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It’s exactly the same size and look as the scroll bubble used on

Is that a coincidence or done on purpose?

Hi profitable,

Thanks for your comment. You are right, I basically made this bubble for a colleague of mine who provided me a mockup. I guess that he was inspired by this bubble… But I didn’t know that it was something which already existed before.

However, my code is 100% original, you can check it.

Thanks! Because I was wondering since it’s exactly the same size and look. Thanks for clarification and good luck with sales.

You are perfectly right and thanks for letting me know about this.

Good luck with sales too :-) .

Thanks for the clean instructions. Set it up in minutes, works on all browsers and looks great on tablets. Thanks!

Thanks for purchasing my item and for your kind comment, it’s really appreciated!

A mobile (responsive) version will be available soon too. Of course, you will be able to set it up by just replacing (or updating) the CSS file.

I couldn’t establish it , can you send me the steps or ready code to past it on my site

already sent :)


check you mail now

Yep, just answered :-) !

I quite agree that for noobs, installing it is not easy as we don’t know what goes where exactly

You ask for an answer in less than 10 hours on sunday… Let me the time to come back home !

you were not at home? how did you do the job then =D great job anyway and great bit of script, looking for your next job, sure you can’t wait to have a painfull customer like me =D

- A suggestion, if you can find a possibility to add an image as background, it could be cool I think.

Haha, thanks for your comment! Glad to hear that you liked my support and the script itself!

Don’t hesitate to follow me to get my last updates on the Envato MarketPlace ;-) !

And thanks for the suggestion, I thought about it, so I will integrate it in the next days I think. Don’t worry, you will be noticed by email if the update is made ;-) .

Can you set a cookie time? So if you update it then it removes the cookie.

First of all, thank you very much for purchasing my item.

You can do that and it’s quite easy. You just need to open the file “js/jquery.bubbleScroll.js” and to locate the line 108. Just replace this line by this one :

$.cookie("bubbleScroll_close", 1, { expires: 7 });

Where the expires value represents the cookie lifetime in days.

Let me know if you need some help again and I will be glad to answer !

I need to buy your item, but with a bit customization: - the popup should has a registration fields and button - the popup show an image or video (able to show the both) - the popup is full of screen with X sign to close

what does it cost ?

bonjour je voulais savoir qu’est ce que passé pour le script okdate vous l’avez arrêter

I can pay you via PayPal. Can you send the okdate script to me?? Please let me know asap. Thanks!

I can pay you via PayPal. Can you send the okdate script to me?? Please let me know asap. Thanks!

Hi Pasky, you can pay with Paypal directly on Envato, it’s the easiest way :)

You uninstall the software okdate not refund my money was swindled us

Hi cesurask,

I am sorry you feel this way and understand your frustration. Envato’s way of handling the way you can’t download your software once the author is no longer offering it isn’t really optimal for the buyer.

This is why I wanted to participate in the development of the software and give the buyers back what they had paid for and support them going forward.

All will be back online soon once it is approved.

Hello.. I have “welcome.php” page in my website main directory and would like to use your script within this php page.. Please advice me since I am not professional. Thank you

Can you please write to me or open a ticket on ? I can help you with this. Thanks, Alex

Hi, I need clearer instructions on how to install. in the documentation does not put where to place each code. Thank you!

Great! GLWS!

Can I put a picture in the background?