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HOW TO DO RTL on days at the top.

It’s only LTR I’m afraid.

Hi and thanks for the plugin!

Could you please tell me how to deactivate the modal window when someone clicks on an author in the front-end and refer instead to a different URL (e.g. to a speaker detail page within the website)?

Many thanks in advance

Hi, sorry for late anwer. You can’t turn it off. We will havet add the feature. Regards.

Hi, is possible translate days name at calendar?

You can set either custom names or week days (Event Settings: Advanced Settings: Display the day of a week). You can use WPML plugin to translate all the content.

Have sent second support request

Answered. So sorry for doing it so late.

Hi! I am working on a client page for an Radio Station. I want to show full week Event Scheduler on the page. And the event is the same every week. Is this possible to do with this plugin? Will the dates update automaticly?

Hi, thank you for your interest in our plugin. The dates don’t update automatically. You can hide them though and leave just Monday, Tuesday and so on since the events are the same every week. Regards.

Days of Week not Showing and Tabs not Opening

My days are not showing on my site and the tabs are not opening to show the rest of the text, any suggestions how to fix. I emailed your email address listed in your support documentation.

In addition, under the setting, how many days should be shown, it only lists 4,5,6,7 in the drop down. It will not show lower numbers like 2 or 3 as an option.

Please contact us via support. Thank you.

I have, I sent you an email on this issue using the support tab above. I’ve posted both here and in through your support.

Is there anyway to list all the authors on one page or as actual posts?

Authors are part of the scheduler and can be shown within it.

Hi, I am looking to purchase this plugin, can you please confirm if it supports multi event schedule and placing it through shortcodes?

Not yet, I’m afraid. Regards.

Hi there. I’d like to put a event list into my sidebar in www.incentiva.com.ar ;would it be possible by adding it like a shortcode? do you have an example to show me?. And i’d like to ask you if can it be translated to spanish. Thanks.

We don’t have such option, I’m afraid. Regards.

Hello! I have a pre purchase question. Would I be able to add the code for a paypal button and insert it into the field in the Event calendar? I am looking for an event calendar where the visitor can book and pay the class by clicking on a “pay pal checkout” button, instead of checking out through Woocommerce or a WP cart. Thanks!

Sorry for late answer. You can add button in the content of the particular event which looks is like the common post content. Regards.

We want to add a JOIN NOW button ad a certain time or date is that possible? how can i accomplish that?

Sorry for late answer. You can add it in the content of the particular event, not beside the time or date directly.

Thanks, please consider this for future update.

Is it possible to have an event after midnight show up on the previous day? Ex: Nightclub event, and want to show a performance at 1 a.m. but keep it showing on Saturday instead of Sunday.

We must add this feature to the plugin.

Hi, is it possible to create two schedule for the same website??

By using multisite feature of Wordpress only. For now. (Like in demo).

Is there a way to START with all details open/expanded? (no just the first with the option “keep accordeon open”.

Thanks !

I need to know if a csv can be imported to populate events, or if using wp all import will work. And does it support reoccurring events?


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We have one problem in Agenda plugin. If we add some author in event, then disappears upper section in front-end where you can choose date and stage – http://prntscr.com/gntlxd . If we remove author from event, then everything is ok – http://prntscr.com/gntmgq.

How we can solve this problem?

For a multi location event: How do I create a link to take me to a specific location open on the scheduler? for example, if user clicks “view side stage events” from another page I want to open schedule with side stage opened. Thanks.

Hi, unfortunately it is first event in first location on first day to be open when scheduler is loaded. Regards.

is there an easy way of listing the events (with the day/time) on each author modal (or an individual author page) that are selected on an event page? thanks

Hi, thank you for you interest in our plugin. Unfortunatelly we don’t have such feature, but seems worth implementing in the future. For now you can only list events in author’m modal manually. Regards

Hello. I’d like to know if may I create different multiple agendas for my WordPress website and use thoes different from each other agendas on different pages. Thanks in advance.

You can have that by using multi site feature of Wordpress. Regards.