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Hi there,

I’m wondering if I can add an extra line of text below the Location Name. For example:

Stage 1

I’ve tried using < br > tag but it just removes the HTML when it’s updated on the live site.


Or is it possible to include the Description below the Name if HTML isn’t possible?


Hi. Location Name is simply a category. You can name it “Rock Stage” for instance. Sorry for not answering for this long.

Is it possible for each speaker to have their own BIO page or pop up ?

Hi. We’re about to issue an update in which there will be possible to add some bio to the speaker / author (in a modal window). Thank you.


when the update coming now? I am waiting 2 months now but nothing happening. Give us a detailed info please.


Terribly sorry for that delay. This week we will issue an update for a review. We hope it will pass smoothly and an update will be ready to download in couple of days. Thank you.


Would be great to have different schedule but without using multisite. I mean using an shortcode/ID for each different schedule.

Like: Festival 1 >> [2code-schedule-draw-fest-1] Festival 2 >> [2code-schedule-draw-fest-2]

Now I can only have 1 schedule in a normal website. I don’t like to make multisites for different events.


Is this possible?

At the moment multisite is the solution. We’ve added multiple instances feature to our list of improvement. Thank you.

Hi, I sent and email to your support account but didn’t get a message. I have a multilanguage site and need to translate the events, is there a way to do it?

Hi, I will check wp-sort. Regarding wpml still not working, maybe this helps you: when I translate the event, none of the information related with that event adds, e.g. The location and Date doesn’t appear, at that moment I have to add that info again, and that is probably the reason why it appears twice, I hope this info helps you.

wp-sort, worked like charm, thanks for the advice

Hi, it’s working on my site. Just tested. I suppose it’s because WPML settgins. You have to add to translation “locations” which is at the very buttom of the list (non-standar taxonomies). Apart from Events, Event Days, and Authors. And before creating new events – you have to create Event Days (and translate them), Locations (if needed – and translate them), Authors (if needed – and translate them). Then when creating event you have all the elements that are going to be put in – set: Days, Locations, Authors. Of cource you have to be careful when switching languages all the time. In Event Settgins – remember to switch to multiple locations if there are multiple locations. By default it’s single location. I hope it would be helpful.

Since the latest update social icons show up on all events. How can I disable them? The settings do not have a disable function. Thanks

Thanks for update!

You’re welcome!

Hello! Great plugin. However, each author appears twice under each workshop event. For example, if the author is Bob Smith, it says Bob Smith with his speaker info under the event name, and then repeats Bob Smith with his title again. This has to be an error I assume, because it doesnt make sense to show it twice

Also the social icons do not appear. And the speaker’s information appears in the event description instead of in a modal like shown in the demos

Hi there, I’ve submitted a ticket to support. How long is the average turnaround time?

(If anyone else can help with my problem – The days aren’t showing up on my event scheduler, any ideas?)


Hello, i just bought this Plugin ,

i have a problem! , i seated up everything but in , specific page who i paste this code : [2code-schedule-draw]

it dont showing me the all days week , its showing me only 1 day!? who is the problem please help me with that.?

and is posible 1 event to schedule for all days i have created?

All days can’t have the same date.

Hello! I have two questions . 1. Is it possible to create multiple schedules ? 2. Is it possible to use shortcodes to insert different schedules on the pages ?

Hi, multiple schedule are possible only via multisite option in Wordpress.

Hi I’m interested in purchasing your ‘event plugin’ for my dance school timetable but have a couple of queries:

1. I have multiple classes held at the same location at the same time ie, in one hall we have 4 classes all running simultaneously. Can the plugin cope with that.(previous plugin I purchased said they did but can’t)

2. The classes stay the same week on week for 12-13 week terms. But I don’t want to have to keep inputting class data each week I want it to automatically continue for that time.

hope that makes sense : )

It can display events taking part at the same time – in such case those will be order alphabetically. You can use class names instead of location – if the location is one, and classes up to four. You can display only week days without dates if you wish.

Hello. Does somebody know how to change the event dates to spanish? I tried support almost a week ago, and their responses have not been helpful. Thanks in advance!


I liked the screenshots you provided, however not having a live demo to check things out as well as the shortcomings of the script has me waiting for more….(till then!)

We have a problem with a multi language site. We translated the events but something goes wrong. In the days tabs appear two languages both (like two separate events).

Hi, we are working on the update solving this issue. Best regards.

we have the same problem as urza07. With WPML when translating an event we have double events shown in both languages. We’ll wait for an update as soon as possible

Hi, sory for this inconveniace. We are working on the update solving this issue. Thank you.

could you contac us via support tab?


I have a few pre-sales questions:

1. Does the plugin support one day events with multiple locations, e.g. a one day conference with multiple streams?

2. Is it possible to hyperlink a speaker/author’s name to another page with, say, a longer bio?

3. I can see a way to set the start time of a slot, but can I specify the duration?

4. Can the plugin be used to represent multiple event schedules on a website at one time?

5. Is it possible to change the font used, e.g. using CSS?

Thanks, rt.

Hi, 1. It does (http://event-scheduler.pixelmint.net/example2/) 2. You can set this link in a short bio appearing in modal window. 3. I’m afraid there is no such feature a the moment. But I think it may appear in an update. 4. I’m afraid there is no such feature either. You use multi site option in Wordpress instead. However we’re planning to add this multi-schedule possibility. 5. Yes, it is. You can use Simple Custom CSS plugin for instance.


Thanks for the prompt reply.

1. Example 2 features multiple days, but if you say you can have one day with multiple locations, that is fine.

2. Noted. Thanks.

3. Noted.

4. Multiple schedules on a single site would be great. I’m glad to hear the feature is planned.

5. Noted. Thanks.


hi guys great tool please can we have Multiple schedules on a single site as soon as you can thanks

We’ve added this feature. Thank you.


I would like to know if I can have filters on the calendar. Like filter datewise, venue wise and event category wise?

Hello. I’m afraid we don’t have such feature.

I updated visual composer now [2code-schedule-draw] does nothing at all on my page ?

See my page here


nothing shows?

Hi, could you contact us via support tab?