 4 picture more. the instgram account has more than 500 image… how can i display the others images ?

on your documentation you tell only 20 picture but on this example i can see more than 20 pictures http://demo.prestaworks.com/modules/en/instagram

thank you

ok i got (spam) thanks

ok it works ! thx

Im glad it worked out for you. Have a nice weekend.

Hello, I have module install but it does not look nice http://prnt.sc/e8bpf0

best reagrds matej

How can my feed show more than 20 photos? We thought a paid plugin would surely bypass Instagram sandbox limitation?

There is no way to go around their limits. However if you look on the landing page we have built function to retrieve more photos on click (ajax laoded).

Excuse me, is there any way for the images to fill up the entire square? Some of them appear with white borders for some reason.

This is because of the image the user has uploaded at Instagram, it has nothing to do with the module.

Hi Sergi87.

When Instagram went through with their API changes the ability to use non square media was added. We opted to use this future since if you want to show the original image proportions i.e. a rectangular image, you should be able to. However, Instagrams own app and service always shows the “cropped” square image unless specifically specified.

We might include an option to use square OR non square media but as of right now it’s not possible.

I understand, but inside of the actual Instagram gallery that does not happen and the images take up the 100% of the square. So it looks one way inside of instagram and different in the gallery that we make with the plugin which is not ideal.

Hello Joley, We are thinking about buying your Instagram carrousel for our new web, but we would like to clarify some doubts about the configuration, in order to match the design with our site. Is it possible to change the arrows position? and remove the title? Is there a minimum number of pictures to be shown in a row? Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Sonsolesfulham.

To change the position of the arrows you are going to need to manually modify the modules CSS files.

It depends on which title you are referring to. On the custom separate page, the title will be hidden if you don’t explicetly set a title when configuring it. The title used on the different hook positions can be removed my modifying either the modules CSS files or template files depending on your need.

Both the hook position, custom page, and carousel all have settings so you can choose how many columns to use.

Hope that helps!

Hi Joley, thanks a lot for your answer! Its quite useful :)


rrweb Purchased

we have implemented feed in home page but this not show images http://www.eligoitalia.it/it/ , but the page impression created yes: http://www.eligoitalia.it/impression can you help us to resolve issue?


Joley Author

Hi Rrweb.

You have quite a few javascript errors on your site. Please resolv these to begin with. There’s a good chance those are affecting our module since javascript errors cascades down.


rrweb Purchased

I’ve resolved some javascript error, but not resolve the problem. Have you other information about issue?


Joley Author

Hi Rrweb.

We are going to add a new update to the module which should resolve your issues. So keep an eye out, you should receive a notification and/or email when it’s available.