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Hello. First time user of the player, and I am having issues connecting SoundCloud Tracks to the player and I want to triage this issue. So, far, I endup with just a small greyish box on the page, and nothing else.

1.) I just recently received the Soundcloud API, but I am not sure which code I need to use. Is it the Client ID for the player or the Client ID for the player-Dev?

I have actually tried both Soundcloud Clients IDs in the General Options area of the plugin, with no positive results. Also, the Mp3 box is checked.

Also, at the time I applied for the Soundcloud app, I did not supply a website for the App. Do I need this or is the Client ID all that is required?

2.) Once I clarify the above Code issue, what do I supply for links in the Playlist Manager? I want to create a playlist for multiple tracks that in a playlist on SoundCloud. Do I use the Multiple links option, then supply a playlist list link back to my sound cloud playlist? or, do I use a link back to the Tracks.

Which one should I use from SoundCloud:

Playlist example: https://soundcloud.com/mysoundprofilename/sets/myartists

Tracks example: https://soundcloud.com/mysoundprofilename/tracks

Also, for testing purposes ‘out of the box’, is this all the setup I need to see if things are working and connected. Or, are there changes I need to adjust in the Player Manager as well?

Not sure if this helps, but here is the shortcode I am using:

[ap_hap id=”1” preset=”dark” use_playlist_selector=”1” active_playlist=”1” active_item=”0” default_volume=”0.5” auto_play=”0” auto_load=”0” random_play=”0” looping_on=”1” use_playlist=”1” use_thumbnails_in_playlist=”0” auto_open_playlist=”1” use_numbers_in_playlist=”1” sortable_playlist_items=”0” use_playlist_scroll=”1” auto_open_player_in_popup=”0” auto_update_window_data=”0” sound_id=”MY Player”]

Thank you.


Send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with more details and a link to your webpage.

I have installed the player and playlist, but the playlist is not showing up on the page when I load it. There are no audio files in the player. I have tried both a folder and tracks and each gives me nothing in the player.


Send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with more details and a link to your webpage.


I upgraded AP HTML5 Audio Player from 2.41 to 3.05. After the upgrade, In the API player General options Youtube API Key option is missing. Does this mean Youtube video to audio support is no more.?

Yes, we had to remove Youtube because of their new policy.

can you player play AAC files? mp4 video?


No unfortunately, its set to play mp3 files for all browsers for simplicity.

Also video is not supported as this is audio player.

On mobile, the next/last and shuffle buttons are hidden, even though I have them turned on in the settings. Is there a way to show all the buttons on mobile?


This is because of css media queries used.

To change this behavior, in plugin directory ap_audio_player / includes / css_markup.php file delete this part of the code:

@media only screen and (max-width: 600px) {
    #".$wrapper_id." .apmusicplayer-controls_prev, #".$wrapper_id." .apmusicplayer-controls_next, 
    #".$wrapper_id." .apmusicplayer-player_shuffle, #".$wrapper_id." .apmusicplayer-player_loop{
        display: none;

I am getting an error when using XML for playlists.

I created an XML playlist based on the example file. Here it is:


Here is the player:


When I try to load the XML playlist “hip hop”, I get the following error:

“Playlist process failed, xml /home/ejnord/500mixes.com/audio/hiphop.xml”

I got this location using the included location script. I am 99% sure that is the correct location of the XML playlist. Any thoughts?

Your guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.


Please send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with detailed description of a problem and a temporary user and password for your wordpress admin panel so we can have a look at the issue.


a presale question. I tried the link on mobile and wanted to test it by downloading. It asks every time to enter my email to receive a download link. Can that be dissabled so that it downloads on your mobile when you click the button?


On mobile its made in such way to it sends a link to user email to download audio file (since many mobile browsers do not allow file download like desktop browsers).

There is an option in admin to:

Auto reuse email for download

which will ensure user will only enter email once and every other time user tries to download an audio, the same email will be used.

