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Hi, is it possible to see Next move-out flats(Current Month, Next Month, 3 Months)?


aosme Purchased

Are you have instrument to create sitemap ???

Hello, Please are you available for some customization works…??

presale, is there any timeline for the next release?


Awesome system, thank you for it.

Is it possible to add in properties for sale as it would be nice to be able to use one system for both rental management but also to list properties that are for sale.

do you have an idea on when the next update is going to come out? and are you available for custom work as there are a few additions I need urgently.

Hey, been awhile since this has been update. Is this project still alive ? :) Could you add support for STRIPE ?


dredix Purchased

If a person was to make a partial payment, how would I be able to record the partial payment and have the balance updated.


Monthly rent = 2100.00

Partial payment = 1100.00

Balance = 1000.00

Also, is there a way to add an additional billable item to a property.


The tenant wants a different ceiling fan installed so there would be a one-time charge of $50 for the installation.

So the outstanding balance for would be the rent and the installation charge.


The $ currency symbol is not showing up by the rate, how would I get it to display?

Pre-purchase question. Whats about a availability calendar? This is a must have for me.


Is there a way to search properties, tenants, or admins? Can the system send emails and notices or text messages? Can each property like the Peabody be assigned it location info and then have apartments for that property location? And each property have its on assigned admins etc?

I was going to purchase, but it seems the author stopped making updates and abandoned this project. If they release another update, I might purchase but as for now… I think I will look for a script with an author that is active.

Hi the captcha code in the footer is not working for me.

when some register, is it by default a tenant/resident or user can chose?

Owners also will have their own dashboard. It mean that multiple owners and multiple tenants like a system will be a good idea.

Is there a way to make a log of maintenance and appliance replacements. I would like to be able to upload from my phone a picture of a new stove, flooring, countertops, hot water heater or heat pump, etc, and the model number and serial number, date of installation, installer, etc, a picture of the unit showing its condition, for each unit. Is that part of this program?


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You should really make this a plugin for wordpress. How can i add a signup for landlord?

Is this script still supported? Seems like no one is responding.

i am managing Offices with this software, the title where it states bedrooms, and bathrooms, can this be amended, or made an option in terms of the type of properties being rented. The script is nice, but this only applies to apartment and house rental, I am using it for office rental as well. Office does not include bedrooms. if there is a way to change the title for creating rental properties let me know.

any one need same ping me back

Is this a SaaS-based platform so landlords can manage their own properties?