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Will you add commas to the plugin?

Yes this is on our list for a future update


Looks great. I notice the plugin has not been updated in a while. I just wanted to know if it is still actively being supported?

Yes the plugin is still supported

tooltip aren’t showing. how do I enable them?

Are you able to send us a link to your website and we can take a look into this for you

I just purchased Responsive Charts. How can I format the axis numbers? I’d like to see $1,000,000 instead of 1000000. Thank you!


Jacqi12 Purchased

How do I treat multiple data sets?

Information on multiple data sets can be found here: http://plugins.weblator.com/documentation/responsive-charts/#datasets

I hope this helps

I don’t like this plugin at all. I do not consider it “fully customizable”. I want labels next to respective pieces on a pie chart. I’d like to request a refund please.

No problem, please put through a refund request through envato and we will process this

Hi there, I just purchased the Responsive Charts plugin from Envato, only to find that to unlock pro features I need to spend another $59 at themeisle. I would like a refund, please.

There are no pro features available, and we have absolutely no association with themeisle. I think you may be confused here, and maybe there are pro features in the theme you are using. Either way, the pro features are not relating to our plugin. If you would like to send us a screen grab of what you are seeing we can take a look for you – plugin-charts@weblator.com

I love this plugin, it is my goto chart generator. It would even be better if we could specify the max values on the different axis (e.g.) Y-axis max value 60%. Thanks for the great plugin.

I just purchased and installed this plugin and created a couple of charts, but they are not displaying. It looks like some kind of javascript error (TypeError: new Chart(ctx).Pie is not a function. (In ‘new Chart(ctx).Pie(defaults.chartData, defaults.chartOptions)’, ‘new Chart(ctx).Pie’ is undefined)) or conflict, but I don’t know how to diagnose, let alone fix. Can you help?

Can we delay the animations until the chart is in view? We need charts down the page rather than at the top and want our visitors to see the animation.


bodhi12 Purchased

I have the same issue as coderraltd. How can we delay the animation so that it is viewable by the user further down the page?

Will you add a timestamp option? to activate from, until, and automatically deactivates after a specific date?