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for the moment i have deleted, i will try again tomorrow :) as i am tired and may have just made mistake

Hi, one question

it’s possible clear the black borders of the grid? thanks

Yes you can do this. If you get stuck then simply email us by clicking on our username.

Great plug-in. Question for you. Four months ago you wrote, “It currently doesn’t have this feature but there’s been a good demand for it so it is probably something we will implement over the next few weeks. You will get an email once the upgrade has been approved and is live on CodeCanyon.”

I find myself in need of creating more than one set of clients/logos. I’m actually using this plugin to create logos for an Associations page and then our Technology partners. We’d love to have the logos of each running across the bottom using your cool slider. Of course, we only want the Association logos on the Associations page and only the Partner logos on the partners page.

Any updated status on adding this feature?

Hopefully this will come soon – if we have a beta to test we will be sure to email you :).

Hello oxfordshireweb,

I would like to see a live preview, but the link does not seem to be active at the moment.

Thanks – I’ve just emailed my hosting company to get this resolved.

Should now be working.

Hi oxfordshireweb,

I just bought your plugin and added some clients but unfortenately when I look at the page with the shortcode I get the message

Notice: Undefined variable: output in \\[mydomain]\www\wp-content\plugins\wp-super-clients\wp-super-clients.php on line 148

Could you please tell me what went wrong?

URL is http://corporatehousingfactory.com/test4/

Thanks and regards, Eric

Hi, I just send you an email

Hi there, did you already investigate my problem? Hope to hear from you soon Regards, Eric

This is scheduled to be investigated today. We will email with an update.

I’ve added this slider and it’s throwing up the [Raw] tags over every image. Please help I can’t work out how to fix.

We’ve just replied to your email :).

Great plugin and just what I was looking for. I have a question. I would like to use the plugin twice, once for our clients and once for our team members to put a grid gallery on the About Us page. Is this possible and what would I have to do to accomplish that. Thank you.

Hi, Can the grey hover over color be changed? I’m thinking of using it as a social plugin, upload my social icon images and just set a link to them…can this be done? Thanks, Paul

I noticed @borozoid posted a question 5 months ago and his question hasn’t been answered yet…no support?

Sorry but the plugin is not designed for that use. We fully support our plugins – your first question was only 21 hours ago and it is now the weekend. Please refer to the support tab for the correct method of receiving support. Borzoid was supported by email.