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Hi there, support for wmpl… I have a multilaguage site (german and english). Is there support for different date and time formats for each language? Kind Regrads Michael

Could we change the communication channel to support tab channel? Thanks.

were is the support channesl?

Next tab “Support”

Hello?! Sent you an email 4 days ago and another yesterday. No reply. =/ Your plugin breaks my entire website when the shortcode is inserted onto a page. Also, it makes the Visual Composer columns tab go all wonky while the plugin is activated. Need help or a refund. Please decide.

It was a bug in ready-made solution dealing with the situation when event hour is entered with no minutes. It is working now.

The case is solved and settled.

This entire situation was a huge misunderstanding and turned into a mess quick because of some simple miscommunications. There was a National holiday in Poland, which we were completely unaware of, as we operate in Canada. The holiday and long weekend is what lead to the delayed response times.

Kris and his team have since been extremely helpful in resolving ALL issues that we were having. He has been communicating very effectively with our in-house Web Developer via email and response times have been greatly improved.

We have since cancelled our refund request and are actively using the plugin on our client’s web project. I can confirm that this plugin is working 100% as advertised and intended. ALL bugs have been FIXED and sorted out.

I am using salesforce to create and manage events. Is there a way for me to push those events to the plugin and create a new event on the site for each event I create in salesforce either via an API or database entry?

Hi, I’m afraid you have to do it via plugin admin.

The only Date formats I have a re showing day/mm/yy—You have many examples that show mm/dd/yy but the only options I have in the date format drop down do not allow this. How do I get US date formats? I checked the documentation but it does not match what I see in my dashboard. This is urgent as my client is trying to launch tomorrow.


We’ll add some additional US formats. Regards.

Hi there,

just bought your Plugin but I didn’t saw that the Maximum Number of Days is 7. Is it possible to show 8 Days and is it just a (Responsiveness)Design-Problem than or is ist very complicated?

Thanks, Alex

Hi, Thanks for purchasing. You can have 8 days. You can decide how to show them: whether 7+1, 6+2, 5+3 or 4+4. The first number shows Days visible on the desktop. The latter – Days which you have to scroll to see them. You can decide about in Event Settings (Advanced Settings tab). On mobile all Days are visible one below the other in form of accordion.

Thanks for this fast reply! Just wanted to know, if I could easily change it per css to have 8 days visible altogether without the slide function or if it is more complicated…

How to give color to each event location, i wanna give color to them under days, to locations of event.

We plan to include such option in future release so as to provide calendar features as well.

Please tell how to code it so if i put a months schedule, it updates weekly and present day shows, or The other option, that week by week event is shown.

I’ve replied via email.

About to purchase. Is there a way we can list all “Speakers” on 1 page?

Hi, there is no such function in our scheduler. You could do it in some section / page outside the scheduler. Regards.

Auto update next week inplace of old one.

I’ve replied via email.

Pre sale question I want to use your plugin for tv schedule and I wonder if I’m able to do this to things with your plugin: 1) live indication for the show that is live at that time and 2) the title of the live show on the top level menu

Hi, thank your for you interest in our plugin and sorry for late answer. I’m afraid we don’t have such options yet.

hello , Nice plugin but i have a need for this , please see my screenshot http://tv7.al/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/shchedule-plugin.jpg

I need to show first programs scheduled in 6 a clock not 00:00 first , let say 00 to be the lasted one :) How to set The time at which every day starts , how to do that ?

Hi, we will have to add such case. Sory for late answer.

Hi – I followed all of your instructions but when I try to select day – it doesn’t allow me to drag and drop to the other section, and when I click on the days, they disappear. I tried publishing and it says they need to be filled. How?

Hi I can´t find the wpml-config.xml to translate the plugin. Have I lost this?

Hi, if you want to translate the contest just mark those specific post types (locations, events, authors) in wpml settings. Then insert the right version to adequate language. Switching the site language will change the language version of the schedule. It is best to start from locations (if you have multiple locations) and auhtors (if you use that feature). Then actual events to which you will assign locations and authors. It good to have those already in the proper language version. I hope it was helpful.

thanks for this info. But I can´t see your CPT insite for Polylang that will work the same as Wpml. Are you able to look if there is something to do to see the CPT at https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/polylang/ thank you


kcan Purchased

how can i add different page to different event schedule ?

For example for 10 days in First Programme Event and different X Programme Event has different 10 days in another page ?

Hi, you need to use multisite feature of Wordpress.

Is it possible to edit the “Read More” text? I see that I can set a button-style, but I’ve been unable to change the text to “Register Now”...

Go to event settings. Third tab. “Read more” link anchore. Just change the text.

the plugin stop working when we have ACF (advanced custom fileds) installed. Is there an easy fix?

Reply sent via e-mail.


1) Is it possible to just put simple text and numbers into a calendar day box? and not have it as an event?

2) Is this compatible with buddyPress?

Hi, thank you for your interest in our plugin. 1) The schedule is a list of events (e.g. speech on conference) and without events, it won’t function. 2) I’m afraid it isn’t.

Is there a way I can copy events from dev site to live site?

You should use tools/export in Wordpress. Mark posts you want to export. Choose post types: authors, events i event days. Then tools/import.

Hi there,

is it possible to link to an event or to create an archive to list the events. I want to show the event in the calendar but also for users per link as a custom-post-type.

Thanks, Alex

Sorry, there is no such feature at the moment, I’m afraid.

Hi, i see by the comments that you added the feature of having multiple schedules but i cant find anything in the documentation on how this works. Please advise

I’m afraid we don’t have this feature yeat. Multisite feature of Wordpress might be solution.

That is a pity. I should of asked before I bought it – a bit of a waste of money but anyway, It works well otherwise. There is just no way I am going to add multisite functionality to the clients site just for an extra event – its overkill. Maybe you should think of adding this functionality at some point. I would certainly use it then but for my needs now, its rather useless. Good for people only wanting one event though.

Thanks for replying

hello is it compatible with the last version of wordpress ?

Yes, it is.