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Good luck with selling! :)


fantastic work, very nice ! i wish you all the best for your sales :)

Thanks … :)

Thanks for purchase. Please re-upload those file in your hosting. and may be your email is not active. Please check your email address… thanks in again .

I have added an email and still there are errors

Dear, its your server log problem. please read this article and solve your server issue.

thanks in again.

Hi, nice code.

One question please?

How can i disable the captcha in responsive contact form.


Thanks for purchase… Please follow instruction : just remove form contact.php file :

<label for=’scaptcha’ >Enter the code above here:</label> <input type=’text’ class=”form-control” name=’scaptcha’ id=’scaptcha’ maxlength=”10” />
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I’m very happy with your script but there is something wrong.

Sometimes I receive blank forms in my mailaccount. How can I fix this?

Kind regards,

Hi, thanks for purchase. please edit this code. look like : <input type=’text’ class=”form-control” name=’scaptcha’ id=’scaptcha’ maxlength=”10” required />

Please look like: <input …... required/> . Just insert this word in every input field. thanks.

Does this form work in Adobe Muse?

No, its using bootstrap Thanks

Hi! Thank you for this! I am testing it and it works :)

I have some questions however and I hope you can help me.

1. How do I make “Message” to be required in the form?

2. When the form is submitted , I receive the email . I use Gmail.

- why does <>appear near the sender’s name and not the actual email of the user? (the one that does appear at Email) . [ is my website ] Can this be changed?

- In the screenshot the text: “Edith Sontag” / “” and “a fost odata” (so the body of the message) is very small. From where can I change the font size?

Many thanks in advance :)

Thanks for purchase. please follow these steps:
For question 1: just place required look like :

<!—<textarea rows=”10” class=”form-control” cols=”50” name=”message” id=”message” required></textarea> ->

for question 2: You can use any kind of email. like ymail, gmail, and so on.

for 3rd question: there is no font size. thanks

nice job mate . good luck ^^

Thanks .

Hello there, I am getting an error that the code has been entered incorrectly. What could be the problem?

Please give me a screen a shot.


I uploaded the files (changed Google keys and custom data into process.php) but always getting the “opss error”, and when check the error log file, I found this: PHP Warning: PHP Startup: unknown constant in suhosin.log.syslog= in Unknown on line 0

Please any advice.

Please give me a screen shot

Hi, how do I change the colors/page color etc – the code is all over the place!!!!, all help greatly appreciated!

If you change color or page then you need to know coding. so its fixed.

The form I have purchased does not work, I have emailed you a few times and I have had zero response!!!!

please read guideline and set up. thanks.