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I can’t understand the benefits of your item , what should this item support me in my business ?

When people launch something they have some documentation along with it for user help etc. If you have purchased something here then you might have seen documentation files along with it. This tool allow you to create these documentations.

demo not working

Demo is fixed

Hello , I installed the script, however When generate Form hum , hum ERROR appears . Look: http://guiarondoniense.com/gerador_formulario/login?next=http%3A%2F%2Fguiarondoniense.com%2Fgerador_formulario%2F

How Can We Fix This Error ?

hello, send us ticket here with your purchase code: https://bcstatic.freshdesk.com/helpdesk

well i want to buy but not more updates¿

people have not reported any issues or suggestions and ofcourse updates are based on feedback and suggestions. Thats the reason of no updates.

ya, sorry, but is because i registered in demo, and can edit documentation of others users¡ and well…...this is customizable¿ i want as the users only edit theirs documents….and only admin can change this permission

RDG is not meant to work that way. However if you wish to change it, it would be easy change.

I can not assure you but maybe we will consider your suggestion in future updates.

what type of php framework for this script?

no framework has been used for RDG.

Hi, why if i use my purchase code not work? Report me it’s not valid! thank you

https://bcstatic.freshdesk.com/ please create ticket here.

i bought this product and i have purchase code but when i put it says This is not a valid purchase code for this product. Please need urgently.

please send support ticket here https://bcstatic.freshdesk.com

without preview option it would be useless

You have the preview option when you generate documentation.

Hi, i bought the product and i have purchase code but when i put it says: This is not a valid purchase code for this product. What’s the problem? Please need urgently.

Hi, I have sent reply on your ticket please check.

Thank’s for the support. Everything is ok. Best support – 5-stars!

thank you!

Hi, same Problem here “This is not a valid purchase code for this product.” Please HELP !

Hi please check status of your ticket.

Hello. Can we have a difrent menu, not just in top? I mean like on the side ?


Hello, currently we have themes with menu on top. so with currently whats in package you can have navigation on site.

But if you want you can build your own theme.


Just bough this and purchase code not working … how to fix this ?

No worries once I edit all those crappy codes it wont be your anymore lol …. its worthless to me so I will still use it .. if not you can refund me

refund is beyond our control, please speak with envato support.

No worries I dont really care about the money… it just sad that you did not right such things in the listing. ... Anyhow I’ll try and rebuild this script


I have found a bug. If I write a word in headings tags, the character with accent is not visible. For example I edit “Camión” into heading tag, then in the documenter is shown as “Camin” the character “ó” is not visible.

that is a problem if you want to edit documenter in another languages as spanish, french, etc…

I hope you fix it soon.

hi, please submit ticket here: https://bcstatic.freshdesk.com/

the demo doesnt work admin admin credentials dont work

thanks for reporting. we have fixed demo. please try again

I have your script installed but I can’t create sections. I’m getting no error. But nothing happens when I fill in section name and click save it won’t create it.

please create ticket here: https://bcstatic.freshdesk.com and send us FTP


I bought this product and I put the correct purchase code. But I see the message “This is not a valid purchase code for this product”.

Please let me know how to fix it.

please create ticket here: https://bcstatic.freshdesk.com