Hello, I am interested in buying your plugin, I have a question: I want to use it to create a playlist. and I would need you to read the audios from a directory on my FTP. It’s possible? Thank you


Yes, its possible to read folder of mp3 files.

OK, is it possible to see a demo with my url? before making the purchase? Thank you

This needs to be done in your wordpress panel, its not possible to do this cross-domain.

I would like to use your player to stream my SoundCloud tracks on my website but the API registrations are currently closed. Is there anyway to still make it work?


You need Soundcloud api key to use Soundcloud tracks.

Hi, Does it cause problems when there are spaces in the name of tracks and or spaces in the name of the folder for self hosted play lists?

So far this is not working and I have spaces in the names of both mp3 files and folders…

:) ?

I have just updated folder playlist type with new version which will improve this and uploaded to Envato for review.

Are my visitors able to create a playlist of their choice? For example, with VLC media player, user can add tracks to their custom playlist


Yes, in wordpress admin you can create any number of playlists of choice, which can be loaded in the player.

I also want to suggest to take a look at much more powerful audio player for wordpress:

Modern Audio Player WordPress Plugin



Pre-purchase question – does this player have intergration to purchase a song from a playlist?

Hi and thanks for your question!

It doesnt have this option, but you can set a song link to any web url if it helps.

Hello, first congratulations for the plugin, I like it a lot and the function of sending an email to users of mobile phones seems incredible to me, I have noticed a problem with the Safari browser on Iphone, in the “please enter your email adress where donload link will be sent” when clicking to write the email the text keyboard does not appear and I can not enter the email address, I have tried in safari in Ipad and it works correctly, I have also tried in Iphone in other browsers like chrome, firefox and opera and it also works perfectly, but in Iphone Safari I can not write the email address, which may be happening?? Thank you very much

Hello, thanks for answering. I already knew the new audio player, but I need the playlist function of the player that I bought. I also need the function of sending the email to the safari servers in Iphone, will you get something to fix it? Thank you very much, best regards!

Send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact , I might have a fix for that.

Thankyou for response so fast, I wrote you a message Thank you, Best regards!

You know how one can send a youtube video via twitter and it will embed the file so you can play the video within twitter time line? Can one do the same with your plugin? So on my site there would be a playlist of titles that could play there then I could Hit to share with twitter and as i say it would send the file PS the files would be very small no more than 20 words recorded and it could play IN twitter


Sorry, that is not possible.

Hello! I have 3 questions about this plugin:

1. Can this plugin support all three of the following on the same line? Share Button Add to Cart button (WooCommerce) Download button

2. Do you offer custom visual design of this (or can it be edited by CSS)?

3. Is there a way to have a menu with customer filters added? (I have an example I would like to show you, but I cannot post it here).

Thank you for your time.


1. You can add download and url link, but not share for each track.

2. You can style the player in the admin console with some setting like removing some buttons and change some colors.

3. This is not possible.

Hello. My player is located here https://riotsound.com/music/. I have 3 active playlists with files. I can’t seem to get the dropdown to work – to switch between other playlists. Any advice? This is my shortcode:

[ap_hap id=”1” preset=”dark” use_playlist_selector=”1” active_playlist=”3” active_item=”0” default_volume=”0.5” auto_play=”0” auto_load=”0” random_play=”0” looping_on=”1” use_playlist=”1” use_thumbnails_in_playlist=”0” auto_open_playlist=”1” use_numbers_in_playlist=”1” sortable_playlist_items=”0” use_playlist_scroll=”0” auto_open_player_in_popup=”0” auto_update_window_data=”0” sound_id=”Music Page”]


I have just tested your link, it does work on my side. Has anything changed on your side? If not, can you give me more details where you cant get it to work?



wandawa Purchased

Hi – I’m considering buying this product but I have a couple of questions:

1) Can the player be set up to persist as you navigate to different pages? I don’t want the song to stop when I leave a page

2) If #1 is possible, then is there shortcode that I could write that would to add a song to the queue of the player when a particular page is loaded? I’m not talking about shortcode to create a NEW player in the page. I want to know if I could write code that would add/queue a song to the existing audio player.


