Responsive for WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer)

Responsive for WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer)

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Responsive for WPBakery Page Builder is a powerful plugin that helps users create parameters and define responsive feature for any elements in any devices.

Plugin Settings:

Config devices:

  • Responsive Border
  • Responsive Border-radius
  • Responsive Margin
  • Responsive Padding
  • Responsive Background
  • Responsive Color
  • Responsive Font size
  • Responsive Line-heigh
  • Responsive Letter spacing
  • Responsive Text align
  • Responsive Font weight
  • Responsive Font style
  • Responsive Text transform
  • Responsive Text decoration
  • Responsive Word spacing
  • Responsive White space
  • Responsive Text overflow
  • Responsive Display
  • Responsive Width
  • Responsive Height
  • Responsive Max-Width
  • Responsive Max-Height
  • Responsive Position
  • Custom Selector apply css
  • Unlimited devices
  • Clean code
  • Sample data
  • Documentation online


2021 - Feb - 08
feature Clipboard Function
feature About Class
improvement Core 1.4.1
improvement minor CSS for component
bug-fix minor CSS

2021 - Jan - 23
feature link to Support and Guide for about-page in backend
improvement Style for about-page in back-end
improvement  Core version 1.4.0
bug-fix minor css

2021 - Jan - 05
improvement style button in admin panel
improvement html-Dom Class to 1.9.1
improvement  Core version

2020 - Dec - 09
improvement style for about page
improvement style for settings page
improvement  Core version 1.3.9
bug-fix javascript button delete
bug-fix javascript button add

2020 - Oct - 14
improvement  Core version 1.3.8
improvement  Minor CSS
bug-fix  Compatible with WP 5.5.1
bug-fix  Compatible with Colorpicker

2020 - Aug - 11
improvement  Core v1.3.7
improvement  Style form in plugins settings
improvement  Update items in about-page
bug-fix  Conflict CSS with WPB

2020 - July - 28
improvement  Core v1.3.6
improvement  Tab navigation for Option settings page
improvement  "About" page
bug-fix  Minor javascript

2020 - June - 12
feature  Add new shortcode
feature  Get data shortcode

2020 - May - 19
improvement UI WP settings
improvement Device settings
improvement Performance

2020 - May - 5
improvement Css admin
improvement Settings device sticky top
improvement Change device

2020 - April - 13
improvement Support font-awesome backend
improvement Settings shortcode
improvement Quality feedback

2020 - March - 31
improvement get and processing data about page
improvement clean the input data
improvement add submenu

2020 - February - 27
improvement Core 1.3.5
improvement Group label
improvement Notice messenger
improvement Tabs on the right option
feature Meta Field

2020 - February - 10
feature Notice messenger
improvement Sample data device
improvement Color manage
improvement Core 1.3.4
improvement Encodes data

2020 - January - 30
improvement Font Attribute for elements
improvement Position Attribute for elements
improvement Api about page
improvement Documentation

2020 - January - 16
feature Encodes data
feature Css for tab select device
improvement Class name
improvement Core 1.3.3
bug-fix Input

2020 - January - 03
feature Sample data device
improvement Theme UI
improvement Responsive on device Default
improvement Tabs on the right

2019 - December - 16
feature Google font
feature Color manage
bug-fix About page
improvement Core 1.3.2

2019 - December - 05
feature Css for Tabs
feature Show icon device
feature Show title device
feature About
improvement Core 1.3.1

2019 - November - 18
feature UI
feature Tabs on the right
improvement Add Option to Shortcodes
bug-fix Color picker

2019 - November - 01
feature Group label
feature Add Option to Shortcodes
feature Add Option List attributes
feature Add Option DIV container

2019 - October - 02
improvement Js for change device
improvement Core v1.2.9
improvement Navigation select device
bug-fix Save new device

2019 - September - 13
feature Js for change device
improvement Background Attribute
improvement Add device
improvement Core v1.2.8

2019 - August - 01
feature Css for Width Attribute
feature Add device
feature Js for Height Attribute
improvement Core v1.2.7

2019 - July - 10
improvement Font Attribute for elements
improvement Display Attribute for elements
improvement Width & Height Attribute for elements
improvement Core v1.2.6

2019 - June - 10
improvement Selector Attribute for elements
improvement Default Selector
improvement Add DIV container Option.
improvement Core v1.2.5
improvement Simple HTML Dom Lib 1.9

2019 - May - 20
feature Title for list Responsive Options
feature Group label for list Responsive Options
feature Tabs position
feature Background Attribute for elements
improvement Core v1.2.4

2019 - April - 4
feature CSS Box Attribute for elements
feature Max-Width & Max-Height Attribute for elements
improvement Core v1.2.3
improvement Default display CSS-Box
bug-fix DIV Container option

2019 - March - 13
feature Font Attribute for elements
feature Display Attribute for elements
feature Width & Height Attribute for elements
feature Position Attribute for elements
feature Selector Attribute for elements
feature Default Selector
feature Add DIV container Option.
feature Core v1.2.3

(2018 - Jan - 19) - (2019 - Jan - 9)
feature Init and update all old features.

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