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I can not find, Classes XML file (located in the demo content folder and .po

Hi, i like your plugin a lot the only thing i want to ask before buying is if there is and how it looks the widget for my homepage plugin?

do you have importer events from facebook?

I’m afraid we don’t.


is it possible with your plugin to have lots of people offering services on that calendar? Service would be the same, but offered by different persons.

So that we have the “event” “Appointment with member X”, “Appointment with member Y”, “Appointment with member Z”, etc., and if someone books this appointment then this member (and the attendee) gets the notification?

Can it be set, so that the member AND the page-admin get notified?

Greetings Markus

Sorry, we don’t have such functionality. Regards.

Before anyone buys this…. You cannot have more than one schedule in a standard WP setup.. to be honest a bit frustrating as having more than one schedule is very common. For me this a Waste of money as it is way too limiting, otherwise it looks nice and well designed.

Is there a way to keep all details open/expanded ?

To have them stay expanded: Event Settings / Advanced Settings > Accordion Behavior – Keep Accordions Open. Best Regards.

sorry I meant is there a way to START with them all exapnded?

Great plugin. However when listing the “Events” in admin area it is hard to distinguish which events are for which days. Most of our event items have common names. Is there a way we can add a column to the events view to show the “Event day” while listing “Events”, maybe as a column?

Could you contac us via support tab? Thank you.

Can you say when multiple schedules will be available?

This is a must have feature for this type of plugin and the only thing stopping me from purchasing for a project ;-)

We glad you like it. It’s a major change and we have to rearrange the administration. But we see we have to just do it.

Something went wrong with accordions’ arrows. They appear on the left side and there is a free space on the right. In the demo version, arrows are on the right. How to fix it?

Please could you update the plugin to allow optional arg to be passed in shortcode to specify certain “event Day” ids so that multiple schedules can be displayed.

eg using [2code-schedule-draw days=”1234, 1456”]

Hi, hoping you can help me out here.

Will your plugin allow me to do the following:

- Set only certain time slots available to book classes (e.g one class at 1pm-2pm. and another at 6pm-7pm) - Set a number of spaces available in each class. - Set payment for booking the class, but skip the payment and book for free if you are a member (my idea is to do this by setting a user role to the user, if this user is logged in and the site sees it is of the correct user role, then payment is skipped and they can book for free). The number of slots needs to go down for both members and non members, E.g number of slots is 20, if a member books it goes down to 19 slots left, non member books it goes down again to 18 etc.

Hope your plugin can facilitate my needs!

Hi, thanks for you interest, but I’m afraid we don’t have such functionality. Regards.


iltex Purchased

Hello! Is there a way to keep all the accordion open on page load? Thanks!

Only first one.

Hi there. Is there a way I can hide the images in mobile pages only? Tks.