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The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

First unzip the downloaded file, then inside you will find plugin file named ap_audio_player.zip -> this is what you upload to your wordpress panel.

After installation admin interface in the plugin doesnt work as expected?

In most cases this is usually either a conflict with a theme or another plugin.

Try changing theme and/or moving the completely different computer for a test, or deactivating other plugins if possible.

If you get a following alert message when running the shortcode in a page:

Failed to select playlist! Make sure that element: ” some name ” exist in playlist list! Quitting.

You have probably generates shortcode at some point and then later on deleted the playlist which that shortcode uses (active_playlist shortcode attribute). Generate the shortcode again.

How to use multiple players in the same page?

Help file -> Shortcodes section

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