There are shortcodes available to enqueue tracks when the player is already loaded (by adding an image or text link to click and add track) but I am not sure how you plan on using them.

I have a player loaded. I tried to use the code in the help document to add a track the the playe : <?php echo do_shortcode(“[ap_hap_addtrack id=’1’ track_type=’local’ mp3=’MP3_PATH’]”); ?>.

When I do thus ^ nothing happens. The player is loaded but no tracks are added to the queue/playlist. How is adding a track supposed to work? I used the do_shortcode command to create the player, why doesn’t it work for adding a track?

This shortcode method will add a track to the player on click of a label or an image. If you define label=”something” or image=”path-to-image” in shortcode you will see it appear so you can click on it.

You should generate these shortocodes from the post area shortcode generator.


cgouyd Purchased

Will this plugin dynamically build a play list from a folder on our web site host? We was using MP3-JPlayer for this but it has recently stopped working and we are trying to find a replacement.

The needed functionality is this: 1) add player to our website 2) upload mp3 files via ftp to our website 3) when user brings up the player it auto generates the playlist based on mp3 files from step 2. I don’t want to have to manually update the player every time a file is added.

Any assistance or suggestions on a plugin we could use is appreciated.


Yes, it can read a folder of mp3 files and create a playlist based on that. So every time the player loads it will have all mp3 files from folder (no need for manual adjustment)



cgouyd Purchased

I hate to bother you about this, but I have tried every folder option I can think of so I wanted to see if you can provide me some simple direction.

I am trying to add a Folder to my playlist. After adding the folder to the playlist and opening the webpage I get a Page Cannot Be Found pop up error for every folder I have added to my playlist. You can see this behavior here: http://tlctulsa.org/audio-archive-experiment/

I am sure I am entering the folder information wrong or something simple.

After connecting to my FTP access to the site my MP3 files are located in this folder: /public_html/wp-content/uploads/ap-hap-file-dir/2018/Preaching

I have tried /public_html/wp-content/uploads/ap-hap-file-dir/2018/Preaching/ /wp-content/uploads/ap-hap-file-dir/2018/Preaching/ /uploads/ap-hap-file-dir/2018/Preaching /ap-hap-file-dir/2018/Preaching /2018/Preaching/ /2018/

What am I missing? Your assistance is appreciated.

You can email me directly at cgouyd@hotmail.com and I can provide some screenshots if that will help.

Thanks, Curtis

Can you provide your page link? Here or privately: http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact


I have added several different options to that page, the first option is the one that causes the pop-up message and doesn’t populate the playlist. Acts like it is unable to find the php page it is referencing. Let me know you need any additional info. Thanks for the help.

It says 404 not found on this file in browser console: (folder_parser.php)


check if the file is there (it should be) in which case it could be some php permission error on your server. You would have to contact your server admin about that. Sometimes certain servers have rather strict rules about executing some scripts.

Hello! I have difficulties understanding the syntax for making a playlist from folder, database or XML. How does it work, does this plugin have a documentation?

I tried different variations with “Folder” option, but non worked. It would be good to have a Folder usage sample as well. Do I need to put a path that follows website.com or only “ap-hap-file-dir/musicfolder/”?

Here’s the situation. I have 400+ tracks that I need to create playlists. From what I understood in Plugin description, that was an option. I even organised all the music library with categories. :) So far I couldn’t figure out how to do it without picking every single track (no multiple selection possible, too) and spending many hours in creating playlists. Could you help, please?

Tried to include also a long error message in the comment, but few attempts failed.


Tean Author

1. You just enter “musicfolder” in admin

2. in “musicfolder” there need to be mp3 files! no subdirectories or anything else.

If you still have issues, send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with a link to you page