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Great plugin! This might come very handy in the near future. Love the simplicity, where most event plugins fail you nailed it.

However, one thing I miss big time is a click through to the author.

Eg when you have a convention, festival or any multiple day events, you also like to know more of the artist/speaker/...(in this case could be the author) and see a small bio + which posts/events are attached to this author.

In case of a convention: you see a list of authors and where and when each author speaks. This would make a very strong plugin.

You could do it the same way as you do it by date. Instead of an accordeon by day as topnav, you get the authors as topnav and the event items sorted by author in the subnav. Same for locations.

The read more link: can this expand the article more (in case you have a lot to write about an event) or does it only direct to a new page?




Thanks for your comment.

We thought about giving link to the author/speaker which would send the viever to his/her bio in form of a page or post. Then we decided that social media links will do the job just as well. But we are gathering ideas for the upgrade and we have that point on the list;).

As for the list of authors and their speeches we thought this would rather be the content of some other section of the whole event site, like ‘Our Speakers’ for instance.

This was to be as simple as possible. An attractive scheduler where you can add some images and some short info. We didn’t want to make it complex with lots of functionalities that might duplicate other sections of the event page.

The ‘read more’ directs to the other page/post/site. The text inserted into the particular happening is rather to present some essential info about the lecture/training/speach/concert. However, You can put there as much information as you want.

Best Regards


Hi 2c,

I understand your point of keeping it simple. That’s also what makes this plugin great. But even my first reaction when reading an expanded event item was to click on the author and then I saw it collapse again instead of expecting a bio with other events of this author (eg in layover). The social links are great but it diverts the visitor to another website, which we don’t always like.

Favorited and following up ;)

Best regards


CONGRATULATIONS! Excellent design, very detailed documentation. Very original, very useful. I keep it in my favorites and certainly we’ll use in any project.

Thanks a lot!

looks like a great plugin added to favorites!

Thank you. We hope you’ll find it useful.

Simple & elegant plugin. Liked a version with tabs. Bookmarked! GLWS! Igor. P.S. Make a version with tabs your main demo! Current main demo is a bit childish.


how can i change the fonts to custom fonts ? thanks a lot

Hi, Thank your for purchasing our plugin. By default plugin inherits the typography from the site to which it has been plugged. Thanks to that it matches the website style and the whole web stays consistent. However we can help you bypass these default settings and use some custom fonts. Contact us via support form, please, which you’ll find in “Support” tab. Best Regards 2c

Hi, You could add a link to ticketing site in the description of a particular event.

When you install in the Plugin to our site – if moves everything – the Text to the left – it doesn’t work with our site – correctly < http://ifgs2016.innovatefinance.com/ we have VC Installed is their conflict

Check out our staging site < http://ifgsstaging.innovatefinance.com/ < the view is not correct

could you contact me via support tab?


Is there also a more “traditional” calendar view layout? (eg. month view)

For now, I’m afraid, there isn’t.

Pre sale questions: compatible with wpml ? can the events be repeating in advance? i have a site with 5 different languages (for now) and weekly repeating events that require a location.

Hi, for now it is set in English in the back-end. You can have the same event repeating, it’s necessary to uptade its date though.

It will be an update that will be compatible with wmpl.

Hello guys,

Here is a presale question. Can users submit events? Can we monetize it?


Events can be submitted only by those who administrate WP panel. The licence type determines the plugin usage. How would you like to monetize it?

Hi, I’m developing a web site locally for a client who is in urgent need of its site. I chose your plugin for the radio program schedule, unfortunately it does not work properly. By activating your plugin everything disappears from the homepage including the logo. Also in the “palisensto-page” are not present even the days above the schedule list.

And I replied, unfortunately I developing the site offline. There is the possibility to have a refund?

Could you please check you e-mail from us with 5 questions that we asked a couple of minutes ago? Answering them could enable us to solve the problem.

Problem solved.

Can this connect to a Google Calendar for event population?

Such functionality is not available at the moment. Thank you.

This plugin conflicts with Divi Theme from Elegant Themes. So I’m unable to use it.

Could you contact us via suport tab, please.

pre sale question:nis it possible to add event in widget?

nice :) could i see an example to show in content sidebar?

nice :) could i see an example to show in content sidebar?

Hi, sory for the delay. Although it is possible it is rather pain in the a. to do that. Besides it may harm the actual mobile view of the sidebar. So we suggest either use it full width or wait for the one of the updates in which there will be sidebar / widget functionality. Take care and thank you for your patience.

Hello , I received an error trying to activate the plugin . Error: Parse error: syntax error , unexpected ’ [’ in / home / MY SITE / public_html / sitev2 / wp -content / plugins / 2code -event -schedule / Api.php on line 84

What could have happened? tks

Could you contact us via support tab? Thank you.

I sent mensagm the support.


PHP version of your site needed an update.


Can an event be recurrent ? Let’s say I would add an event for every monday at 17h. Is such functionnality available somehow ?

Thank your for purchasing our plugin. To answer your question – we will issue an update within a day or two in which there will be such option: “hide date”. So only days will be visible.

Thank you ! So in that case, I will be able to create an event day “monday” that will never expire and will be always shown ?

Yes. Exactly.

Hi ! Seems to be the plugin I need. Just a quick question before buying though, is it possible not to show the “days”, I only need the events with no days to select.

Thanks a lot!

Hi. Do you mean events happening during one day? Events are assigned to days. It could be one day of course and you can title it whatever you like. In oncoming update we will have an option “Hide date” that might be helpful in your case.

This looks awesome – great job! Is this the right place to suggest things for your dev roadmap? I hope so … because I’d love it if it had the ability for multi-track sessions. e.g. a 2pm – 3pm time slot could have 3 talks side by side. That’d make it even more fantastic :) Thanks.

Thank you for you comment. All suggestions are welcomed, thank you for this one.

Hi, Does the event calender use it own css style? as i dont want to use worpress or my theme css. i like you your colors that it use in all your examples.

Hi, Event calendar uses its own css. Main color is set in plugin settings.

Very nice one!
The only thing missing for me is front-end user submissions. Any chance of integrating this feature in the future?

Thank you for your comment and interesting point you’ve made. We certainly consider that.