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Hi, I am thinking on buying your plugin. I need to know if I can use links from page to pins on the map with or without zooming. And I need extra info displaying near the tips. Also do you have back way function from map tip to link?


Does your plugin support the importation of GeoJSON data? Specifically, we want to create a custom map using data from this site:

Specifically, we want to replace a Flash map with your solution, but we must have a custom map to do it:

Unfortunately we don’t support importing GeoJSON date, and would require any locations to be entered manually.

Hello, I’m interested in buying your plugin, but I need you to confirm me if you have these features:

1.- markers classified by categories

2.- you can add bookmarks from a post (with custom fields) and clicking on the bookmark you access the post

3.- compatible with WPML / Visual Composer

4.- In the map a list of categories appears and clicking on the categories the corresponding markers appear on the map.

Thank you!


We support categories to a degree, but nothing inside the map to designate them. It is possible to pull all markers within a category.

There is compatibility with Visual Composer, but not WPML.

After input new adress, I get the following message: REQUEST_DENIED


Would you be able to retry with an API Key? Google is phasing out use of their API without a key, which has been the cause for many of the REQUEST_DENIED reports.

You can find more information on obtaining an API Key here:


i’m the webmaster of and as you can see here : the map didn’t show up . Any ideas to fix it? regards,


Hi, as you can see here : the quotes are ok in the text content editor…


librexpo Purchased

Hi, could you please reply? Thank you


As described in our other reply, there is likely something on your site that is interfering with the shortcode, as it is being output with broken quotes despite looking fine in the editor.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide support for determining the source of this conflict by logging into and debugging your site, but it may be another plugin or code in your theme. Would you be able to disable all plugins and/or try a stock theme and see if the map works?


if you need wp id, just tell me. My client is waiting for your answer… Regards,



There may be something (plugin/theme) on the site interfering with the shortcode or escaping it, or it might be typed incorrectly/with different quotes. Sometimes, invisible characters get in, for example.

It’s going on the page with a space with a space after the = sign, and then two symbols instead of quotes.

This isn’t anything our plugin would do, and we’re unable to login to your site and check/fix as part of our support


I purchased the plugin and using it on When I go to map locations page and use excerpt view under screen options it shows an error:

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/calgar88/public_html/ on line 156

I addded the short code on my map page here: and I am using Calgary, Canada as location but nothing shows.

Can you please help? My purchase code is: 399a1263-3248-42db-9945-cb5f494f2d2f


Your site seems to be giving off several 403 errors for our CSS and Javascript. The file permissions may need to be adjusted. The map isn’t loading, because the code files that makes it work aren’t loading.

The array_key_exists error might just be a cosmetic issue that happens on some servers with more detailed PHP logging in some cases where more minor occurrences in PHP are treated as errors.

So, please let me know what you require to make it work. OR guide me what permissions need to be adjusted so that I may do that.

We aren’t familiar with your server, but standard file permissions are 644 and standard folder permissions are 755. These are typically adjusted via the command line, but your hosting might provide an alternative means to do so. We are unable to provide support for your hosting, however.

Hi, How can I add the latitude and longitude? I have my coordinates. I see I can add a pointer, but the latitude and longitude fields are blocked for manual input.


It isn’t possible to directly edit those fields, but you may be able to do so by entering it in the address field. This might not work if the coordinate is in the middle of nowhere.

However, you can drag the marker around on the location page if you need to make adjustments.

Howdy, is it possible to have the ‘from’ field auto-filled with the user’s current location?

Unfortunately we do not allow this, however, if you enable showing the user’s location, there is a “from here” and “to here” option within the window so that they can fill in that form.

Even if we did try to automatically load and fill their location, all modern browsers require their permission via a prompt, and many only allow getting their location if you have an HTTPS site, so there are several cases where this wouldn’t work.

Hi, I get the following Error: Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.


Which browser are you using? Would you be able to open the developer tools and post the JavaScript errors that have occurred?

This error can happen if some files fail to load for whichever reason, but also, some themes and plugins cause the map to “double load”, which can cause this error.

Good afternoon. I just bought the plugin and I would like to know how to put a map full screen without needing to press the button Thank you.

okay. Thank you.

In which file would you have to put that code? The page would be this:

This would be something you would want to take up with your site/theme developer, as it varies per site, and we don’t provide support for 3rd-party code.

ok gracias.

Good morning. Where is the map settings menu? I mean the custom, not the default


The settings for a custom map, are on the edit page for a map.

Good Morning. I have a problem with full screen mode

When you click the “full screen” button and then press it again to return to the “normal” state, the image that I have in the background is distorted.

You can see it at


There is a conflict with how the full screen effect removes itself, and how your site CSS works.

The following CSS may help, but we are unable to provide support for your site/theme.

html { height: 100% !important; overflow: hidden !important; }

Another question: Is there any way for the same map to appear on the desktop but not on mobiles?


Unfortunately, our plugin doesn’t provide this feature.

Where do I find instructions about how to use your plugin? It’s very confusing to figure out without instructions!


This plugin has several bundled files that have the instructions within them. In addition, on pages where our plugin can be configured, there is a “Help” tab, that upon being clicked, shows some configuration info and explanation of the settings.

If you have further questions that the help doesn’t cover, please let us know.

I am unable to adjust the height of my map. Here’s the code I’m using:

[google_map map_id=”12049” width:”100%” height:”800px”/]

Here’s the page:

And no … the quotation marks are not encoded; I typed them myself in the post window.


I can see that it is currently setting 500px on the map. Did you change 800px to 500px?

I’m trying to set the background color of the infowindow. What CSS will do that? Here’s my current attempt, but it doesn’t work:

.map_style_container { background-color:#FAFED7 !important; }

Is it applying the color at all, or is it not filling the whole box. I was able to set a background color in the dev tools on that class, but it doesn’t fill all the way, as the Google Maps API is generating additional divs and code to make the infowindow work (our plugin simply uses that API.

However, I did find an example where someone customized the infowindow with CSS and JS enough to create a full width effect (in addition to other design changes). If you change it so that it fills full width, you should then be able to set a background color on .gm-style-iw. The JavaScript is needed to make it so that you don’t have unfillable gaps in the infowindow.

This might take some adjustments, but here is the example.


how to disable Marker Clustering ? I would like to see ALL my pin on the map without clicking on the marker cluster.

Thanks for help.


There is a setting called “Enable marker clustering” under “Google Maps -> Map Settings”. Setting this to “No” disabled it.

Depending on your configuration, you might need to disable this same setting on your map(s) if using custom override settings for those maps. This setting is also called “Enable marker clustering”.