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Hi there! It looks great! I’d like to by it but I need to make it work with facebook login too, its possible? Also to put it on an iframe in a facebook page! what do you think?

now only english support in php version. wordpress version support multilanguage.

Hi again, another more question, its possible to have a Clue to have a target_blank link to another page?

to get that you need to customise code.

Hi, please supports word with accentuation?? Thanks

if i buy is it i get all the code including admin ?

tq for info.. it is US dollar ? i also can view the code right ?

Hi does it support Arabic script?

Hi, replied via mail

Hi, does it support Arabic script?

send us a PM

Hi, I bought the plugin but it shows the same crossword look/layout as the other plugin you sell here but this is cheaper?

I bought this plugin

Then I saw the new look of the plugin and cheaper then I bought this the new one again

But when making a crossword, the layout is the same? Can you explain this or I wold like a refund.


pls send us a PM

I have and look forward to chatting with you via skype

Is it possible to add a timer? When time runs out the game is over

Check your email

is there a way to increase the number of squares from 11×11 to 15×15, or any other? I needed this option . Thanks in advance

Hi, Pre-purchase question. Is it possible to users to save the cross word halfway through, so they can complete it later?

is this support rtl arabic lang ?

i need your help to make the puzzle 15X15 or more … how can i do that manually?

also how can i change the name of “Design & Developed by YorCompany”

waiting your reply