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I’m attempting to use Multiple Data Sets. If I just the main data set, I can get the bars to appear. But when I add another set and enter the data, all the bars disappear. I had everything appearing correctly once, but then it just went away. Any suggestions. Here’s a pic of my dashboard and the chart

Hi, would you be able to send us a link to your website so we can take a further look into this please. Our email address is:

just sent it. Thanks

Any help on this?


Great plugin, however I’m struggling with large financial figures to have them comma formatted, e.g 20000 becomes 20,000.

Is there a way to format the figures in this way?


Hi, unfortunately this isn’t a feature of our plugin. Thanks.

I love this plugin – thanks for creating it! For the bootstrap bar graph, how do I add more space below the Heading and above the bar?

Hi, unfortunately you can’t update the styling of the charts in this way via the admin. Thanks.

is there css i can add to modify it?

Hi, the following could be added to your CSS:

.progress { margin-top: 20px; }

Hi, I ‘m enjoying the plugin , excellent, but I have a problem when placing the [ chart id = “10” ] shortcode on a page or entry into the editor , I get the following message

IndexSizeError : Index or size is negative or greater than the allowed amount

and the graph is not displayed, I can collaborate please, thank you .

Hi , I was just solve remove the < code> post editor .

Hi, glad you found a solution to your issue. Let us know if you have any further problems. Thanks.

Is it possible to do mixed chart types as listed on chart.js? : New in 2.0 Mixed chart types

Hi, unfortunately this isn’t a feature of our plugin. It’s something we may include in a future update. Thanks.

Hello, love the charts!

Question, I need to show the percentages in the donut images as well, how do I do that?

Thanks, Jeff

Hi, if you’d like to add a percentage to the tooltips you can use a ”%” on the ‘append’ setting for that chart. Thanks.

I have replied directly to your email.

Hello, does a graphics I can not to add the % sign ? , Thank you

Hi, you can append/prepend a % sign to the tooltips. However, you can’t overlay text on the charts. Thanks.

Pre-Purchase Query: Can the chart get data from a dynamic excel/csv files, which is updated daily basis. Where user will update the CSV files (via FTP) and the chart gets updated automatically.

Hi, CSVs can be uploaded via the WordPress admin. However, the plugin doesn’t handle dynamic functionality as mentioned above. Thanks

Hello, I’m interested in this plugin, the charts look really good and the backend seems really easy to use.

I am concerned about fonts though. I would like to use a custom font that is not available in the drop-down menu within the backend. Is there a way to upload a custom font, so that it matches the font that is used on the rest of my website?

Hi, its not possible to add a custom font via the admin. However, you can change the Tooltip Font Family. Thanks.

Is there a way I can show percentages on the doughnut chart directly, and show the actual numbers on hover Appreciate your help regarding this

Hi, unfortunately you can’t show percentages on the charts directly outside of the tooltip. Thanks.

Where do I find the css please? When I change the max-width to 500px, it sets it to width 500px, not max-width.

I will never use the graphs larger than 500px so I may as well change the css permanently.

Hi, setting the max width will ensure the chart doesn’t display any bigger than the value set. However, the chart will scale down responsively. Thanks.

Hello! I’m looking to turn off/hide the tooltips on one of my charts, how do I do that? If it’s possible to do with custom CSS I’m comfortable doing that. Thanks!

Hi, I believe we answered this question directly via email. Thanks.

Replicated bar chart inputs exactly as in your demo…..but not working the same. Donut looks OK…but the Data legend is still not lined up…. Thanks for your advice Rupert

Hi, thanks for your comment. Please can you email us at so we can contact you directly. Thanks.

Hello, In version 1.6.8 is a bug fixed that prevented decimals.

Supports the plugin now decimals? 2.000.0993 15.000.000 Thanks in advance.


Im wondering if theres any way to show percentage on the pie chart itself?

Thanks Kristina

Hi, it’s not possible to display a percentage directly on the pie chart. Thanks.

Hi Weblator: Is it possible to initiate the chart animation once the user brings the chart into view via scroll? Our charts are at the end of a year-end report and they animate before the user even gets to see them. Thanks!

I see that my comment is being reviewed. Can you please update me regarding when I can expect to receive a response? We are hoping to use this plugin for a project in the coming weeks. Thanks! Amanda

Hi, unfortunately this comment is marked as “being reviewed” our end too. I can’t see your original comment. Thanks.


The chart does not seem to be responsive, could you please take a look?


Hi, any response on the above? I tried switching to a default WP theme, deactivated plugins and the chart is still anything but responsive – half of it is missing on the screen on mobile (iOS)?

Hi, have you set the width of the chart to “0”?. Thanks.

That fixed it, thank you!

I’d like to be able to have the tooltips always display. I see it’s being done with chart.js which you seem to be using. Would you please point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Hi, unfortunately this isn’t a feature of our plugin. It’s something we may include in a future update. Thanks.

Hi unfortunately the bootstrap progress bars are not working for me. Please take a look at the following adress :

At the bottom of the page are three charts. Two are showing nicely but the Bootstrap progress bars are not working.

Hi, please can you send us an email to so we can take a further look into this. Thanks.

Hi! Thanks for the fantastic plugin.

Is there anyway to customize the default settings for the ‘Style Settings’? I would love to be able to set these to match my site’s color scheme. Currently, the user must do this each time they create a new chart.

Many thanks! Dave

Hi, unfortunately this isn’t a feature of our plugin. It’s something we may include in a future update. Thanks.