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for Customer Support

i have written to support because the plugin does not work in my theme but no one answers.
I have to buy another plugin to resolve a problem.

for Feature Availability

Decent chart plugin but lacking a lot of customization, as seen in the comments.

for Documentation Quality

Beautiful and comes with one of the best documentations I've seen.

for Customizability

First I thought: great I don't have to go through the hassle to implement the open source char.js library...

The plugin itself is: "okey"

you can do some basic pie charts .... when it comes to customization the plugin its very poor. You can't even set a max. value for a chart bar or change the value. The .cvs import doesn't help either.

If you just need some pie charts its cool and easy. If you even want to change anything more its impossible.

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by JA - Sweden 4 years ago

for Feature Availability

by RT - Australia 4 years ago

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by DD - Germany 5 years ago

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by AR - Poland 5 years ago

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by JF - United States 5 years ago

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by AK - Finland 5 years ago

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