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Hi. I’m looking for a plugin that allow me to create a spider chart, or radar chart or something similar based upon the products chosen by the customer. For instance, a client is a building a custom product like a car, and when he choose a product, the radar chart changes depending on the product. In the back end, each product will have a Coefficient. Does your plugin works in this scenario ? thanks

Hi, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately this isn’t a feature of our plugin. Thanks.

Hi Weblator,

I was wondering if it was possible to populate the data using query strings?

For example: www.example.com/?value1=10&value2=20



Hi, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately this isn’t a feature of our plugin. Thanks.

Hi, I have a question related to invoicing, our tax law requires getting something called as “certificate of residence” of companies we buying something from. I have contacted Evanto and they told me Author should provide such document to the buyer (not Evanto), can you please send such document to me ?

Hi, we’ll take a look into this and get back to you shortly. Please can you email us directly at: plugin-charts@weblator.com Thanks

How can I show the value next to the Legend? I’d like the value to append the legend if that is possible (I hope that makes sense). Here are the charts on my site: http://dev.financialissues.org/asset-allocation-models/

Also, is there a way to list the legend horizontally instead of vertically?


Hi, thanks for your comment. The only options for positining the legend is those available in the ‘Legend Position’ dropdown in the ‘chart settings’ section. Thanks.

Ok I get the positioning, that is easy. But I would still like to show the value after the legend. Here is a screenshot example: https://prnt.sc/fk5g51

As you can see, I just want to append the value to the legend there. Is this possible?

Unfortunately that’s not a feature of our plugin. It’s something we may include in a future update. Thanks.


Just bought the plugin and got a couple of questions:

Can you add the value to appear in the legend, but not then be duplicated in the hover state on the graph?

And when the legend is resized for responsive, the text drops to the line below the key colour, leaving the coloured square all alone on a line of it’s own, is there anyway to fix this please?

Thanks, Steve.

Hi, thanks for purchasing our plugin. To answer your questions, it’s not possible to hide tooltips in the plugin. Regarding your second question, do you have a link to your website so we can take a look. Thanks.

Is it possible to set a maximum width for the tooltips? I have some long option names which are being cut off.