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i dont understand why the team envato upload this project this is the same my project

this is absolutely absurd, there was a lack of control, from the team

Hi ThemeOxygen, both are using two different techniques and also has two different config options to enhance and beautify the table…and more over, Responsive Grid shows Collapsed information from the table which is shown in a child row.

In the modern world of responsive web design, tables can often cause a particular problem for designers due to their row based layout. Responsive Grid resolves that problem by optimizing the table’s layout for different screen sizes. Key features include: Extend your responsive design to HTML tables Collapsed information from the table shown in a child row


I couldn’t find a way to contact your privately from your profile or web-site, so my apologies for posting this in public. However, this item uses the DataTables and Responsive libraries from . Both pieces of software are freely available under the MIT license, so you can sell them, however you must abide by the license and retain the copyright information in the source files. The license is available here for your reference: .

It would appear that the only change to the library files has been to remove the copyright header.

The files used:

And those same two files with the copyright information:

As the author of those libraries, I would ask that you please add the copyright information back in or I will need to ask Envato to remove it, which I would rather not do, the more people using my software the better!

Thanks for the comment…I think while beautifying the missed..sure will add the copyright information

Thanks. Unfortunately I don’t appear to be able to edit or remove my original post now, which I would be happy to do if I could find a way to do it!

dear sir,

what should i do to not display: Show 10 entries and Search: and pagination.

i just want to display the table with sort-able columns.

regards, dave

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Really nice responsive table. Before I purchase, is there a way to disable the table alphabetical order?

Hi Acrider thanks for having a look and for your interest in this item. Yes, it’s possible please have a look in to this link to see the same Live Preview Example demo with disabled table sort in alphabetical order.

Well done, looks great!


If I purchase the Regular License to try it out and see if it will work with my requirements, can I later than easily pay the difference for the Extended License?

Is it possible, and how easy is it to populate this from a dataset or datareader? Or sql server query from a database?

How do YOU populate the data? And what options are offered?



How to hide “Show 10 entries and Search”

i just want to display the table with sort-able columns.and pagination.

Thank you

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