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leafcode supports this item


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I would suggest removing some of the screenshots as there are too many which are unrelated.

There was a mix up in files selecting. Will be fixed. Thanks for the info. :)

No there isn’t.

can I put 6 Columns and description on the left? really interesting in buying it thanks

How can I make all of the columns the default grey? without updating one of the colors in CSS?

I tried just using default color and it uses the same as color 1

Will find a solution for adding custom default colors. Best regards, Leafcode.

which color options are there? can I adjust the color inside the code myself?

You can change the colors in the CSS file. Options to change colors trough administration will be available in the update

Kind Regards, Leafcode.

Hi there – could you tell me how to center the table on the page? I’m trying the traditional tools for centering objects and nothing seems to be working.


Can you send the link where you use them?

Hi, i have no Button in the section page edit to include a price table. can you help???

Send us an email from our profile page. Regards, Leafcode.


I was speaking with you a couple weeks ago about the script having some issues, I haven’t heard back from you and i’ve e-mailed you twice. Any update? I love the plug-in I just need that bug fixed.

Sorry for delay, we’re on vacation. We are will be back on saturday 20.September and soon as possible make fix for this issue and make update. Best regards, LeafCode.

Thank you, talk to you soon. Enjoy your vacation.

Has there been any update…if not may I please have a refund?

Hello, is it possible to:

1. Make sticky header of pricing table? If I create long table, it will stay on top. 2. Add images into tooltips?

Thank you for respond.

Hello sorry for the long delay. Can you provide us with an example image of what you mean?