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Nice plug-in. I have 2 questions: 1. Where can I edit what appears in the drop-down box “All questions”? I’m actually not using this for questions, so I need to change what it says. 2. Any way to have a FAQ be part of 2 groups? When I tried to do that it didn’t repeat the FAQ in each group it simply created a new group title made up of the 2 individual group titles.


Thanks for the quick reply. What I mean for #2 is that I have FAQs that can be in more than 1 group. When I do that they don’t seem to show up in each of the group I have assigned for them. Instead, the FAQ list shows a group heading with both group names combined for the FAQs that belong to 2 groups. See example on my test server: http://wpadev.com/letswork/indicators/ The drop down shows the 2 groups, but the list shows 1 group heading and another heading with 2 group names combined.

Hmm thats an error. Will check tomorrow evening for you and report back

Ahh i see can u send me FTP login credentials and WP login to fix this?

I am having the same problem with the duplicate group names appearing when questions that are assigned to more than one group.

If a question is assigned to more than one group, I do not want to see multiple Group Names listed on the FAQ page. I only want to see the child Group Names of the parent group I am looking at.

Do you have a website where i can see your problem?

Hi there,

Is this plugin compatible with multi-sites? Thanks!

Hey there, yes it it. you might allso want to check out my other new faq plugin.

Kind regards R3dRidl3


I’ve been looking for a Faq Accordion plugin for a while now. And yours is by far the best one I’ve found and need. The only situation I see is that the “plus/minus” signs are blurry when viewed via mobile.

Would it be possible if you can please make them so that when viewed via mobile they are clear and crisp? : )

Thank you


Its an image. You could replace it yourself. Its that the image is already 100%.

Otherwise check out my other faq plugin, it uses font awesome, super clear and crisp.

Awesome. I just messaged you via the comments for the plugin you mentioned above.



I saw it, will send you a user today, sorry it took me a while.

Hello, The plugin doesn’t work very well with the latest Wordpress version 4.1. It produces some very unsightly lines in the Safari web browser when you click on a question and the answer unfolds. The plugin is of no use to me when not compatible with the latest version of Wordpress. Please advice.

Wow, ok can you send me the website link so i can check tomorrow?

Update: I removed the widget (clean html) on the right sidebar, then added the widget back again, and now it looks like problem solved. Strange. I’ll post again if the problem returns. No need for you to check this further, at least not for the time being. Thanks.

Good to see you figured it out.

Hi. I’ve purchased and installed this plugin, and reviewed the documentation on Codecanyon, but I can’t find this:

What do I add to the shortcode to display “hide all | show all”? (as shown in your demo at http://www.ps-omni.nl/custom-plugins/?page_id=2)

Is there a way to show all as the default?

Thank you for your assistance.

Hm, my shortcode looks like this:

[faq_accordion order=”true” feedback=”true” show_per_group=”true” filter=”true” show_hide_all=”true”]

Do you have a link for me of your site?

When the question takes more than one line, the linespacing is extremely large. My attempt to correct it is div.faq-questions-question {line-height:125% !important; padding-top: 20px !important;} but this makes the box for one-line questions too large. Can you suggest an alternative?

sure – by email, not forum. what address?

did you get my email?

Hello. I am trying to figure out how to add the group drop-down menu and also the “hide all | show all” links as shown on http://www.ps-omni.nl/custom-plugins/?page_id=2)

Screenshot: http://www.imageupload.co.uk/image/cBuR

I have unsuccessfully tried all codes listed in this thread. Please advice. thanks.

Hm can you show me your website?

I don’t want to put the url here, but my question is very simple: How do I add a plus sign when collapsed and a minus sign when expanded. Please also see: http://s2.postimg.org/c6kjdn2y1/faq.gif Thanks.

Ok can you send the website to dennis@grootde.tweak.nl ? So I can look what is wrong.

hi, is it possible to show only a selection of groups in the select box. like here: http://www.paragliding-academy.com/faq/

and not all questions?

is there a list with all shortcodes available?

thanks a lot,


Hello Chris,

No this is not possible. All the shortcodes are in the documentation.

My newer FAQ plugin does have some additional functions you might like and you can accomplish what you want i think:


Kind regards

I’ve looked but can’t tell, is there any option or setting to have the faq “expanded” on computers but collapsed by default on screens say 480px or smaller?

I really need this functions for a project, hoping your’e my answer!


Well it does’t. And there are no feature updates to this plugin. Only bugfixes.

I am willing to implement it in my other FAQ plugin if you buy it first. The other plugin is here http://codecanyon.net/item/all-in-one-faq/9492381

Kind regards R3dRidl3

Awesome! I’ll purchase that now, thanks for the help.

No problem!