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I have a problem with the plugin. It is working correctly as long as I put in on page which is set up as a front page. In this situation titles are missing (both of the event days and events itself). What could be the cause?

Regards, Bet

Hi! The “hide hours” dont work. It still shows the time for the event…

Some issues with WPBakery Page Builder in the backend. Layout is corrupted.

The .css from timetracker does take affect in this issue.

Sorry I mean the .css of “acf-timepicker”

This code causes the issue: *:before,:after{-webkit-box-sizing:border-box;-moz-box-sizing:border-box;box-sizing:border-box}

from the bootstrap-forms.min.css

I bought today and the problem! I have a lineup created, but on the page I only show randomly some of the times I’ve entered! Each time you add a new band and its playing time, you see a different list! What is it for God?

Hi, I’ve a problem with the pluggin in front office. My programme have some sessions at the same hour. The order is good in back-office, I’ve change publication date of each event, but in front, events appear in random order… To fix this I put fake hours for all events at the same time, but the hour visibility option doesn’t work… So I’ve no more idea… How could you help me? I really need answers. Thank you

Could you please contact us via e-mail. Thank you.

Schedule layout not working as shown. Event days and locations not showing up, neither is description, and time format is wrong? what’s going on? Waiting 11 days for help

I think we’ve dealt with it.

I want to change the font size of Event Location. How can I accomplished that? Please help.

So sorry for late answer. You can change that using some CSS modifiers plugins. Regards.

A word of warning before you buy this plugin: It hasn’t been updated since October 2016 and it has serious issues with visual editors.

Even though it looks nice it doesn’t work properly. I’d suggest you wait until the author updates it and fixes all the flaws.

Is it possible to have an event after midnight show up on the previous day? Why “hidden hours” not work?

1. I’m afraid it’s not possible 2. We’re going to update the current version fixing this bug (meanwhile I could send it to you directly via e-mail – please contacu us through support tab). Regards.