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I can only see this counter work on a mobile browser. I cannot see it on a desktop browser. I have emailed for support a couple of times and heard nothing back from the developers.


Sorry, but we don’t receive any email about this problem. Please try to contact us from code canyon email form or: http://support.alexandraipate.com/ OR skype ID: aa-team.support

Thanks, Andrei D.

I just purchased this plugin and when I tried to upload it I got this error:

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: codecanyon-154949-coming-soon-landing-page-wordpress-plugin.zip

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.


You must not install the archive you downloaded from codecanyon. You must unzip it (using winrar) and inside it there’s a folder plugin with a zip archive in it that you must install on wordpress.


Thank you…I got it installed!

Is there anyway to be able to still edit the menu links while installed? There’s a few things that are disabled while the countdown timer is activated & I have to deactivate the plugin to edit parts of the site during construction…


Can someone help me out on how to request a refund for this plugin?


What’s the reason of the refund? If you have any problems with the plugin please send us an email.



The last time my partner talked to you the plugin worked, if you installed other plugins that conflict between them it is not our problem.

We do offer support for our products, DEPENDING ON OUR FREE TIME , and not on the same issue twice.

We reserve the right not to respond to rude / unsatisfied customers , if you have a problem with it , read the official rules from envato.

Hi there,

I have sent an email to you about the counter keep staying at 999..

Not sure if you got it or not. Please could you give me an update about this?

Many thanks, Yota


We don’t have any email form your. Please resend it on aa.teamdeveloper@gmail.com or contact us via support forum: http://support.alexandraipate.com/ or skype ID: aa-team.support

Thanks, Andrei D.

The email has sent. Please have a look for me when you have time.

Many thanks, Y

I installed WP in a different directory (not in the ROOT DIRECTORY ). Can you tell me how to get this work in this scenario? I am a WP newbie. Will i have any other problems with Plugin because I installed WP in another directory?


I don’t quite understand what’s the problem. The plugin works even if wordpress is installed on subfolder.

If you don’t manage to make it work please send an email at aa.teamdeveloper@gmail.com


1st off GREAT plugin, while most ‘Coming Soon’ pages are themes (unable to work on actual site while activated) this is perfect since I can work on my site while using it. I do have 3 questions, if you can help it would be greatly appreciated.

1. I and millions of others use Chrome as their primary browser, will compatibility with the browser be forthcoming? When I look at it in Chrome the countdown is all jumbled.

2. How can I change the color of the box containing the countdown? Pale yellow isn’t my preferred color.

3. Finally, I saw this question asked 2 years ago but can’t find the answer, when I go to Fresh360.net the counter shows up no problem but when I type www.Fresh360.net the counter isn’t there.

Again great plugin, hopefully you can help me with these 3 issues. Thanks


I’ve just tested the plugin in chrome and it’s working well, can you tell me exactly what’s wrong?

The background color is actually an image (plugins/coming-soon-landing-page-Wordpress-plugin/frontpage/css/../images/MiddleBox.png), you can change the color and just replace the current one with it (via ftp program)

And for the last question you can find the answer here :



Thank you for your quick reply…

It maybe a rendering issue with Windows 8, i just tried it on Windows 7 at work, and on my Android tablet and phone and it’s fine…I will add a screen shot later so you can see but thanks…

Will swap later

Will adjust when I get home?

GREAT PLUGIN ! and the support matches…Thanks again

I emailed you a few days ago and was having problems getting the plugin to work. You said it worked, I said it didn’t. I finally found out what the issue is. When I view it in chrome, that is when the problem is. Here is a link to see the screen shot I get when I view it in chrome: [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/2lm9lwi.jpg[/IMG]

When in firefox, it works fine.Here is a screenshot of it running in firefox: [IMG]http://i47.tinypic.com/b9dg5g.jpg[/IMG]

Please let me know how I can fix this issue with chrome.

Thank you! Gil


The problem is not the browser, it’s because in one side is with www, and in the other one is not.

Please check the forum for the solution. http://support.alexandraipate.com/topic/getting-to-work-for-www-or-not


hi i am planing to buy this it sounds good plugin can i add custom field in sign up form?

I left a message about a bug in admin area from this plugin at your Support Center. It is unable to move window panels in the dasboard also, reorder the menu items in Menu section.

Please could you have a look on that issue?


Hey Guys, a very nice Plugin, i modified some things for me at my page….

1. here a small error that comes then Menu Editor Pro and your plugin are activated at the same time:
TypeError: $.widget.prototype._trigger is undefined
if ($.widget.prototype._trigger.apply(this, arguments) === false) {
ui.sortable.js (Zeile 966)

2. for future updates is it possible to make the pictures lik e.g. Heading, Subscribe etc as a Text? So many guys can translate it to the german, hungrian language etc….

3. Thanks so lot for this Plug :)

greetz Crypto

Ok some more troubles with your plugin….

Visual Composer (from codecanyon) – don’t work, conflict your plugin Menu Editor Pro (from external Editor) – don’t work, conflicts with ui.sortable.js

I think you you make some many changes!!!!

Sir, would I be able to customize the font used in the countdown? Do you provide PSD files with it, for such customization?


Coming soon while using See test pages web site produced?

I have this problem the counter is stock on 09 09 09 09 how to fix this

Please open a ticket on support : support.aa-team.com

I just want to make it more mobile friendly. Currently, you have to scroll to view the time from an iphone. How could I make it adjust to different browser sizes? Your help is appreciated.

Hi, I am unable to create an account on your support site because I don’t see the license code link in my download section. I just need to be directed to the link where I can update my plugin. Thank you.


Hi, I was able to locate it. Thank you


kdww Purchased

I would like to be able to see the website and continue the development when logged in and your plugin is enabled. It’s not very handy like this. This is the first plugin where this isn’t possible / isn’t an option. Can you resolve this?