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Hello, I bought your module, i can see it on the “live edit” but it does not appear on my front page?

It is for the site https://motosrosmant.be

Thanks for your help

Hi. Thank you for your purchase. As we see it, the title appears on your front page, so the module is active. What you should do, is enter the module’s configuration page, and select the categories you would like to feature on homepage, and save. Get back to us when tried!

Oupsss … it was my fault… I presses ‘update’ instead of save catégories’... now it is working… but only half the image is displayed…

Hi. Write an email to prestafabrique@gmail.com and we will guide you. Please state your identity, purchase date and your issues. TY

Hello, where do I enter the translation for the “Featured categories” title in the front office? I can’t find the English entry in the module translation or in the php file, so there’s no way to translate it. Thanks!

An update has been submitted for the product. Should be available soon.

In the end I’ve found it in the tpl file

OK, you can edit there too, but if you need a translatable string, download our updated version.

Hi, I’d like to buy your module but I’m using a third party template (Warehouse Prestashop template). Do you think it’s compatible?

Thanks Serena


Thank you for your interest.

We are pretty sure it will work with Warehouse theme, but if you encounter issues, we will try to help you out!

Hi, I just installed your Responsive Featured Categories on localhost shop. My compliments, It’s exacly what I wanted! I’ve just a question: I’m using Warehouse Theme and I’d like to move your module inside a Warehouse module (iqiContentCreator-Unique Home Page Generator) This module can contain custom hooks (for example to embed Revolution Slider). Is it possible to define a custom hook also for your module, in order to embed also it in my home page? Thanks a lot Serena


Thank you for your purchase.

We can do this intervention for you, but we need some details.

Please send us an email to prestafabrique@gmail.com and we will take it from there with further instructions.

Ohh, and please don’t forget to note your purchase details and describe your wishes again so there is no confusions!

Don’t worry, I’ve resolved by my side: Warehouse theme can embed third party software directly in theme editor. Thanks anyway.

Hi, I have aother question about your Responsive Featured Categories Module. I’m using the module in grid mode. If I tested it for Mobile I see that the responsiveness is made only by resinzing the images boxes. My question are: 1) is it possible to display more than 4 categories per line? 2) Instead of reduce the images boxes is it possible to reduce less the size and display them reorganizing in vertical mode? Thanks for a reply!


This can be done, but you’ll loose the scroller functionality, as the script uses it’s own responsive classes. Plus, the customistaion would a payed one, as we must edit the TPL’s and add some CSS.

ok, thank you for quick reply. I have another request: is it possible to use sprite images to reduce calls to server? This is because I have lots of categories to display. Please let me know. 89f26570-7c07-47da-b3f9-72649e3e8c98 – 25 Oct 2016


Not possible to use sprites on categories, as by default, Prestashop categories have a separate image each, generated in several sizes. What you could do si to load a smaller version maybe or hide them all images?

BTW for enquieries as such, please write to the email address specified above.

Ok, thankyou for the info. So, what is the price to have the modification to have the resposive float layout and to decide how many items display per row (more then 4)? I know I lost the slider functionality but it’s not important to me. And what about to display, instead of the category description, a list of links to sub-categories? In this way the customer can directly open the sub-catecory page if he likes? Sorry to bother you with all this requests, but you module is very useful for me and I think it can be improved with more configurability :-) Thank for a reply King regards 89f26570-7c07-47da-b3f9-72649e3e8c98


As stated above, please send us an email to prestafabrique@gmail.com and we will take it from there with further instructions, as this wall is more for the debug and initial contact.


Will there be an update to make the module PS 1.7 ready?

just tried it out … seems to work on PS 1.7, but the thumbnails won’t show up ..

ok … everything is working, just had to assign medium_default size to category images. Everything is fine :-)

Hi. Thank you for the purchase. We are glad it works! Thanks for the testing!