Responsive Help Center Script

Responsive Help Center Script

Help Center is a Responsive script that helps the users of your website answer their questions to issues frequently brought up. Example, your website’s features, misunderstandings, different topics and more.

Help Center uses PHP, MySQL and jQuery.


  • Full Responsive Design
  • Build with Bootstrap
  • Uses MySQL with PHP and jQuery with Ajax
  • You can Create/edit/delete the main menu with its submenus(maximum 3 childs)
  • Assign Pages to each menu item
  • Add/Edit/Delete Categories and Questions with their answers in each Page
  • Add/Edit/Delete Featured Topics in the main page to help faster your users
  • TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor
  • Top Questions in index page
  • Information Tab in index page
  • Change Settings in Admin Panel such as colors,icons,enable/disable featured items,top questions and information tab and more
  • Vote on how much each Page/Question has helped you solve your problem
  • Pretty URLs
  • Secure
  • Simple Design
  • Administration Page

What’s included

  • Documentation
  • Images/PSD of used files
  • Script Code
  • Documented Code

DEMO Link : here Link to admin panel : here

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

Please note that the admin functions have been disabled for the demo.


  • Bootstrap
  • Google Fonts
  • jQuery
  • tinyMCE


2.4 (30.4.2014)

  • Reworked the load files class
  • Removed an unneeded config option
2.3 (11.4.2014)
  • Fixed some mysql issues
  • Removed some info displayed on search page
2.2 (18.3.2014)
  • Fixed an SQL issue
2.1 (15.3.2014)
  • Fixed a problem with main menu where you couldn't click on some items
  • You can now delete pages
2.0 (9.3.2014)
  • Added new design
  • Updated Settings Page
  • Added tinyMCE(WYSIWYG) editor
  • You can now add icons and background colors on featured items
  • Full responsive design
1.2 (28.9.2013)
  • Added Suggestions Page
  • Updated Settings Page for easier modification of some html sections
1.1 (15.8.2013)
  • Added Responsive Layout
  • Updated Featured Items UI
  • Added Information box on index page
  • Fixed search from not displaying correct results
v1.0 - 5.8.2013
  • Initial release of the script