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I do not want emails: I have hundreds of sleeping accounts and tens of active accounts. I do not want to awake hundreds of accounts.


you can avoid email sending with ease. You will need to comment one single line of code. In that case the passwords will be reset but no notification email will be sent.

Best regards Daniel

As of 4.3, WordPress no longer emails passwords to the user in plain text – which I agree with.

Does this plugin email the passwords to the user in plain-text on reset?

From the video, it appears that as long as I do not include it the macro, it shouldn’t. I want to change the users password, and then force them to use the lost password function in WordPress to create a new one.

hi there. All I need is a first-time visit new password required function. Our users receive their default password at first, which must then be changed on first visit. Is that possible?

Hello Peter,

I’m sorry but that is not possible with this plugin. With this plugin you can manually reset passwords for certain users from the backend.

Best regards, Daniel

Hi, How can I stop sending emails while Reset? Could you help me please!? :)


the easiest way to deacticate email sending is to open reset-user-passwords.php and to comment out the line that starts with wp_mail(...

how many users can be reset at one time?

Hi. If you start the user reset procedure, all user passwords will be reseted. There is no limitation.

I sent you an email for support and received no reply. The plugin is not filling the text fist_name with the customer’s first name. Is this compatible with Woocommerce 2.6? Wordpress 4.5? thanks

Ok but it is not working, on emails the fist_name code is not being replaced with the customer’s name. How can I get this to work??

Ah sorry, it’s a typo. It should be first_name , Please replace it in your email template settings.

HA ha ha! Thank you!

Is it possible to reset the password for a subset of users that are selected via checkboxes (rather than by role)?

Hi, this is not possible. Only in the wp user overview you are able to select users by the checkbox and start a bulk action for reseting the passwords. Best regards Powerfusion

Hi I have seen you haven’t answered the question about if the plugin now sends new set password link or if it still just sends the password directly. Also how does this plugin handle changing a large number of users passwords eg 7000. Will it process these in batches to prevent timing out?

The plugin sends generated passwords directly. It should have any issues with a large number of users.