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PROBLEM URL: http://www.real-vampire.com/real-vampire-services-audio/

Why doesnt it play or download the mp3´s I have uploaded into a folder ? In the playlist section I have set the path CORRECTLY cause this is my second license and I have done this so many times. When clicking the download icon it says it cannot find items

“Add track download, enter url, or number 1 (parameter 1 will take mp3 path for download) ” I add 1 as usual on my other site and it works.

But HERE it does NOT work. Have no idea why ? In my other site I never updated this plugin and now I do not dare to. The other version is 2.35 and it works. This version 2.65 does not currently work on my new site.

Haha…yes that is the question isnt it ? You know it is the correct link since I used filezillas “copy url to clipboard” function (same with the link that works). I have also tried to download the mp3 from server to my PC and it plays…nothing wrong with mp3.

Ok, I will try to copy the plugin files over and test v 2.35 instead. I will let you know how it goes.

I dont see a difference between 2.35 and 2.65, so this could be the cause:

Can it have something to do with where I placed the real-vampire.com folder on the server ? It was placed alongside the public_html folder. So NOT inside the public_html folder.

Yes, it have nothing to do with the version since I even tried that out. Even though placement of sites could be it I really dont understand how? It is still folder path that should find the mp3s.

recntly purchased plugin and upon upload says can not be done due to plugin being invalid/


Make sure you extract the downloaded file from codecanyon, inside you will find file named: ‘ap_audio_player.zip’. This is the file you upload in wordpress panel!

Hello. First time user of the player, and I am having issues connecting SoundCloud Tracks to the player and I want to triage this issue. So, far, I endup with just a small greyish box on the page, and nothing else.

1.) I just recently received the Soundcloud API, but I am not sure which code I need to use. Is it the Client ID for the player or the Client ID for the player-Dev?

I have actually tried both Soundcloud Clients IDs in the General Options area of the plugin, with no positive results. Also, the Mp3 box is checked.

Also, at the time I applied for the Soundcloud app, I did not supply a website for the App. Do I need this or is the Client ID all that is required?

2.) Once I clarify the above Code issue, what do I supply for links in the Playlist Manager? I want to create a playlist for multiple tracks that in a playlist on SoundCloud. Do I use the Multiple links option, then supply a playlist list link back to my sound cloud playlist? or, do I use a link back to the Tracks.

Which one should I use from SoundCloud:

Playlist example: https://soundcloud.com/mysoundprofilename/sets/myartists

Tracks example: https://soundcloud.com/mysoundprofilename/tracks

Also, for testing purposes ‘out of the box’, is this all the setup I need to see if things are working and connected. Or, are there changes I need to adjust in the Player Manager as well?

Not sure if this helps, but here is the shortcode I am using:

[ap_hap id=”1” preset=”dark” use_playlist_selector=”1” active_playlist=”1” active_item=”0” default_volume=”0.5” auto_play=”0” auto_load=”0” random_play=”0” looping_on=”1” use_playlist=”1” use_thumbnails_in_playlist=”0” auto_open_playlist=”1” use_numbers_in_playlist=”1” sortable_playlist_items=”0” use_playlist_scroll=”1” auto_open_player_in_popup=”0” auto_update_window_data=”0” sound_id=”MY Player”]

Thank you.


Send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with more details and a link to your webpage.

I have installed the player and playlist, but the playlist is not showing up on the page when I load it. There are no audio files in the player. I have tried both a folder and tracks and each gives me nothing in the player.


Send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with more details and a link to your webpage.


I upgraded AP HTML5 Audio Player from 2.41 to 3.05. After the upgrade, In the API player General options Youtube API Key option is missing. Does this mean Youtube video to audio support is no more.?

Yes, we had to remove Youtube because of their new policy.