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Hi, I have a question. If you have more than a weeks worth of events but want to show S-S – will it push the calendar to M-M then T-T as the week rolls on? Or do you have any examples of a monthly calendar? Thanks

Hi. Those features apply rather to calendar. We don’t have this option, I’m afraid. Thank you for your interest. Regards

is there a way to open a tab and expand the event via URL hashtag or something. I need to link to a specific event on a specific day from another page.

Hi. Unfortunately we don’t have such functionality. Regards

I want to display different events in different pages.How can i do this? Because at documentation you have only this shortcode: [2code-schedule-draw]. And finaly how can i add different text per day in an event? Thank you in advance John

Multi schedules possible via multisite feature of Wordpress. We’re working on adding this feature to our scheduler. Regards


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Hi Pixelmint,

I already read that using multiple schedules is only possible by using multisite on Wordpress. Will it be possible in a future update to use multiple schedules by shortcode? The thing is, I just need 1 other schedule on another page and I really want to use this great plugin.

Kind regards.


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When I add AUTHOR to EVENT page do not load, shortcode not working and page is broken (Wordpress stop load page on shortcode place) if not author all work good.

Someone have idea what is wrong?

Hi, Could you contact us via support tab? Thanks.

Does this plugin supports RTL languages and alignment?

Hi Team,

I loved your plugin and have purchased the same.

After installing your plugin, I am now receiving “Failed to load resource: net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE”. I am unable to create events, authors, etc etc. Post Installation, my site is affected with the above issue.

My site works normal, when I de-activate your plugin.

I am confident, that the above issue occurs after installing your plugin. (I was able to re-pro the issue after activating and de-activating your plugin multiple times).

We are on a tight deadline for a client project and need your precious time in resolving the same.

Please look into the following matter and help us asap.

Where can I find the documentation? because the link isn’t working: http://pixelmint.net/Doc/Event-Scheduler/index.html

Refresh, please. It’s Fixed.

Nope, I still get the same error:

404 Not Found The request /Doc/Event-Scheduler/index.html was not found on this server.

Can you please send me the documentation?

It seems to work now, thx!

One more question; When you add an event, you have the possibility to hide the hour. Hour visibility (Visible/Hidden) But when I choose this option the hour is still visible.

How can I hide the time?

Hello, neat plugin!

My site is running Wordpress 4.8.x, is your plugin compatible? This is the theme I have on my site:


I really appreciate it if you take a look on the theme and check if your plugin is compatible before buying it.

Thanks in advance!

Hello, hope you can answer today to my compatibility question. Thanks!

Hi, It works fine on Wordpress 4.8.3. You can check the demos. As for the theme, it should work witht as well. Regards.

Hello, I’m searching for a meal plan Plugin quite a while and I found your Scheduler for Wordpress. I think it’s exactly the kind of styling I am searching for, but, as it’s not made for meal planning, I have some pre-sale questions:

1: https://www2.pic-upload.de/img/34420892/001.jpg Is it possible to change the time to anything else? For example I would like to change it to “Breakfast”, “Lunch” etc.

2: https://www2.pic-upload.de/img/34420893/002.jpg Is it possible to show the whole Post (including images, shortcodes etc of a Post), when expanding the Line, instead of an excerpt?

3: Is it possible to print a day?

4: I’ve read, multiple Events / Tables are only possible with Multisite? So, I only can have one Event, and that’s all by now? Do you have any date, when you will release the support for more than one event? For example, that I have a page and with some shortcodes, I could add more than one event-table.

5: “Read More” link can be opened in new tab?

Thank you for an answer. Regards :grin:

Hi, thank you for your interest in our plugin. Here are the aswers: 1. You cannot change the time to anything else but you can hide it. As for the “Breakfast” header you can set post with only title and hidden time. It will look like a header. You can also change the color (http://event-scheduler.pixelmint.net/ – Afternoon Panel) 2. A particular event is a post so you can add images and text. This is not an excerpt in terms of Wordpress functionalities. It’s just a post content. 3. I’m not sure what you mean by saying “print a day” so could you explain, please. 4. The works on multiple events are advanced. Hard to say when exactly. Hopefully this by the end of the year. 5. Yes. Regards.

Thank you for your reply, 3. I mean, if there is already a function to print the schedule of a particular day. To have a button for printing a PDF-File for example with all the schedule of a particular day. I cannot see it in the Demo but I saw it on other similar Plugins. Do you plan to add that function in the future? 4. Thank you. It’s most important for my website, to have many different meal plans. So, I will save your Plugin in my Collection on CodeCanyon. That way I can check the coming updates and can consider if I will buy it or not.

Thank you, and have a nice day! :)

Hi! is it possible to show events for today on front page automatically with this plugin?

Hi, I’m afraid it isn’t at the moment. Regards.

Any plans to update the plugin with multi events? ? I saw that the plugin has not been updated for more than a year.

I’m already using Event Espresso to create my events. However, I do need a nice way to display conference schedules. Would you recommend your plugin or can you point me in the direction of where I can find similar styling to your plugin?

Love it! Great job!


i need a plugin for a single conference event with some activity during all the day at different hours and where a user can select an activity and book it or save on own personal agenda.

can do this with your great plugin?

tnx a lot

Hi, can you change colour of the days? Currently the colour of the text is grey when not selected, can this be white?