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Responsive banner slider is not working with Magento

The issue was related with Magento Version

Magento CE includes all the changes from the recent-patch SUPEE-6788, one of which was restrict the blocks that can be used in CMS blocks, pages, emails (etc…) by default.

You can whitelist additional blocks through the admin under System > Permissions > (Blocks | Variables)

Please refer –

How to remove text on slider? I don’t want to show title.

Each slider has it’s own configuration section. You can see the settings by editing the slider.

1. Go to Banner Slider => Manage Sliders 2. Click on the Edit action correspond to the slider to edit the slider 3. Then, click on the “Configuration” tab to set the slider configuration (Please see the screen shot – 4. Here, you can enable/disable slider title, description, controls etc…

Does your slider provide the ability to use different images for mobile and desktop? If it does, how is this done? Are the images just hidden with CSS depending on screen size or does it only load the relevant image on the required screen sizes?

You can do this by creating two separate sliders for mobile and desktop and call the two sliders, then hide/show the wanted slider with CSS depending on screen size.

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