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Is just beautiful! Good job! :)


Is it possible to use several accordions on the same page?

Yes, sure. Thanks for the interest.

Hi! Can i add a YouTube embed code? To show videos. Thanks!!

You can add any element.


Looks really good. Would it be possible to make this work on a wordpress website? THanks!

I guess so, but I never tried. Maybe is necessary to make some adaptation to make this works on a CMS system.

That would be super!

Can you fix this script so that it supports multi-lined titles?

Despite you calling it responsive, it hides the end of long titles on each dropdown.

Example: On your demo you list a title as “Simple text”, if this title is changed to something like “Simple text Simple text Simple text Simple text Simple text Simple text Simple text” and viewed on a mobile screen, the script outlining structure is responsive, but the title is not. The title gets cutoff.

I’m hoping this can be fixed in a new version or if you can give me the details that you recommend, so I can apply the fix, while not breaking other aspects of your script.


Thanks for reporting it. I’m working right now on this issue.

Updated. Please download the files again.

Thank you for this quick update, nice, fast support.

Great Plugin, did exactly what I wanted first time. Uncomplicated and easy to implement and style. Thanks to the developer..!

Thank you.

uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘onOpen’ of undefined$.accordion.plugin.callback accordion.js:88$ accordion.js:59(anonymous function) accordion.js:42n.event.dispatch jquery.min.js:3n.event.add.r.handle @ jquery.min.js:3

The script is running but I’m having this errors in the console log with jquery 2.1.1, any idea ?

Are you using some CMS? A live preview will be very useful. Please use this link to send:

Hi, I’ve to design a content-rich page for smartphone/mobile(using bootstrap), & decided to use accordion to show the different types of contents. may it be a list of items, or panels, or badges, or media objects. So is “responsive accordion” suitable for my purpose, very eager to know…

Hello. Yes, the accordion supports Bootstrap elements as you can see in the demo. Thanks for the interest.

On your demo page using Chrome on win10: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘onOpen’ of undefined_0×94e1×9.(anonymous function) accordion.js:1_0x94e1x9.(anonymous function) accordion.js:1(anonymous function) accordion.js:1m.event.dispatch jquery-1.11.1.min.js:3r.handle @ jquery-1.11.1.min.js:3

Hello. This problem was solved in the last update, but probably I forgot to update the demo. Thanks for reporting it.


I am very interested by your plugin A question with your plugin can be done as in the example here Thank you

okay, possible to have it as in the example? your plugin

Yes, but you need a tabbed component (another plugin) to use with the accordion. Thanks.

you could add tabbed component (with another plugin) for use with the accordion. Thank you.

you could add tabbed component (with another plugin) for use with the accordion. Thank you.

What? Do you want that I put a different plugin inside this product? This is not possible. Sorry.

Hello, I like to have a plugin-accordion Tabs   possible. thank you

This is not possible. Thanks.

Hello, I’m willing to pay for the plugin I am very interested in a plugin a tabbed component with an accordion for each tab. use a tabbed element associated with the accordion. plugin can be done as in the example here Thank you

A question, with your plugin can have multiple level?

One accordion inside other? Unfortunately not.

Can I use this accordion in a site without bootstrap?

Yes, of course.

How can I make the accordion multiple when it clicks without using the dropdown settings for it?

I can’t understand it very well. Can explain in more details? Thanks.

Hi, I’m planning to purchase this script but one question, is it possible to use this script as a post in a SMF (simple machines forum) discussion board? I am an administrator of a discussion board using SMF and I would like to create an FAQ post using this script. Is this possible?

Hi. I can’t answer your question because I have no knowledge about SMF. Sorry.

Hello, I am very interested possible to integrate CMS? the options

Thank you

not yet before buying I want to be on things work correctly

Ok. As I said before: I can’t help with your CMS system. Good luck!

Hello, we performed integration Everything works well thank you

Hi, Marco -

I am very interested in this. It looks great! My only question is, will it work alongside other plugins such as jquery matchheight? I need to be sure that I can trigger this plugin every time the accordion expands and contracts.

Thanks in advance.


To answer this, I would need make tests with several other plugins and this is not possible. What I can say to you is this plugin has callbacks (“onOpen” and “onClose”). So you can define the call to other plugins using these callbacks:

    onOpen: function(){
        // your code


Thanks, Marco. I’ll give it a go! :)


jww Purchased

Would you consider adding WAI-ARIA compatibility to your accordion? If you look at Bootstrap’s accordion (, it incorporates WAI-ARIA. The BS accordion also automatically toggles the aria-expanded element. However, the BS accordion is really basic and plain compared to your accordion. I’d rather use yours. :grin: Thanks!


jopima Purchased

I love the item. Thanks for the great work. Thou am wondering, why is it not possible to nest it. i.e. one accordion inside another. It would really be so awesome.

I was working on it. Can you send me a support message? I wish to send you the new script, so you can test it. Here is the link: