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Hi, I would like to use your chart plugin on 400 pages of content. Is there a way I can make a template of a page with your charts and then by using wp import to create the 400 pages at once?

Hi, thanks for your comment. Are you planning on displaying the same chart across each of these 400 pages? Thanks.

Same charts with different numbers.


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I’m wondering how can I change the values on the Y-axis? Right now they are 5000, 10000, 15000, 20000 etc. I would need them to be only every 10k, so 10000, 20000 and so

Thanks in advance!

Hi, thanks for your email. Unfortunately it’s not possible to change these. It’s something we may include in a future update. Thanks.

Hello. Could you tell me if this plugin (specifically, maybe your polar chart) could generate a chart like this example easily: https://nonprofitsassistancefund.org/sites/naf-prod/files/styles/large/public/true_program_costs_slide_3.jpg?itok=yEG5BxD1

Hi, unfortunately our plugin doesn’t support charts like that. Thanks.

good plugin

Thanks, glad you like it.

Hi there, I’m using your plugin to create some bar charts but running into a problem when I try to add a negative value. Here’s the page: http://www.bestroboadvisors.org/tax-loss-harvesting/ – it’s under the “TAX LOSS HARVESTING HYPOTHETICAL STOCKS” heading. We’re trying to repliucate the image of the bar graph directly above it: http://www.bestroboadvisors.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Tax-Loss-Harvesting.jpg

Thank you for your help! Chris

Hi, unfortunately our plugin doesn’t handle negative values on bar charts very well. It’s something we may include in a future update. Thanks.

Hello !

I just bought and installed the plugin. I wanted to create a Pie chart but the only thing which appears is the legend.

Could you help me please ?

Thank you !

Hi, I believe we handled this via email. Let me know if you have any further issues. Thanks.

Actually I handled it by myself by changing the plugin codes with FTP in order to hide the “random Tooltip” which appeared with hover effect. Thanks.

Hi, I’ve lost all my charts! They’ve all dissappeared, and I can’t tell you when or how that happened! Where are they supposed to be in the database? I may have a backup I can try and hack about with to restore them.. please help!!!

Hi, they are stored in the weblator_charts_charts table. Thanks.

Hi there,

We are looking for a plugin that offers a 3D pie chart. Is Responsive Charts offering this option? On first glance it looks like your plugin only support 2D (flat) pie charts.

Thank you.

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Hi, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately this isn’t a feature of our plugin. As you mentioned, we only have 2D (flat) pie charts. Thanks.

Is it possible to have the chart animation start when the user reaches that part of the screen? For example, the chart is farther down the page, so the user needs to scroll to see it. Can the animation trigger once the user reaches that part of the screen? Otherwise, the animation happens before they have scrolled down.

HI, unfortunately this isn’t a feature of our plugin and is something we may include in a future update. Chart animations will only trigger on load. Thanks.

Thanks for this good plugin. Is there a way to remove the tooltip please?

Hi, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately it’s not possible remove the tooltip. It’s something we may include in a future update. Thanks.

Hello, We set the Chart Max Width to 600. The chart will indeed not get any bigger than the value set. However, the chart will NOT scale down responsively. Example: https://belastingdienst-in-beeld.nl/feiten-en-cijfers/aangifte-2016/ On smarthpones the chart is not responsible. Can you explain this? We use the latest version

Thanks in advance Ben Abbink

Hello, we set this value to 0. That make the chart responsive. But the chart is shown to small on the page now.

We want the chart shown initial at 600px

It’s just about the combination of set an initial width and responsiveness. Can you imitate our issue in yout own enviroment? Or is it a local problem in our website.

Hi, A Pre Sale Question. Can we create a chart on the fly based on data from a Custom post Type? Vijay

Hi, unfortunately this isn’t a feature of our plugin. It’s something we may include in a future update. Thanks.

Hi there! This plugin should be the perfect solution for my website, just one pre-sales question: As far as I can see in the comments your plugin doesn’t support an animation when scrolling to the viewport, it just animates on page loading. The user spcagent posted this link with a functional(?) solution: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/468f817269473b821173

I can’t verify if the solution solves the problem. Is this a code you could already test and that you could implement to make your plugin work? All I need to know is that your plugin officially supports this functionality. Overwriting a JS file is bad for maintenance everytime your plugin gets an update,

Thanx for a reply, Chris

Hi Chris, thanks for your comment. This isn’t something we’ve built into the plugin, but something we may be looking into in a future update. Thanks.

Hi Weblator, the first inquiry belonging to this exact issue was posted almost 3 years ago and I’m wondering why you didn’t implement this functionality. The fact is: The charts have an animation and the only logical use case is to do it when you reach the viewport and never on page loading.

Could you please just tell me when you’re going to adopt it in your plugin?

Thanx-a-lot, Chris

Is there a way to use the Bootstrap progress bars exactly like the percentage layout (i.e. between 0 – 100) but without the percentage sign? I want to display scores out of 100 (having 100 completely filling the bar) but without the percentage sign after the figures.

Hi, unfortunately that’s not possible with our plugin. Thanks.


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Great work. I haven’t gone into the editor to take a peek—my PHP skills aren’t the best—but is there a way to display the percentage symbol on the chart and have the labels always displayed over their respective sections all the time and not just on hover?