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Beautiful pricing tables! I’d like to have 2 “Sign Up” buttons, on top of each other. Is this possible? Thank you :)

http://prntscr.com/1i6m5k if this is it then yes :)

Will help you setup if you buy, just send us an email.

Best Regards!


Will this look right with just 2 pricing plans?

Yes it will.

problem is when i want to do in a joomla site, its not working the css and the css commands change my joomla design layout^^

Email us the link and login data we will see whats the problem.

Best Regards, Leafcode.

I’ve email you with the login data :)

Read it and answered it! All responses are emailed in 24 hours so no need for reminders.

Best Regards, Leafcode.

Super nice tables :D Good job!

I am not good at CSS so how do I best place both a LIGHT and DARK table on the same page? It seems that the classes have the same names. Is there a “trick” I could use?

Keep up the good work!

Thanks :)

Best regards,

Sorry for the late response. Easiest way would be to rename the class pricing_tables to pricing_tables_light in the light.css file.

Send us an email and will send you the setup.

Regards Leafcode.

Jup – you are right. Thanks for the tip :)

And it was a fast reply :D

Best regards; Viggo

Hi! Looks cool!

How about popup tooltips ? And how to install it on Joomla 3 ?

Hi leafcode! I sent accesses to your email! I could not install your pricing table on my template Joomla 3.

I would be very grateful for the help!

So, I install your pricing table but tooltips in not working.

Try using this code, I made a mistake in the example before. <a href=”” class=”tooltip”>No<span>Tooltip text goes here</span></a>

tooltips in not working !!!!!!!!

Send us the email on which page it is not working with login. Will check whats the problem

Thanks for your help! The problem is solved!

difficult to see at a glance if its gonna be on the shortlist. So i click elsewhere. Why? the Preview is a video. The screenshots are no good because we can’t tell if the html layout is good for resizing /responsive.. People at work don’t/can’t always have time to sit there playing videos

You can take a look at the screenshots.

Regards, Leafcode.