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I have noticed that the plugin has stopped working on my website

Having a issue with the albums not showing inside the post but above the header, what is the issue

Seeing as you are ignoring me, and I have disabled all facebook plugins, still doesn’t do what it’s suppose too. I will give ya till the end of the weekend, then bad review time on site+. All I am asking for a a little support on a non working plugin, every other codecanyon author seems to be ontop of it. SO WHAT THE PLAN SELLING A BROKEN PLUGIN OR WANT TO HELP

Hi, we are not ignoring you, As I had mentioned in the email. I am working on a alternative implementation which you will get in a day or two. The script is not broken as you can see in our demo, You can also try it on a fresh wordpress download and it’ll work. The are javascript clashes with either the theme or previous plugins or both that’s why I had decided to work on a php version to avoid the clashes. Kindly give me time to work on it.

This was the email I received below. If you would have told me what is above the first time I could hang for a bit. There was no mention of sending me the php version just that you are working on a similar php plugin, that I was not planning to purchase since I already bought the wordpress version. Hi, The plugin is clashing with another faceook plugin that is installed since they are both including the facebook API using javascript. I am working on a similar plugin using PHP hence will not conflict with the javascript API calls

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Be more descriptive next time its been 6 days of knowing nothing. I will wait a bit for the php version I guess Thanks

This is nice but it seems to delay after clicking on a set and before photos show up. Can that be fixed?

Also, if I have a lightbox instead, will this work with that instead of how you have it now, going to a blank page?


Thanks for the heads up, I’ll check on it and fix it. In the meantime, we have a similar plugin you might want to check as it works in a similar manner. Check out

Prevew link is broken.

does it support video gallery from facebook?

At the moment it only supports images. We’ll try and make one for videos

Hi. I purchased the plugin and it seems to work but it doesn’t show all the albums, just 5 of about 20. Is this a known bug or am I the only one who has this problem?

Hi, Kindly make sure all the albums don’t have privacy settings…that is, all the albums are publicly available. The facebook api only returns publicly available albums

Thanks for the fast reply. Well, I checked this, every album is publicly available… What else could be wrong?

your album doesn’t even show on the website. While is this file up?

your album doesn’t even show on the website. While is this file up?

It was broken since day one with major issues and no real help

buenas tardes quisiera saber porque el plugin no esta funcionando con worpress 3.9.2 se instala pero no carga las imagenes no se ven puedes checar el y en otros sitios mas que lo quiero instalar no funciona porque ??

good afternoon I would like to know why the plugin is not working with worpress 3.9.2 is installed but does not load the images are not you check the and elsewhere who want to install but does not work because ??

pre sale question: does this plugin still work? I can’t see the demo

Demo not working.

another fail plugin _.

does not work at all