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Nice work!

Thank you!

I am interesting to buy this item , but I want to know if I can convert it from horizontal to vertical menu

Hi! First of all thank you for your interest :) At this time there are no vertical version of this menu. Theoretically it could be done, but I think that pretty serious changes will be needed. I’ll think about an update to this item with vertical layout.

Regards, Twelve

Hi Twelve, very nice work! Was wondering how flexible the menu is? As far as color schemes, font colors, etc? Million dollar question.. can submenus be set up on each link? I see in your demonstration, you have no submenus. I love what you have done, except that I need submenus.

Hi! Thank you :) The look of the menu is pretty flexible. Color schemes, fonts, colors, icons — all can be easily changed by editing css-files. About submenus — unfortunately, in this version submenus are not supported. I think I’ll add this feature with future update. I can let you know, maybe you’ll still be interested :) And thank you for the idea, of course!


Hi, i purchased this menu added it to my site. but even your demo page doesn’t work properly in IE7. It displays as a vertical menu instead horizontal. how can i fix this?

Hi, sorry to hear that. Maybe JS is disabled in your browser? Please, check and enable it. Without JavaScript this menu won’t work properly in IE versions prior to 9 (unfortunately old versions of IE didn’t support Media Queries). I hope it helps. Please write to me if you still run into problems.

Hi, Sorry for this strange question but:

How can I make the menu elements stay in one single line when the browser window becomes smaller, So that menu items don’t wrap.


Maybe you could send me the link to your site? It will be easier to help you when I’ll see it. You can use the contact form on my profile page.

Your menu is awesome, it works perfect. Great work !!!

Thank you very much :)

Hi, i purchased this menu. But even your demo page doesn’t work properly in IE8 or may not be <>8.I have IE 8 so i checked in only IE8. Its working with google Chrome.but in IE8 It displays as a vertical menu instead horizontal. how can i fix this? I did JavaScript enabled.

Hi! Hm, it’s really strange. I opened the demo page in IE8 now, and everything looks and work fine. Don’t really know what could be wrong if JavaScript is enabled in your browser. If you already have this menu installed somewhere on your site, please give me the link, I take a look.

I love this menu. Works flawlessly and super easy to use/customise. Thank you! :grin:

It’s a pleasure to hear that, thank you! :)

Click on place between link text and arrow cause xml error with message access denied.

Hi! It’s quite predictable, really :) There is only one page on demo section here, so the links on demo page didn’t work (they leads to nowhere). Everything will be OK, when you’ll install this menu on your site with the working links.

Hi, nice work! I have 2 question before buy:

1.) Can I disable “Responsive” feature? I don’t want to resize my menü.

2.) How can I fix this menu on the top of page (like facebok)?

Hi, thank you!

1. Yes, responsive feature could be disabled, write to me through contact form on my profile page and I’ll do this for you.

2. To fix the menu at the top of the page, you’ll just need to add to the desktop.css-file the following lines:

.rdd-menu-wrapper { position: fixed; top: 0; left: 0; }

Regards, Twelve.

Hi, I like it. Good work. Would like to customize but unable to do so.

I would like to take only Menu items onto the center of screen so need to remove extra space or part before “Home” Menu item. Can it be possible?

Can you please help on this.

Hi, thank you! Sorry, but how you’re trying to customize the item, that you haven’t bought yet? :) Overall, this kind of modification is absolutely possible and simple (if I understand you correctly). You just need to wrap menu within some container, which is centered on a page.

Hi, would I be able to achieve a menu similar to that here with yours?

Hi, only if you’re able to make pretty serious changes in CSS.

Hi there. Trying to get the navigation bar center on my page. I put it in a table, with a value of 70% wide, and it’s staying to the left margin? No idea why? I have everything set to align-center. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)

Hello! Please send me the preview link (you can use the contact form on my profile page) so I can help.

Is it possible to add a jquery animation,fadein fadeout to the rollover showing the sub-menu?

Hi, of course it’s possible to do so with some basic jQuery knowledge. In this section (CSS) using of jQuery for making effects is forbidden, so by default there is not such functionality here.

Regards, Twelve

can you customize it for right to left languages?

Hi, celtweek!

For now I don’t plan such modification.

Regards, Twelve

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale

Thank you!