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Hello twelve,

Could you provide a video demonstration?

Thank you,

Alexandru P.

Hello, just added a video preview. You can find it here:


I am somewhat confused? The download is ‘Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 – Code’

This is nothing like the screenshots or the video preview???

Hmm.. Don’t really know what’s happened. Maybe you downloaded another item? This is ‘Responsive HTML5 /CSS3 Layout’, not the ‘Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 – Code’.

My apologies, i’m an idiot, got the folders mixed up!

It’s a great Responsive HTML5 /CSS3 Layout for beginners. :inlove:

Thank you :)

no responsive with IE8

Oh, sorry, wrong button pressed. I replied to your comment below.



responsive layouts rely on CSS3 media queries, which are not supported in IE versions prior to 9. This layout looks fine in IE 7 -8 on desktops, and, fortunatelly, most likely neither of mobile devices with small screens (for which media queries is used here) will be running IE 7 -8.

But if you still want to make IE 7 -8 responsive, you can try some javascript libraries, they are free and easy to use (for example respond.js or css3-mediaqueries.js).

Thank you very much for feedback, Twelve

To be more clear: this layout detects desktop versions of IE 7 -8 and loads specific CSS styles for it, to provide functionality on desktops. It works fine, and I think there is no need to use any additional js libraries to turn on media queries for IE 7 -8, because it doesn’t really needed.

This layout is ‘Mobile first’, which means, that general CSS styles, which provides functionality on mobile devices, will be loaded in any case (even if mobile device uses IE 7 -8 somehow :)).

Great template!

Thank you!

Hi, Great template! Just today it saved me a lot of work. Thanks and Happy Holidays!!Cheers.. :grin:

Thank you very much! :) Merry Christmas!

Thanks for the brilliant layout. A good product with a good Price. Why I don’t find this before.

How do we set one radio button to default?

THANKS! exactly what I’m looking for.

You’re welcome :)

please ser,

can i use this with vbulletin 4 ??

Hi! To use with vBulletin you’ll have to make some pretty serious modifications to this template. For you will be better and easier to find some template created specially for vBulletin, I think.

Hi – is there a live demo to test? Also – does the this come with a footer? Can’t see on screenshots.

Hi! Yes, of course it comes with a footer :) And no, there is no demo page, but here is a video preview:

Hello this great design, saved me a lot of time. I am trying to change the color of the header, cannot find it referenced in the css.

I see this line <header id=”header” class=”full-width dark-bg”>but I dont see the image dark-bg.

any ideas.

Hello, thanks! Images are not used for the background of the header. You can change the background color there (or add an image to the background, if you want) by editing the styles at mobile.css file (find the line starting with #header). It will look like this (for example): #header { background-color: #555555; padding: 1% 0; }

Regards, Twelve.

Thanks I was concentrating on desktop.css did not even relate mobile.css thinking this was for smartphones, what a dummy. Thank great work.

You’re welcome :)

I sent you an e-mail and I haven’t gotten a response. I can’t get the column-two.htm to work in IE (your example). It allows me to click the side bar nav. Everytime I click the link, it just closes the side bar nav. It works in Firefox and Google Chrome, but not in IE (7 – 9). I am going to test 10 and 11. But most of my users are 7-9 IE users.

Twelve, I just sent you two messages via the contact form. I didn’t know if you got my other one when you were on holidays. Hope you had a great holidays. Cheers, Mike

Mike, I replied to you via email. Twelve.

I sent you another question. How come my website is not rendering correctly in IE8? I still have people who are using XP and using IE8 and the website is not rending correctly. Thanks, Mike

responsive with only css or with jquery / js ?. thanks

Only CSS.

Hello! I have bought an extented help and no answer. Are you still here? They took my money and no help.


Don’t buy this if you think it will work in IE7 or IE8, it won’t and you won’t get a response from twelve. I have been trying to get a response for a month now.

Don’t buy this if you think it will work in IE7 or IE8, it won’t and you won’t get a response from twelve. I have been trying to get a response for a month now.

Nevermind; it is a feature I have added to the website that causes it not to work on ie7 or ie8….google maps doesn’t work with this template.