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nice design, effective support !

Thank you! Hope you are satisfied with our product!

Am I missing something. Just purchased this item and was expecting both html and CSS for a pricing. All that is bundled is a bunch of tutorials on liquid columns and .css file. Abolsutely reference to pricing tables anywhere. Any comment developer?

If you dowloaded files you get 3 folders. Documentation ( shows steps on how to use pricing tables ), HTML ( examples for 2 styles dark and light pricing tables ) and 2 PSD files. As for the comment do please read the documentation it will show you how to create and use pricing tables.

I will need to use my own buy it now buttons with custom JavaScript. Is this something that can be done with this item?

What’s the function for your javaScript, you can I don’t see any problem in adding that part if you know what are you doing.

Best Regards, Leafcode.

Not 960 grid system… only reason I bought it.

Email us the link where are you using our tabels.

Bought regular license, tested, then bought extended license :D Great work!

Thank you glad you like them! There will be some update for them some time soon! Will pay it off for you! Best Regards, LEafcode

Hello LeafCode, does this table code work in a joomla framework? Thanks so much.

Hey LeafCode, I had question regarding the 4 column table, would you like me to send an email with the details or should I email you?

Sorry or should I post my details on this thread lol?

Send the email with details.

Hi, How do I stop the animation on the tables when selected? I’ve set this up but between the html and the css I can see what controls that. Cheers Mark

I’d like no animation on them if possible.

Sorry for the comment accidently did that. As for the animation you need to remove or comment these two CSS structures :

ul#pricing-tables li.plan ul:hover – starts on line 160

ul#pricing-tables li ul:hover – starts on line 239

BEst Regards, LEafcode

Excellent, That works a treat.

Hi, I tried to install it in wordpress plugin. I received following errors:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

This item is only CSS, not Wordpress plugin?? So the reason for the error is that there is no Wordpress plugin for you to install.

I see. Thanks for your prompt answer.

I downloaded this plugin but can’t get it to upload into wordpress. The file that downloaded is not a zip file. I tried zipping the HTML & PSD files and uploading it that way but it doesn’t work. How can I upload this plugin?

As mentioned in the above comment, this is not WordPress or any other CMS plugin. It is only CSS pricing tables? And if you want them to include in WordPress you need to insert the CSS in your own style.css of theme or to include it the wordpress.

This theme looks OK on an iPad, but looks like the CSS is not working on iPhone. Is it supposed to work? Do i need more than the CSS to make it work on an iPhone?

Will look into the problem.

Sorry for the delay. Do please check if you have in header

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1”>

if not place this code. it should work after that.

Best Regards, Leafcode.

Hi, can you confirm that the tables are generated row after row or column after column

If it is like that it all depends from you and in what language will you output data. These pricing tables are only created with HTML and CSS, and how to create them depends on you.

i understand, but by default, how are the tables rendered. row or column


hi, can i have unlimited rows and columns??

Kind regards, xrisxal2000

You can have unlimited rows as for columns you have options to use 2, 3 or 4 with one column for row title.

Best Regards, Leafcode.

hello, i am looking for a table plug-in – not actually as pricing table, but for a personal data sheet (resumée/vitae)... important for me is the responsable feature and it also needs to work with my theme (enfold/kriesi.at)... i actually only need two or three columns and would love to have them displayed on a smartphone next to each other…

would your plug-in be able to do this? thanks in advance Pedro

First of all Pricing tables are only HTML/CSS, so if you want to include them in the wordpress you would need to custom include the styles, and use them in wordpress. Considering they are pricing tables, don’t know if they could be of use for you. Maybe if you do some changes to them could achieve what you want. But if you still need something like that we could easily create something for you , we are available for freelance, http://codecanyon.net/user/leafcode contact us from our profile and we can sort the details.

ok. thanks for the quick response – i will see that i find another solution but at the end an adaptation might be the best,, thanks

5 stars – so easy to implement, I’m very pleased! :)

Thank you!

Why don’t you post a FULL SIZE image so we can actually see what the design looks like? Sorry, but I don’t think I will buy without that. Am I missing it somewhere?

Click on the Screenshots and you can see the full size over there with color variations?

Got it, thank you ;-)

I’m having trouble getting the Column on the left side which describes the product features to show up when viewing on a mobile device, Samsung GS4 and iPhone 5. Any advice?

Plan is hidden by default on mobile devices so there is no problem there.

You need to add “h6” title in list items and this title will be shown on mobile devices. Best reference is too open html example files and see the html in there.

If you still don’t find solution contact us from our profile.

Best Regards, Leafcode.

Hello, I sent an email through your support email a couple weeks ago regarding the spacing in the Pricing tables – I haven’t heard anything back yet. Can you please respond? Many thanks!

Hi sorry that you have waited you will need this to make and will resolve your problem i have seen you use pricingtables-indianred.css style open this css file and find line ul#pricing-tables li ul li.name it is on line by me 200 you will found property height:48px; change this to height:104px; and this will resolve your problem i have tested on your link that you have send when need anything more contact us. Best regards, LeafCode.

Thanks – that did work for the image and the choose plan, but now the left bar descriptions are off (Since I have two lines on some of them). I tried to add a

tag in the left bar “Description” while it helps, it doesn’t line up exactly…if I change all of the property heights (which is the only way I can see making it line up perfectly, would that not look great as the screen shrinks down? The page is live at https://saviodesigns.com/site-saver.php

Hi, can send mail and better explain in mail what exatly need i am looking but cannot seen that left bar descriptions are off? Best regards, LeafCode.