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why you dont have a real demo? or big screenshots of pricing table? how should we pay $14 if we see what we buy?

http://codecanyon.net/item/responsive-css3-pricing-tables/2531887 This here is the HTML version of thoose pricing tables.

Can I re-sell with a WP theme if I purchase the extended license?

Sorry for the late response. No problem you can use it if you buy extended license. Best Regards.

Nice, the plugin looks good ;)

Very nice pricing tables. There was some conflict with my theme and the support I received was terrific and timely. And we got it all worked out.


can I put 6 Columns and description on the left? really interesting in buying it thanks

Would be good if you named the colours instead of just writing “colour 1” “colour 2” “colour 3”

This is pretty annoying..

Will find some solution to that and add it in update. Kind regards, Leafcode.

how to save paypal values linked on button to database

Probably by writing some custom jQuery with Ajax and extract from there, but if you are using the link form from PayPal I think you are restricted on that part.

can we save paypal values to database in this plugin if yes then how? can anyone help me?? thanks

Send us an email we can discuss that matter there. Don’t spam the item comments

Does this plugin support WP 4.1.1?

Any news? Thanks!

Hi i have checked it works. Best regards, LeafCode.

Nice, thanks a lot!

i am interested to purchase this plugin but please answer my following Question. How to create table button payment url . without using already publish other product id ,sku . ? Customer just select package and checkout now….. if customer view our order then customer return to table page and if customer switch currency them automatic change table currency

i am already using following currency switcher http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-currency-switcher/8085217

would buy if you could provide a proper demo. Don’t need the admin, but would like to see the front end. Linking to a video doesn’t help anyone.

Hi, ok not a problem. Will make a solution for the preview in upcoming days. If you are interested contact us through our profile form.

Regards, Leafcode.


support horizontal price table ?